Singers/ Bands I Have Met

To see who I have met just roll over each picture:

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. neal z says:

    some great stuff on here Sam – you old groupie you:-)

    Well done.


  3. Luggah says:

    jesus, you are so cool.😀
    i am really jealous!

  4. mgast94 says:

    Lol. I’ve met the veronicas, push play (3 times + hung out with them on my birthday before and after show) [they sing midnight romeo, which is playing on most radio stations now], the love willows (twice), and phil benson.

  5. katu says:

    thats why im so jealous!!
    you’re so lucky, you know that, dont you?

  6. Mel says:


  7. e-form controller says:

    Hey Sam why dont you put some text under each photo describing where tou are and the person you are with

    Kind Regards

    e-form controller

    • Planet Music says:

      That is a good idea e – form controller. However I cannot add a caption to the photos which are there. So who they are you just roll over the picture to see whom I am with

  8. TWEEFREAK says:

    ACK! I’m so jealous. I want your life.

  9. Emily says:

    Oh my God! William Rees? I AM SO JEALOUS. I love him! I love Mystery Jets so much.
    Also jealous of you meeting Laura Marling, Noah & the Whale and Sam Beeton. You’ve met a few cool people. x

  10. dreamstaste says:

    You’ve met The Veronicas!!! and The Ting Tings!! I’m so jealous!!:)

  11. jessin says:

    love youre sight, would loove to meet ellie n lissie, maybe on little noise sessions

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