Evanescence @ Eventim Apollo 14th June 2017



Once I had booked my VIP ticket for the prior day my thoughts turned to when should I start to queue. I know Evanescence have a European following and there will be fans getting there really early in the morning. So I was considering turning up later in the afternoon, queueing early in the morning is not something I relish. For starters I knew that there would be no chance getting to the barrier given the VIP holders get early entry.

Now I had so much fun seeing Evanescence the day before which left me with the desire for more. Given the fact the general ticket holders were let in straight after the VIP holders did sway my mind. So after getting my ticket for Lorde I then made my way to Eventim Apollo. Fast forward to 11.30am and I was the 33rd fan there which wasn’t bad going. The temperature was literally unbearable. The security even gave out sun cream and umbrellas to shade from the heat.


Once I was inside I managed to secure second row centre left. That actually wasn’t bad going and it was a bonus that the person in front was smaller than me. Once again I really enjoyed the Evanescence set, it was a pleasure to hear material from all three albums live yet again. Yes the performance was exactly the same as the night before but there were a few little changes. Things kicked off with the majestical Everybody’s Fool. Now that tune is highly contagious and Amy’s vocals entranced me. What You Want was a punchy anthem which hit me full on and Going Under sounded better than ever. The Other Side was an utter epic aided by hypnotic lyrics which Amy delivered to perfection.

Straight after the grand piano was wheeled onto the stage for the following three songs. All of which were beautiful ballads. This section consisted of Lithium, Breathe No More and My Heart Is Broken. Each song mesmerised me, Lithium was delivered with plenty of gusto, Breathe No More was extremely lovely and My Heart Is Broken was so light and Lee sang it perfectly. Even though I absolutely adore Breathe No More I would have preferred to hear Even In Death.


Made Of Stone was rather powerful and Amy Lee belted out her vocals. There were a few gentle lines but when the band started to play that’s when the song radiated plenty of energy. Witnessing Haunted live right in front of me was a real treat. One word for this cut would be mind-blowing. Those lyrics sunk there claws into me and Lee’s vibrant vocals hit me like a full on force. Weight Of The World was incredibly heavy but Lee’s vocals were pitch perfect. Everyone was joining in with singing along to this powerful song. Next it was onto Say You Will and this was the first time that they’ve been performing it live. Now this sumptuous song appeared on the deluxe version of the self titled record and just witnessing it live was quite something. They literally blitzed through Say You Will and my favourite part had to be the entrancing chorus.

Once over it was onto the only change of the evening. I had a glance at the set list prior to the band opening with Everybody’s Fool and I thought the next 2 songs were going to be on the grand piano. Instead what they sang was acoustic versions of My Immortal and The Change. Anyways the stripped back My Immortal was a beautiful ballad which had you swaying on the spot. This was a real crowd pleaser as everyone sang along. Straight after it was time for The Change and it was a real treat to witness this self titled track acoustically. One word for this captivating cut would be spellbinding.

Once over it was time for the epic sounding Whisper. Now this was a high octane song which packed a fierce punch. Amy Lee literally went full throttle and delivered it with plenty of gusto. Call Me When You’re Sober was an entrancing song aided by addictive lyrics and Lee’s impeccable vocals. Imaginary was ever so haunting, those guitar riffs had an edginess to them and Amy Lee’s sweet vocals were incredibly powerful. Things then came to an end with Bring Me To Life and I have one word for this tune and that would be EPIC. Amy Lee even sang Paul McCoy’s part.

The encore consisted of a further two songs. First up it was the gorgeous Your Star and ending this incredible evening it was the sensational Disappear. Once over the band remained on stage and threw out guitar plectrums, Amy Lee even signed a few set lists and threw them out into the crowd. I was so fortunate to catch one.


Everybody’s Fool
What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
Breathe No More
My Heart Is Broken
Made Of Stone
Weight Of The World
Say You Will
My Immortal
The Change
Call Me When You’re Sober
Bring Me To Life


Your Star


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