Evanescence @ Eventim Apollo 13th June 2017


Headlining the Eventim Apollo you had American Rock band Evanescence. The last time they were in the UK was way back in 2012. The venue that they performed at was Wembley Arena, after that show they went on an extended break. Evanescence are a band who I hold close to my heart, just hearing the Fallen LP brings back so many memories. Well when they announced a headline date at Hammersmith I immediately snapped up a ticket. It came as no surprise that the show was a complete sell out (it was actually the only UK date). So a week after they announced another date which took place the day before the original. I then decided to take the plunge and purchase a VIP ticket, meeting Evanescence is a once in a life time thing.

The day arrived and I arrived at the venue at 3pm, it shocked me that only 36 people were there in the queue. Well having VIP ticket meant I had to join another queue. Later we all went in to collect our goodies then we went into the auditorium to watch Evanescence sound check 2 songs. Once over Amy and the band met and signed items for everybody. Once they reached the line it was then time for the photos. Instead of us waiting inside everyone was taken outside to queue up again.

Now the security were superb but the one disappointment was the fact the general queue was let in the moment the last person from the VIP line went inside. The moment the general queue were let in there was a rush to get to the barrier. Ideally it would have been wise if the VIP’s had a 10 minute grace so everyone scouted out the right spot.


Aside from that, Evanescence hit the stage at 9.15pm and performed an epic 18 song set. Each album was represented throughout this whimsical showcased. The last time I witnessed them play was in 2011, that year Jen Majura wasn’t part of the band. The evening kicked off with Everybody’s Fool and the atmosphere had reached fever pitch. The band then took to the stage closely followed by Amy Lee. Now Everybody’s Fool was an infectious rollercoaster ride which packed a fierce punch. Lee’s vocal tones were sugary sweet and at the same time I was utterly enthralled. Meshed to the ending it was then time for What You Want which features on the self titled. Now I wasn’t to keen on this record when it came out in 2011, but having listened to it constantly over the past year those tracks featured have grown on me a lot. Now this number was an addictive jam which oozed bundles of electrifying energy. Those lyrics were so contagious and I especially liked the part “Hello, hello remember me/ I’m everything you can’t control/ Somewhere beyond the pain/ There must be a way to believe we can break through”. Morphed to the ending of What You Want it was then time for a bit of Going Under. Taken from Fallen this song brings backs so many memories. Basically it was a right crowd pleaser as everyone sang along to the contagious lyrics. The vocals were extraordinary and Amy Lee literally belted out this tantalising tune.

It was then onto The Other Side. Lyrically the main theme of this song is death. They powered through this song and Lee’s vocals were really strong. Midway through The Other Side Amy moved over to the keyboard.  The grand piano was wheeled onto the stage, first up it was time for a bit of Lithium. Taken from sophomore LP The Open Door, this succulent song was a mesmerising rock ballad. Those powerful guitar riffs were edgy and Lee delivered this tasty track with plenty of gusto. Straight after it was time for My Heart Is Broken and this was yet another rock ballad which Amy performed on the piano. Everything about this swooning song was sheer perfection, those lyrics were both light and fluffy leaving me utterly compelled at the same time. Made Of Stone  was rather powerful and Amy Lee belted out her vocals. There were a few gentle lines but when the band started to play that’s when the song radiated plenty of energy. Witnessing Haunted live right in front of me was a real treat. One word for this cut would be mind-blowing. Those lyrics sunk there claws into me and Lee’s vibrant vocals hit me like a full on force. Weight Of The World was incredibly heavy but Lee’s vocals were pitch perfect. Everyone was joining in with singing along to this powerful song. Next it was onto Say You Will and this was the first time that they’ve been performing it live. Now this sumptuous song appeared on the deluxe version of the self titled record and just witnessing it live was quite something. They literally blitzed through Say You Will and my favourite part had to be the entrancing chorus.

The piano was wheeled out for the next three songs. First up it was onto the beautiful My Immortal. Basically this was a whimsical ballad with lyrics which everyone sang along to. Straight after it was Breathe No More and this originally appeared as a B side. This tantalising track was a hypnotic ballad with catchy lyrics which had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on edge. Your Star followed on and this song was so wonderful and those dreamy lyrics left me in a daze.

One word for Whisper would be magical, this was the first time I’d witnessed it live and bundles of energy radiated from this electrifying song. Amy then went over to the keyboard for Call Me When You’re Sober. The crowd was loving this song and the lyrics to it are fantastic. Plenty of people were singing along. This song is about Lee’s  ex-boyfriend Shaun Morgan and the lyrics clearly tell the story “Don’t cry to me/ If you loved me/ You would be here with me/ Don’t lie to me/ Just get your things/ I’ve made up your mind”. The penultimate song did gain some screams. This being Imaginary which featured on debut album Fallen. They powered though this song and the whole crowd loved it. The night came to a close with the #1 single Bring Me To Life which got a rapturous reception. This song oozed energy and the crowd were rocking out to this song. Amy and the rest of the band exited the stage only to come back for an encore.

The curtain closer was Disappear which again featured on the deluxe version of the self titled album. This tune was so pacey and those lyrics were so enticing. Amy Lee’s vocals were spot on and you could tell she put everything into this track. Disappear ended what had been one sensational evening.


Everybody’s Fool
What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
My Heart Is Broken
Made Of Stone
Weight Of The World
Say You Will
My Immortal
Breathe No More
Call Me When You’re Sober
Bring Me To Life




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