Alpines @ Omeara 6th April 2017



Headlining at London’s Omeara you had the impeccable Alpines, this was the final date of the UK/ Europe Another River tour and as I expected it was one sensational evening. Now this dazzling duo consist of both Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson. This was actually the third time I’ve witnessed them perform material from Another River live and they’ve now expanded into a sextet.

Whilst Bob deals with both beats/ guitar it’s Catherine who is at the forefront, her vocals are heavenly and radiate plenty of soul. Anyways the set kicked off at 10pm, the band took to the stage and immediately launched themselves into Completely. This number was literally breathtaking, Pockson’s vocals were so sleek and emitted plenty of R&B vibe, the drum beat gave it that extra edge and then you had the pristine harmonising. Everything about this number was simply sublime, Completely was so chilled out and those vibrant vocals sent shivers down my spine. Infused to the end you had the desirable Oasis which was taken from the debut album. This cut was so upbeat, Catherine’s gorgeous vocals were refreshing, those sublime tropical flavoured lyrics hypnotised me. My favourite part had to be the spine tinglining middle 8 “You’re telling me such sweet little lies/ You forgot about the yours and mine/ Oh, sweet little lies, such sweet little lies”. After plenty of cheers it was then back to something from the new record and this came in the shape of Take Me To The Water. This number was an epic R&B jam, Pockson’s vocals were sugary sweet and the chorus packed a fierce punch “Take Me To The Water/ Watch me dive in/ Right down to the bottom/ Where all this begins”. However my favourite part had to be the whimsical middle 8 “Where does it begin/ Where does it end/ Cause you were my highs, my lows and all in between/ Where does it begin/ Where does it end/ Cause you were my highs, my lows and all in between”. Catherine Pockson literally delivered this with plenty of gusto. Title track Another River was next on the set list, I have so much admiration for this number. First of all this succulent song was dashed with plenty of emotion and those lyrics made me picture losing that someone special and you’ve shed enough tears you can’t cry any more “I don’t think I could cry Another River for you”. Secondly Catherine’s sumptuous vocals resonated plenty of sleek soulful vibes which left me well and truly enthralled. Once over it was then back to something from debut album Oasis, the song in question being the club friendly anthem Zero. Delivered at a fast pace, this was a captivating song which had me moving on the spot “I can’t breathe when there’s no air/ Between us/ I’ve been losing you this whole time/ What’s running now/ Without you I’ve got zero, I’ve got zero”. Next it was time for a triple treat of newies first up it was Love And Money. Pockson’s superb soulful vocals left me in a trance and at the same time they oozed plenty of sass. Those delectable lyrics were completely compelling, the verses were sensational whilst the chorus hit me like a ton of bricks “So is it about the love/ Or is it about money/ So tell me why it is/ That you get to run by you”. It was then time for the majestical Motionless and this being a down tempo electro pop ballad. Catherine’s impeccable vocal tones left me entranced plus they made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge “Love is timeless/ We’re moving/ But we’re motionless”. Meshed to the ending was fresh and funky Stay.  Pockson’s heavenly vocal range left me in a daze and this number had been crafted to perfection. Also the perfectly delivered lyrics left me engrossed “There’s nobody makes me feel the way you make me feel/ Cause nobody makes me heal the way you make me heal”. Chances was a chilled out track aided by wondrous lyrics and a flawless vocal delivery from Pockson. Towards the end the drums came in which gave Chances that extra edge. Infact this gentle tasty track gave me the tingles. Straight after it was time for oldie Cocoon which had been paired up with En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go, both songs actually complemented each other perfectly and resulted in something fun filled. Things then came to an end with the blitzing Heaven which was literally like an explosion. Catherine Pockson’s vocals were buttery smooth/ angelic, those lyrics were sheer perfection and my favourite part had to be the ethereal sounding middle 8.

Once over the band left the stage only to return moments later for the encore. Now things were then wrapped up with No Other Lover and this tune ended what had been an incredible evening.


Take Me To The Water
Another River
Love And Money
Cocoon/ Don’t Let Go


No Other Lover

OVERALL: This was one magical evening witnessing music that I love being performed right in front of my eyes. Having formed way back in 2010 this talented duo have something extremely special. Another River is one hell of an album which showcased their impeccable talent for writing top notch songs.

Now this evenings performance was out of this world, Bob provided the hypnotic beats whilst Catherine provided her angelic vocal tones. Also both drums and keys gave each tune that extra something, then those luscious harmonies resulted in something which left me in a daze.

I definitely cannot wait to hear what is next for Alpines.


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