Kate Nash @ Village Underground 20th February 2017



Kate Nash is an artist I truly love and in the past 10 years I’ve seen her grown as an artist. The moment it was announced Nash was to play Oslo, Hackney last October made me snap up a ticket immediately. New songs such as Life In Pink, Good Summer and My Little Alien literally blew my mind. Unfortunately due to other commitments that show was postponed and therefore upgraded. February 2017 saw Kate embark on a tour which culminated with a performance at the Village Underground. She actually played this venue 7 years earlier in support of the sophomore My Best Friend Is You.


Anyhow this evening featured 7 songs from Made Of Bricks, 5 from Girl Talk, 3 were new, a Daniel Beddingfield cover and finally 1 from My Best Friend Is You. Around 9.20pm the venue was plunged into darkness, the backdrop and the TV’s displayed an introduction which showed Kate singing Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me. Straight after the band took to the stage followed by Kate Nash who was wearing a sparkling emerald green dress moments later. This delightful set kicked off with a double dosage of tracks from the Girl Talk era. Sister was a blend of punk meets pop, this number starts off soft and steady tricking you in the process  “There was a cool cool girl, she was about your age”. Everyone sang along to this mellowing introduction and the moment Nash got stuck into the tasty chorus made Sister a force to be reckoned with “She wanted to be my lover/ But my heart was with another and/ Yeah I really wish that we could be friends/ But I know I’m never gonna get you back again/ I just wish that you would answer the phone/ ‘Cause, I could really do with talking to you right now”. Nash had transformed into a riot girl and delivered this intense number with plenty of gusto. “I’m buzzing right now” Kate then said before they got stuck into the hypnotic Death Proof. I could actually pick up on surf pop vibes. This delightful song had spoken word verses and an infectious chorus which resonated plenty of energy. Next it was time for some Mouthwash and this was Nash’s sophomore single. This golden oldie had me hooked from beginning to end. Now this cut was pure pop aided by spectacular sing along lyrics and the hook was simply insatiable “I use Mouthwash/ Sometimes I floss/ I’ve got a family/ And I drink cups of tea /I’ve got nostalgic pavements/ I’ve got familiar faces/ I’ve got mixed-up memories/ And I’ve got favourite places/ And I’m singing, “Oh oh” on a Friday night/ And I’m singing, “Oh oh” on a Friday night/ And I’m singing, “Oh oh” on a Friday night/ And I hope everything’s gonna be alright/ And I’m singing, “Oh oh” on a Friday night/ And I hope everything’s gonna be alright”. This was pure perfection and I adored the fact the band gave it that extra edge. Just witnessing being performed right in front of me transported me back to 2007 where I was doing work experience at HMV. The sole tune from My Best Friend Is You was up next and this came in the form of Do Wah Do. This had a 60’s vibe to it along with lyrics which were insanely contagious. They literally blitzed through this succulent feel good song. “I love you London. This is mental” Kate Nash said to the audience before diving into Oh My God. This captivating cut had chilled out verses and then a chorus which hits you like a ton of bricks “Oh my god/ I really really miss you/ I remember what it was like to kiss you/ The words you said don’t make no sense/ I wish he was in my bed”. Nash put everything into this and rocked out to the chorus. “So let’s have a sing along. How you doing you alright, are you having a good time? It’s so good to be back in the UK playing shows. It’s amazing to be here. I just feel really overwhemed by all of you” Kate then mentioned before diving into the whimsical Birds. Things were taken down a notch because the infectious Birds was acoustically driven. Everyone sang along to this sweet song “Right, birds can fly so high/ And they can shit on your head/ Yeah they can almost fly into your eye/ And make you feel so scared/ But when you look at them/ And you see that they’re beautiful/ That’s how I feel about you”. When making the journey to Shoreditch I was listening to Made Of Bricks and I realised Kate Nash is a sublime story teller. Aside from that the pleasing entrancing Birds went down a treat.


Immediately after it was then time for We Get On. This was an enchanting ballad, the vocals were on point and this contagious track had everyone singing along “And I bumped into you much more heavily/ Than I’d originally planned/ It was well embarrassing and/ I think you thought that I was a bit of a twat”. Anyways We Get On never grows old, the lyrics were beautiful and the middle 8 was filled with plenty of emotion “And when I saw you/ Kissing that girl/ My heart it shattered/ And my eyes, they watered/ And when I tried to speak I stuttered”. Next it was time for something brand new. “This next song is called Musical Theatre and it’s about my relationship with my brain and my mental health” Kate mentioned before having a sip of boiling hot cup of tea. Musical Theatre is a promising tune which left me in an utter daze, the delectable lyrics were spoken and it reminded me of Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt? from the sophomore LP My Best Friend Is You. When this gorgeous cut progressed the more power it gained. “This one goes out to anyone who has ever f*cked you over, anyone who has ever been to you, anyone who is a bully, anyone who is a Dickhead” Nash then said before embarking onto this sassy number from Made Of Bricks. It has been an age since I last witnessed Dickhead live. Whilst faultlessly delivering this to perfection she called Theresa May, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan Dickheads. You could actually see this as an anthem. Anyways it was wonderful to see this electric track being performed right in front of my eyes. It actually gives me hope that The Shit Song/ Skeleton Song will make its way into a Kate Nash set. Fri-End? followed on, this tune was very up tempo and was extremely powerful which literally blew me away. Fri-End was like a full on force which hits you in the face. “You don’t treat me like a friend yeah/ You don’t treat me like a friend/ I’ve been saving all this stuff inside me for you but/ You ain’t giving me the best”. Once this frantic cut was over it was then onto an impromptu cover of Daniel Beddingfield’s Gotta Get Thru This. After Nash then launched herself into Agenda and this being a sparkly new cut which packed a punch. “This song’s called Agenda and it’s coming out soon”. Anyhow this was a sassy jam with verses which were rap esque. Still this was extremely promising and makes me relish the prospect of owning more Kate Nash material.


“So just in case if any body out there doesn’t know this is my song. If you want to use it and you happen to be a billion dollar cooporation you gotta ask me and pay for it. OK Snapchat let’s have a chat about that” Kate Nash said before embarking onto her debut single Foundations. For those that don’t know Snapchat included Foundations on one of the filters without Nash’s consent. Anyhow this tune was a massive sing along as it was packed with splendid lyrics leaving me completely captivated. I’ll always have a place in my heart for this outstanding song. Leaving me completely entranced the sublime contagious lyrics were extremely quirky. My Little Alien was the penultimate song on the set list and this dreamy number was about her dog Stella. Plus it’s also the latest Kate Nash single. This superb song left me entranced and the light chorus had me swaying from side to side “My Little Alien/ You picked me up/ You put a probe inside my heart”. Oozing plenty of chilled out vibes, My Little Alien was one of those songs that had been perfectly crafted. Things then came to a close with Underestimate The Girl. Now this was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Kate put everything she had into this brilliant track. This then resulted in a stage invasion. Underestimate The Girl may have been a powerful romp but it had parts which were slowed down which felt rather chilled out.

The much expected encore consisted of a further 2 songs. Pumpkin Soup was a pure perfection whilst Mariella was utter bliss. Now Mariella is such an incredible tune and one of the many highlights from the début album. For starters with it being so infectious and secondly it was delivered at a fast pace. From my point of view this was the single that never was.


Death Proof
Do Wah Do
Oh My God
We Get On
Musical Theatre
Gotta Get Thru This
My Little Alien
Underestimate The Girl


Pumpkin Soup

OVERALL: This was one incredible night out. Kate Nash truly rocked, each number which featured on the set list was superb. It was a pleasure to hear tunes from Made Of Bricks, both Mariella and We Get On were utterly faultless. With it being Made Of Bricks’s 10th anniversary maybe Kate will announce some shows where she performs the record from start to finish. It probably wont even happen but all I can do is dream.

Regarding the new tracks, these were literally impeccable. I previously witnessed My Little Alien last August and I was immensely impressed with this swooning song. It’s no surprise Nash has recently released this as a single. Both Musical Theatre and Agenda were intriguing, making me anticipating the forthcoming EP this April.


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