Green Day @ O2 Arena 8th February 2017



Green Day’s Revolution Radio tour had reached its conclusion at London’s O2 Arena. Having seen the set list for the shows at both Manchester and Leeds I knew this would be an epic evening.

Now Green Day had a mammoth 29 song which consisted of material from American Idiot, Revolution Radio, Dookie, Nimrod, Warning, Kerplunk and 21st Century Breakdown. Things kicked off with Know Your Enemy, this was the only tune which featured on the 21st Century Breakdown LP. So much energy radiated from this infectious anthem, Billie Joe even called up a girl on stage and the heat from the pyrotechnics was rather intense. Straight after it was onto a double dose of tunes from the new album Revolution Radio. First up was Bang Bang and this was a formidable force emitting plenty of pop punk vibes. Plenty of people sang along to those insatiable lyrics and I adored the chorus “I wanna be a celebrity martyr/ The leading man in my own private drama/ Hoorah, bang, bang, hoorah, bang, bang, the hero of the hour/ Daddy’s little psycho and mommy’s little soldier/ I wanna be a celebrity martyr/ The leading man in my own private drama Hoorah, bang, bang, hoorah, bang, bang, the hero of the hour/ Daddy’s little psycho and mommy’s little soldier”. After plenty of cheers/ applause Billie Joe then shouted out “Do you want to start a revolution” and urged everyone to put their hands in the air. It was then time for a bit of Revolution Radio which had me hooked from the get go. Now this number was a mixture of rock meets pop and those lyrics were awesome. I especially liked the fast paced blissful chorus “We are Revolution Radio/ Operation ‘No Control’/ And the headline ‘My love’s bullet proof’/ Give me cherry bombs and gasoline/ Debutantes in surgery/ And the headline ‘Legalize the truth’. Once over it was time for a triple treat of material from the American Idiot LP. Holiday was packed with a punch plus it was aided by catchy lyrics. I liked the middle 8 when Armstrong said “The representative of England now has the floor” which was packed with plenty of power. Following on was Letterbomb and I really adored the verses which resulted in lots of people singing along. This was an up tempo tune which was flawlessly delivered. It was plain to see that this was a fan favourite. Letterbomb also had highly addictive verses and a fantastic chorus “It’s not over ’till you’re underground/ It’s not over before it’s too late/ This city’s burnin/’ It’s not my burden/ It’s not over before it’s too late”. Next it was then time for Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. This song was so captivating and it resulted in a massive sing along. Billie’s vocals were gentle and the melody was extremely light and hypnotising. “It’s so so so nice to be back in London” Armstrong then said before the drums came in. Nearing the end Boulevard morphed into something rather frantic. Next it was time for a bit of Longview. “How many old school Green Day fans are out there tonight” Armstrong then asked the sold out crowd. Billie Joe even called for someone to come to the stage to sing the final verse of this incredible number. Longview was a song that you just want to sing along to and it sounds like it is a continuation of Welcome To Paradise “Bite my lip and close my eyes/ Take me away to paradise/ I’m so damn bored I’m going blind/ And I smell like shit”. Once over the fan did a stage dive into the packed crowd. Youngblood was a right first cracker and those tasty lyrics made me fall for this number hook line and sinker. Plenty of punk rock vibes resonated from this stellar song. “How many real old school Green Day fans are in the building” Billie Joe said before embarking onto something from 1991 and this being 2000 Light Years. Just hearing this gem live was a right treat, Green Day literally blitzed through this wondrous tune. Once over Billie Joe fired T Shirts into the crowd before diving straight into Hitchin’ A Ride. This tune had sublime verses and a fantastic chorus. I really liked the riffs of this tune which were a lot heavier compared to what had been played. When I Come Around is one of my many favourite Green Day songs. I adored the lyrics which are straight to the point and you can clearly picture what is happening in your head. The uptempo Waiting was up next and everyone sang along to this infectious tune. Both lyrics and chorus were amazing.“This next song is about when you’re a kid you’re trying to find a place you can just go and be with your friends. Some kind of spot you can go and drink beers and have sex for the first time. Smoke a little bit of dope and just dream a little bit” Armstrong then said before they launched themselves into Christie Road. Now I’ve heard this number on record but witnessing it live was an experience. Christie Road was short but sweet, at first this song was slow in pace then when the drums came in it gained that extra oomph. Billie Joe Armstrong delivered this to perfection and those delightful lyrics left me in a complete trance. Next up was the fast paced Burnout. They track was blitzed through and everyone was singing along to every single word. “I’m not growing up, I’m just burning out”. Burnout which features on Dookie is a song that I love. Other than being delivered at a fast pace this tune had memorable verses/ chorus you just want to sing along to. Straight after it was time for a bit of Scattered, just like Christie Road this was the first time I’d heard this live and wow everything about this compelling cut was sublime. The fast paced Scattered was a spotless tune aided by impeccable lyrics which had the crowd moving. After an harmonica solo it was then onto the upbeat Minority. Infused to the ending of Minority was American Idiot cut Are We The Waiting. The last time I heard this live was way back in 2010, 7 years later it was sounding better than ever. Now this literally had me transfixed and infused to the ending was the furious paced St Jimmy. Now both of these songs were incredible, Are We The Waiting had me swaying from side to side and then you had the blitzing St Jimmy which left me in a daze. Operation Ivy cover Knowledge was up next and this featured on the Slappy EP. This was simply amazing. Towards the end Billie Joe Armstrong called on a girl called Rachel to play the guitar for the remainder of the song and she got to keep the guitar. Basket Case was next and this was a firm favourite of mine. I literally adore this song. Firstly it was delivered at a fast pace and secondly it is extremely infectious. You are compelled to sing along to it which everyone did. She was ever so impeccable aided by uber contagious lyrics whilst delivered at a fast pace. King For A Day was a jolly number performed at a fast pace. Jason Freese even performed a snippet of George Michael’s Careless Whisper on the saxophone. This captivating cut was then followed by the Shout Medley which included songs such as (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Teenage Kicks/ Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and Hey Jude. This mash up went down well with the packed crowd. Meshed to the ending was another newie and this coming in the form of Still Breathing. Now this is the bands current single and it is the perfect combination of pop meets punk. Just hearing this compelling song live was something, Still Breathing was a memorable number packed with catchy hooks which left me completely spellbound. “Thank you for the past 30 years of being in Green Day. This is our last song. This song is dedicated to you” Billie Joe said before they capped off this epic evening with  the sensational Forever Now. Everything about this tune was on point and Forever Now radiated plenty of punk rock vibes.

Once Forever Now was over and done with the band left the stage. You could tell an encore was coming because there were a couple of cuts which they had missed out. As expected they returned for another 2 more tunes. The first song of the encore was American Idiot and this being a captivating high octane tune which had everyone singing along/ rocking out. Once over it was then onto something truly epic and this being the 9 minute long Jesus Of Surburbia. This has to be my favourite track from the album American Idiot. Everyone around me was singing along while going crazy.

Mike and Tre then left the stage leaving Billie Joe to perform encore 2 acoustically. Revolution Radio cut Ordinary World was so gentle and the who pace sent shivers up my spine. The lyrics were so addictive. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) then capped off what had been one remarkable show.


Know Your Enemy
Bang Bang
Revolution Radio
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2000 Light Years Away
Hitchin’ a Ride
When I Come Around
Christie Road
Are We the Waiting
St. Jimmy
Basket Case
King for a Day
Shout / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life / Teenage Kicks / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude
Still Breathing
Forever Now


American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia


Ordinary World
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

OVERALL: This was one incredible evening which let me utterly enthralled. The set list was superb and it was a real treat to hear oldies 2000 Light Years Away and Christie Road live. The new songs from Revolution Radio was sizzling hot, the likes of Still Breathing and Revolution Radio left me well and truly hooked.

Revolution Radio is definitely in my top 3 favourite Green Day albums. Billie Joe Armstrong really has written a masterpiece. The fact they performed 1/2 of the new album this evening does make me think there will be another UK leg in the future.


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