Slow Club @ Union Chapel 16th December 2016


My last gig of 2016 was seeing the mighty Slow Club. Their Christmas shows are impeccable and this was the 5th time they’ve played at the Union Chapel at Christmas. The Xmas shows at the Union Chapel ran each December from 2008-2011 then this one sole date then expanded into a tour. So this gig was the final date of the Christmas 2016 tour and it was a real pleasure seeing them perform at this lovely venue.


Anyways this sensational set was being recorded and it compromised of 11 sparkling songs. Plus you had the 4  extra tunes which featured on the Christmas, Thanks For Nothing EP. The song which opened up this sublime set was the delicious Come On Poet. Rebecca Taylor took the lead for this classy cut and her vocal tones were so exquisite. This mellowing tune sent shivers up my spine. Everything about Come On Poet was extraordinary and it left me in a complete trance at the same time. Tears Of Joy left me hypnotised. Charles’s vocals were rather crisp and Taylor’s harmonies were spot on. This had been well crafted as those delectable lyrics left me hooked. “It wouldn’t be a Slow Club show if I didn’t do something embarrassing” Rebecca hilariously said before diving into Not Mine To Love. Anyhow I literally adore this tune and just witnessing it live again was literally magical. Now Taylor’s sumptuous vocals were sugary sweet and extremely soulful at the same time. Following on it was then time for a bit of Sweetest Grape On The Vine, this was the first time I’d witnessed this live. Charles took the lead for this and the vocals were rather rich. Actually the delectable lyrics left me completely mesmerised. Ancient Rolling Sea was a blissful tune with a wondrous melody and upbeat lyrics which had me hooked. Hackney Marsh was extremely hypnotic, both Charles and Rebecca’s vocals meshed together resulting in something rather light/ fluffy. Hackney Mash was a whimsical cut which left me in a daze. “We’re at the halfway point. How does everyone feel. We’re going to fast that’s why. Has anyone got any questions, any compliments, propositions” Rebecca then mentioned before someone shouted out no. It was then onto a number about not being able to get out of bed. Champion was a spectacular song which saw Taylor take the lead. Now Rebecca delivered this with plenty of gusto and her vocals were sweet like chocolate. Next it was time for a bit of Let The Blade Do The Work. Charles took the reins for this sleek song, then you had Rebecca who chipped in with that harmonies. Now this number was rather chilled out and the lyrics left me mesmerised. “So this is another song now. I suppose you think it’s going to be festive at some point” Rebecca mention before revealing Christmas wasn’t yet. In Waves was so spectacular, Rebecca Taylor’s vocal tones were candy coated leaving me hypnotised at the same time. Wanderer Wandering was a tender piano based cut which saw Watson take the lead and Taylor harmonise. This smooth song was delivered to perfection and it left me completely enthralled. “This is our last show for a while. Thanks for coming” Charles Watson humbly said before they ended this wonderful evening with 2 Cousins.


They both left the stage only to return moments later for the Christmas themed encore. First up were two tunes which Watson sang. All Alone On Christmas was a breathtaking attempt at Darlene Love’s original. Whilst it gets you in the mood when hearing Christmas songs, this number was extremely gloomy. Charles vocals were impeccable and there was a dash of sadness within the lyrics. No one really wants to be alone on Christmas, that day is meant to be spent with loved ones. After Rebecca mentioned that Piers was filming a Slow Club documentary it was then onto It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me. Now this was an entrancing tune and Taylor’s vocals were on point. However those lyrics were rather depressing. The chorus though was swimming with plenty of sadness “It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me/ And I’ve loved you as much as I can/ I need to feel this now, I know it exists/ I’m only a human, you’ve been the perfect man/ To hold me, a man to be kind/ Now I can feel my heart beating out of time”. Following on it was time for a sing a long and this coming in the form of Christmas (Baby Come On Home). This was another Darlene Love cover but it’s best known for being covered by Michael Buble. Both Rebecca and Charles came to the edge of the stage to perform this whimsical song unplugged. Now Christmas was extremely joyous and the lyrics were uber contagious. Slow Club completely owned this uplifting tune. Anyways the evening then came to an end with the delightful Christmas TV. This was so captivating and it was delivered with plenty of gusto.


Come On Poet
Tears Of Joy
Not Mine To Love
Sweetest Grape On The Vine
Ancient Rolling Sea
Hackney Marsh
Let The Blade Do The Work
In Waves
Wanderer Wandering
2 Cousins


All Alone On Christmas
It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me
Christmas (Baby Come On Home)
Christmas TV


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