Heathers @ St Pancras Old Church 30th November 2016


Coming all the way from the Emerald Isles are Heathers. 8 years ago I witnessed them perform at the Union Chapel where they supported Kimya Dawson. Back then they were performing tunes from the debut album Here, Not There and from that very moment I was hooked. The voices behind Heathers are twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara. I booked the moment this London show was announced, it had been 4 years since I last saw them perform at the Barfly where they showcased material from the sophomore Kingdom.

Now performed were 16 sublime tunes encompassing both albums Here, Not There and Kingdom. Plus added into the mix were a couple of covers and then you had some brand spanking new tunes. Anyhow things kicked off with the sublime The Third Rail which featured on the sophomore Kingdom. Everything about this cut was faultless, both Ellie and Lousie’s vocal tones were sugary sweet and then you had the infectious lyrics which had me hooked. Now this was ever so enchanting and it was acoustic folk at its best. Those compelling lyrics had me smiling till the very end “Cause we don’t know/ Many people see us when we go oh oh/ Yeah, We don’t know/ Many people see us when we go oh oh”. Now The Third Rail left me well and truly mesmerised and they both delivered this cut with plenty of gusto. “How we all doing. We’re so delighted to be here tonight in St Pancras Old Church” Louise mentioned before they dived into Circular Road. I found this number to be rather infectious as the dreamy lyrics left me completely captivated “You’ve got nowhere else to go/ You back down that narrow road/ And everyone can see your face”. Both Ellie and Louise’s vocals complimented one another which resulted in something which left me transfixed. After plenty of applause it was then time for Listen Don’t Speak. I found this tune rather delicate and beautiful at the same time. There was something entrancing with both Ellie and Louise’s candy coated vocals. “Now we are going to play our most recent single” Louise mentioned to the intimate audience before embarking onto Call Home. I must say this number was literally extraordinary, both Ellie and Louise’s vocal tones were so succulent and Call Home had been well crafted. This cut was pop at its best and Ellie literally went full throttle delivering this hypnotising song to perfection. Once over it was then time for impeccable Underground Beneath. Now this was a whimsical jam which both Ellie and Louise delivered to perfection. What stood out was the infuriating melody and the lyrics infused to it perfectly. It was then time for the spellbinding November. This tune was ever so beautiful and the luscious vocals resulted in shivers running down the back of my spine. Louise literally went full throttle and then Ellie’s tones created something rather relaxing. This tune had been written to perfection, the lyrics were ever so lovely and extremely tender as well “It was a cold, cold night/ That evening back in November/ When I caught your eye/ Didn’t know when to let go/ So I held on tight/ Hanging out for some adventure/ When I realized/ That you’re always searching for more”. “So how’s everybody doing? So myself and Louise were just talking about this earlier. We actually recorded so much of our music here in London” Ellie then mentioned before they delved into Waiter. Now this was a soft, gentle song which they both delivered with plenty of passion. Actually the sleekness of the infectious lyrics resulted in something rather uplifting. Straight after it was then time for a bit of Lions, Tigers, Bears. Now this cut was spectacular, the verses were upbeat and the delectable lyrics left me completely entranced. “So we were thinking that it would be nice to do a few songs. No mics, no anything” Louise then said before they embarked on something extremely special. These were unplugged versions of 2 tunes from the debut Here, Not There. So both Ellie and Louise came into the aisle to sing these enchanting tunes to perfection. Forget Me Knots was so be beautiful and the crystal clear vocals were sheer perfection. The lyrics left me in a daze and the smoothness left me uplifted “It’s alright not to feel OK”. Plenty of people chanted along in unison. Following on was Remember When. This was a gentle song which is extremely catchy. Those lyrics were rather punchy and this was literally perfect for any Summer. The verses were sheer brilliance and the chorus was incredibly soothing. Just witnessing these two oldies as an unplugged was literally extraordinary. Being in the front row, Louise was standing right next to me when singing/ playing the guitar. Once over they both made their way to the stage and got stuck into a cover of Foals’s Mountain At My Gates. Now Heathers nailed this and it was rather refreshing to witness another spin on it. Actually the performance on the whole left me in a daze. “This next song is our ode to 90’s” Ellie said before introducing the next number as Gather Up. Now this cut sounded amazing and it was rather up beat. The vocals were powerful and you could tell they were giving it their all. Flight was incredibly soothing and captivating at the same time. The evening then came to a close with two sparkly brand spanking new cuts. “We’ve alot of these songs over the past year and a half. Locked ourselves away. We’ve written a load of new tunes” Louise then mentioned before they got stuck into Loosen Up. Now this was a right firecracker, those tasty lyrics left me hypnotised and Ellie’s vocals were top notch. Midnight Train will be released very soon and this being their newest tune which they hadn’t even performed. What I especially liked was the fact the chimes went before this delectable number even started. I found this to be rather beautiful “I’m Holding on/ To the nights when we were young/ Riding on the Midnight Train/ Back to where it all began”. I found this to be synth pop at its best and the lyrics left me engrossed. On the whole Midnight Train was a slice of heaven and both Ellie and Louise delivered this to perfection. Once over they left the stage only to return moments later for one last song. “So we’re going to do a cover. We did a radio session a couple of weeks ago and we were asked to do a pop song and this was the song we decided to do” Ellie said before they left us all with Future Looks Good. Originally sung by OneRepublic, Heathers delivered this charming cut sublimely. The vocals were candy coated and ended what had been one phenomenal evening.


The Third Rail
Circular Road
Listen Don’t Speak
Call Home
Underground Beneath
Lions Tigers Bears
Forget Me Knots
Remember When
Mountain At My Gates
Gather Up
Loosen Up
Midnight Train


Future Looks Good


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