Alpines @ Banquet Records 1st November 2016


Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews are Alpines. Coming from Kingston it was only natural for them to perform an instore at Banquet Records to celebrate the release of sophomore Another River. Back in April I attended the show at The Waiting Room where a number of these tracks where showcased and honestly they sounded phenomenal. Having supported these two since that Cloud Control show at The Social back in 2010 I have definitely noticed a progression.

When inside Alpines went straight into the lad single from this record and that being Completely. This was a chilled out piece of electronica and the vocals were simply gorgeous. Now with Alpines Catherine Pockson provide the sumptuous soulful vocal tones and Bob Matthews provides the beats. Now Pockson’s vocals oozed plenty of soul and those lyrics left me well and truly hypnotised. “Welcome, we’re Alpines” Pockson then said before launching into Take Me To The Water. I literally adored this number and as expected it sounded amazing live. The verses were rather smooth and then the chorus packed a punch “Take Me To Water/ Watch me dive in/ Right down to the bottom/ Where all this begins”. This was an enchanting r&b jam and Catherine’s high pitched vocals sent shivers up my spine. “Thank you so much for coming tonight” Catherine humbly said before they got stuck into the albums title track and this being Another River. Now this was a dreamy cut which had an r&b flavour to it. Just witnessing this heavenly tune right in front of my eyes left me completely mesmerised. Those delectable lyrics made me picture losing that someone special and you’ve shed enough tears you can’t cry any more “I don’t think I could cry Another River for you”. Once over it was then straight into Stay and this was an upbeat jam. Regarding the refreshing lyrics I found them to be extremely mesmerising. Catherine’s heavenly vocal range left me in a daze and this number had been well crafted. “There’s nobody makes me feel the way you make me feel/ Cause nobody makes me heal the way you make me heal”. It was then time for a bit of Motionless. Now this cut was a down tempo electro pop tune which left me in a trance. The lyrics left me hooked and I found Catherine’s vocals to be rather smooth. “Thank you for coming today. I pretty much know everyone in the room but that’s so lovely” Catherine Pockson then said before ending with the delightful Heaven. This was the 2nd single to be taken from Another River and it’s a sugary sweet r&b cut smothered in plenty of electronic beats. Now the performance of this track was out of this world and very pacey at the same time. Now Pockson literally has the voice of an angel which oozed plenty of soul. My favourite part had to be the ethereal sounding middle 8 which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.


Take Me To The Water
Another River

OVERALL: Yet again this was a flawless set by Alpines. Each song performed was outstanding and it showed that the new record has plenty more tunes with massive single potential. This evening was incredibly special because I was witnessing a band I love within an intimate setting. I keep on going on about vocals but Catherine’s angelic vocal tones were superb. I could quite easily listen to her sing for hours.

Not only is Pockson an exquisite singer but she’s also an incredible songwriter. Both Bob and Catherine have a right masterpiece here and I look forward to attending the Another River tour next February.


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