Charli XCX @ JJ Productions 31st October 2016


After The Afterparty is the brand new single by Charli XCX and to mark this event she threw her own Halloween party. Taking place at JJ Productions in East London the only way to get an invite was to win a competition. Unfortunately I didn’t win but a friend of mine who couldn’t attend RSVP’d my name instead. Now I love Charli but it was a complete shambles. It turns out that when the winners were notified the record company sent out 800 emails instead of the intended 70.

Fans were then notified on the Sunday where the email mentioned about the whole system error and they weren’t one of the winners of this competition. The day came and my name wasn’t on the list which was surprising as my friend hadn’t received an email the day before. So myself and 8 other people had to stand in the reserve queue, honestly at this point I was really annoyed. How could a major record label make such a momentous error. In the end everyone in the reserve queue managed to get in which was a great relief.

It was just after 8pm when Charli XCX graced the stage wearing all red plus she sported a pair of devil horns. Well this was just a short and sweet Personal Appearance which literally consisted of 3 songs. “What’s up Angels? How you doing? Thank you guys for being here, are you ready to fucking party?” Charlotte then said before launching into Vroom Vroom taken from the EP of the same name. Literally this high octane number took my breath away, Vroom Vroom had upbeat punchy raps and a smooth mellowing chorus which left me mesmerised “All my life, I’ve been waiting for a good time, a good time/ (Let me ride, let me ride)/ All my life, I’ve been waiting for a good time, a good time/ So let me ride, let me ride/ (Let me ride, let me ride)/ All my life, I’ve been waiting for a good time/ So let’s ride”. Aitchison delivered this sublime number with plenty of gusto. After The Afterparty followed on and this delicious cut was a dreamy slice of synth pop. Everything about this joyous tune left me well and truly hooked. Charli rapped the verses which did remind me of We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus, then you had the smooth punchy chorus which left me in an utter trance.

Ending the short but sweet set was a duet with Hannah Diamond. Now this was a special evening because Diamond travels alot so opportunities like this won’t happen that often. Anyways Paradise was the set closer and this being a whimsical cut which left me completely mesmerised. Now the verses were incredibly smooth and had that bubble gum pop feel. You also had the addition of plenty of electronic trance like beats which literally makes you want to jump up and down.


Vroom Vroom
After The Afterparty

OVERALL: Despite the whole email shenanigans this was one enjoyable evening. Other than Charli performing there were also art installations and a free drinks bar which served up special cocktails. Plus we all got to witness Charli being interviewed for MTV where she claimed the new record would be the best pop LP of 2017.

Just witnessing Charli XCX up close was very surreal because nowadays there will be a barrier and a photo pit for the photographers. It actually reminded me of the days when I witnessed Charlotte at both The Lexington and Sebright Arms.

Finally the material showcased was literally amazing.Yes the set may have been short and sweet but I was left completely enthralled. Those Vroom Vroom EP songs were incredible and then you have After The Afterparty which makes me relish the release of album 3 next May.


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