Slow Club @ The Haunt 20th October 2016


The stunning Slow Club opened their tour with a sublime show at Brighton’s The Haunt. Just like the MOTH Club they had a band accompanying them. The set then began with the mellowing Come On Poet. This was a captivating tune aided by Rebecca’s soulful vocal tones which literally gave me the tingles. The trance like melody had me swaying from side to side. Ancient Rolling Sea was led by Charles Watson and this was an hypnotising jam which sounded rather meaty. As for Watson’s vocals they were incredibly rich/ smooth. “We’re Slow Club, these are songs from our new incredible album that you can buy from us after the show” Taylor then mentioned to the packed audience before launching into a golden oldie from the vaults. Tears Of Joy was an impeccable number which Charles and Rebecca delivered to perfection. It was then time for another oldie and this being the sassy Beginners. Rebecca Taylor’s vocals were mesmerising and those lyrics were highly contagious. This tune has to be my favourite from the sophomore album Paradise. After Charles launched himself into Where The Light Get Lost. Now this was a sleek song which Watson delivered to perfection. Also Taylor’s vocal harmonies perfectly infused to Watson’s resulting in something that left me spellbound. Delivered at a fast pace, Rebecca Casonova was a chilled out number which left me entranced. Whilst Taylor sang this cut to perfection Charles did provide the whimsical harmonies. It was then time for something from the debut and this being Our Most Brilliant Friends. Now this tune was literally a rollercoaster ride and the vocals were simply spotless. Straight after it was time for another 2 tunes led by Charles. Everything Is New was laid back and the harmonies from Taylor were sublime. After it was onto Tattoo Of The King. This was the first time I witnessed this live and it was literally phenomenal. It was then time for the whimsical Champion. I love his cut, the vocals sent shivers down my spine and the succulent lyrics had me hooked. Plus the band transformed this into something rather upbeat. After plenty of applause it was then time for Let The Blade Do The Work. Now this was a Charles solo and Rebecca added in the sumptuous harmonies. Still LTBDTW was a laid back tune which left me well and truly hooked. “We’re in the twilight of the set now” Rebecca Taylor then mentioned before they delved into In Waves. Now this was a hypnotising cut which had been spectacularly delivered. The band transformed this into something rather light and those delicious lyrics were catchy. The curtain then closed on oldie The Queen’s Nose. Now Rebecca went full pelt with this number and her soulful vocal tones had me swaying from side to side.

The much expected encore consisted of 2 more songs. “I love this venue, I tweeted about the dressing room. I didn’t mean it” Taylor then sheepishly said before they both got stuck into 2 Cousins. This stripped tune was an epic and I especially liked the fact it was just them. Once over it was time for the real curtain closer. The band then rejoined for Suffering You, Suffering Me. This number started off with a laid back pace which then picked up soon as it progressed. Taylor sang this faultlessly and delivered it with plenty of gusto. Also it was very catchy plus there were parts you wouldn’t be able to forget.


Come On Poet
Ancient Rolling Sea
Tears Of Joy
Where The Light Gets Lost
Rebecca Casonova
Our Most Brilliant Friends
Everything Is New
Tattoo Of The King
Let The Blade Do The Work
In Waves
The Queen’s Nose


2 Cousins
Suffering You, Suffering Me


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