Ward Thomas @ Bush Hall 19th October 2016


Having attended the show at the Komedia 2 weeks prior this was one performance I was looking forward to. I reached Bush Hall around 3pm thinking there may be people that arrive there at that time. Given it is London that generally means people do queue early. But I was wrong, it came as a surprise given that it was a sell out. Still I was looking forward to this, I knew Ward Thomas would be amazing but you had support from my favourite Saturday and that being Una Healy.

Anyways Ward Thomas delivered an epic set consisting of 17 songs. These tunes consisted of the new record Cartwheels in its entirety and then you had 3 classy cuts from the debut From Where We Stand. The set was completely the same but instead of the one song encore we got 2 instead. Good On You kickstarted the evening and this being a spine tingling number which showcased both Catherine and Lizzy’s vocals to perfection. Straight after it was then time for Where The Sky Is and this being an extremely beautiful cut aided by luscious vocals and laid back lyrics. “Hello London. Thank you so much for having us” Catherine said before they got stuck into Boomerang. Now this cut has single written all over it, Boomerang was a punchy cut aided by superb vocals which left me completely hypnotised. This cut is so infectious you feel compelled to sing along to it. Infused to the ending you then has the pacey Dirt And Gold. This being a sleek tune aided by mesmerising lyrics. My favourite part had to be the blitzing chorus “You’re on a crowded city pavement flooded with rain/ You see a sick dance floor and it’s calling your name/ AHey! Oh yeah/ To you there’s no such thing as a dead end street/ It’s all about a part of how you gotta follow your dreams/ AHey! Oh yeah/ Oh looking down an unpaved road/ Everyone else sees dirt but you see gold”. The cutesy Material was delivered to perfection leaving me spellbound at the same time. Catherine then introduced the next song which was Almost Easy. Now this was ever so beautiful with a dash of sadness, aided by a soft/ gentle vocal delivery “If I was only losing you/ Goodbye wouldn’t be so brutal/ It would be almost easy/ We built castles in the clouds/ We planned a thousand futures out/ Now your packing up and leaving”. I especially liked the fact you can picture what is happening within your minds eye. “So how you all doing today” Lizzy asked the packed audience before dedicating The Good And The Right to the late Sir Terry Wogan. Now this was a toe tapping number with startling vocals and punchy lyrics. Catherine then introduced the next song Guilty Flowers as the coolest song they’ve ever written. Now this was literally flawless and saw them move over to the pop market (hence why it was played on Radio 1). This superb number  was an addictive tune with vibrant verses and a uptempo chorus. “I should’a known, I could’a told you you were lying/ Fool me once, fool me twice, oh, stupid me/ I didn’t want to doubt, didn’t want to find out/ But now I know/ Coz you came home with/ Guilty flowers/ Guilty flowers”. In fact Guilty Flowers was so blissful leaving me smiling from its beginning to the very end. Things then slowed down with the dreamy Safe. Everything about this tune left me spellbound, the vocals were so sweet and tender at the same time. Cartwheels was a chilled out number which mellowed me out. The lyrics were spectacular and the vocal delivery was rather breathtaking “I’ve been doing cartwheels/ Anything to save us/ Anything to make you notice me”. “This is a song about small town gossip” Catherine mentioned before they sang When It’s Not Me. Now this delectable cut oozed plenty of sass and those upbeat contagious lyrics had an anthem feel to them. Oldie Push For The Stride was a catchy feel good tune which had me moving on the spot. Delivered at an infuriating pace this was an enchanting number which resonated plenty of country vibes. Straight after it was then time for a Snug Session. The song in question being Proof and this was a tender stripped back tune which they delivered to perfection. Catherine and Lizzy’s fluffy vocals were rather sweet leaving me compelled at the same time. The fast paced Lose Me hit me like a ton of bricks, those sumptuous lyrics were rather upbeat and the vocals were literally flawless. Things then came to an end with Carry You Home. This was a magical jam about friendship and being the one that your friend calls out to if things go wrong “When it all comes caving in/ And you can’t be brave again/ Whenever you need a friend, need a friend call me”. Actually this soothing number made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

They then left the stage and returned moments later for a 2 song encore. First up was the spine tingling Who I’m Not. At first this tune was rather soft/ gentle then when the band joined in it gained that extra oomph. Things then came to a close with an oldie. Town Called Ugley was a rip roaring cut which rounded off one spectacular evening.


Good On You
Where The Sky Is
Dirt And Gold
Almost Easy
The Good And The Right
Guilty Flowers
When It’s Not Me
Push For The Stride
Lose Me
Carry You Home


Who I’m Not
Town Called Ugley


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