Slow Club @ Rough Trade East 24th August 2016


To support the 4th album One Day All Of This Won’t Mater Any More, Slow Club played a whimsical set at Rough Trade East. Now this breathtaking performance saw both Charles and Rebecca showcase material from this new album. Come On Poet kick started the set and this was a beautiful laid back tune which Rebecca sang. Now her soulful vocals were smooth like butter which left me in a complete daze. Taylor delivered this with plenty of gusto. Following on was the enchanting Rebecca Casanova, I literally love this song. The lyrics left me completely compelled and those sweet vocals were so beautiful.Following on was a double dose of tunes led by Charles Watson. Big Mirror was 1/2 of the Pledge only 7″. This was an enticing number and Watson’s vocals were crisp/ rich. Ancient Rolling Sea was an upbeat jam which Charles played on the piano. This hypnotising number was delivered to perfection and the melody was rather dreamy. Wading In The Warmest Ocean was that other half of the Pledge 7″ and this tune was faultlessly delivered. The lyrics were infectious and amusing, plus Rebecca’s vocal tones were sugary sweet. Why this didn’t make the album cut is a mystery to me. The Charles led Let The Blade Do The Work was extremely chilled out aided by entrancing lyrics. “This is about how much I cant get out of bed sometimes and how much I look at the internet. And how self congratulatory I am” Taylor then mentioned before diving into the luscious Champion. Now this tune was light and fluffy leaving me completely mesmerised at the same time. Everything about this number was top notch. In Waves was so spectacular, Rebecca Taylor’s vocal tones were candy coated leaving me hypnotised at the same time. Wanderer Wandering was a tender piano based cut which saw Watson take the lead and Taylor harmonise. This smooth song was delivered to perfection and it left me completely enthralled. “Thanks for coming out guys” Watson then humbly said. “Thanks for your support over the 1000 years we’ve been doing it” Rebecca then mentioned before they ended with the stripped back 2 Cousins.  


Come On Poet
Rebecca Casonova
Big Mirror
Ancient Rolling Sea
Wading In The Warmest Ocean
Let The Blade Do The Work
In Waves
Wanderer Wandering
2 Cousins


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