Slow Club @ Banquet Records 22nd August 2016


“Hi, is everyone alright. Anyone had their tea yet?. Alright we’re Slow Club” Rebecca Taylor said before they got stuck into Come On Poet. This song was superbly delivered and Taylor’s mellowing vocals were top notch. Actually Rebecca’s dreamy vocals oozed plenty of soul. Now the relaxing Come On Poet left me transfixed plus it had been superbly written. “Hello, I came straight from Green Man and I got to Kingston a bit early. So I just sat in the car park of the riverside place up the road and didn’t have to pay for any parking” Charles Watson said before embarking on Ancient Rolling Sea. Charles faultlessly delivered this hypnotic song to perfection. This chilled out cut was extremely upbeat and smooth at the same time. Just witnessing it right in front of my eyes left me completely captivated. Following on was another Charles led tune and this being Where The Light Gets Lost. Now this was very dreamy, Watson’s vocals were rather crisp and Taylor’s harmonies were ever so luscious. Next it was time for the beautiful Rebecca Casonova. Delivered at a fast pace this spotless tune left me absolutely mesmerised. The lyrics were infectious and the melody was upbeat resulting in me tapping my toe.Let The Blade Do The Work was mellowing and Charles took the lead for this sumptuous song. Let The Blade Do The Work actually left me utterly enchanted. “Alright so we’ll play this one and we’ll play two oldies. And then that will be it” Rebecca said before they delved into In Waves. Now this was a beautiful tune with lovely lyrics and an insatiable chorus. “This is the 4th album now. We’ve got no time for show business” Taylor said before Charles launched into the spine tingling Wanderer Wandering. This smooth song was delivered to perfection and it left me completely enthralled. This instore then came to an end with the fresh and funky Two Cousins.


Come On Poet
Ancient Rolling Sea
Where The Light Gets Lost
Rebecca Casonova
Let The Blade Do The Work
In Waves
Wanderer Wandering
Two Cousins


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