Slow Club @ MOTH Club 16th August 2016

p1010235Slow Club were headlining the MOTH Club and this was a gig not to be missed. After having been impressed with the shows at Paper Dress in April I immediately snapped up a ticket.

Now the evening compromised of 14 songs and all albums were represented. “Hi, we’re Slow Club. These are new songs now” Rebecca Taylor said before they got stuck into Ancient Rolling Sea. Now this was a Charles Watson solo but this time they had a band backing both of them. The vocals were pure perfection and the band made this tune rather meaty. It was then time for the upbeat In Waves. This song was sung by Rebecca Taylor, her vocal tones made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge and the lyrics were incredibly infectious. Beginners was infused to the ending of In Waves and this tune is my favourite from the sophomore Paradise. Sublimely delivered the contagious Beginners left me utterly enthralled. Next it was onto the upbeat Tears Of Joy. This was a toe tapping cut and the melody was rather dreamy. After it was time for a double dose of tunes from the new album. Where The Light Gets Lost was a sleek song which Watson delivered to perfection. Also Rebecca’s vocal harmonies perfectly infused to Charles’s resulting in something that left me spellbound. After Watson introduced the band it was then time for another new song and this being Come On Poet. This was a chilled out song aided by Rebecca’s strong soulful vocals. This number was delivered to perfection and delivered with plenty of gusto. “I’m mostly concerned about my spot. That’s why my boobs are out” Rebecca then hilariously said after someone offered her a bobble hat. Well it was then time for Never Look Back, now this was a whimsical oldie which left me completely spellbound. Both Charles and Rebecca sang this and both sets of vocals meshed together perfectly. Never Look Back had me swaying from side to side. Our Most Brilliant Friends was a real treat as they hardly sing anything from Yeah So. Played at an infuriating pace, Our Most Brilliant Friends had me moving on the spot. “Is everyone still OK?. Back to the new stuff now. Soz” Rebecca mentioned before getting stuck into the final newie of the evening. Rebecca Casanova was a spine tingling Rebecca solo along with some impeccable harmonies by Charles Watson. Now this cut had hypnotising lyrics and a delightful middle 8.


After plenty of applause it was then time for another oldie and this coming in the form of Everything Is New. This whimsical tune was a Charles solo and his vocals were incredibly crisp. Plenty of mellowing vibes radiated from this performance. Things ended with Suffering You, Suffering Me. This was completely phenomenal. It started off extremely chilled out and then picked up pace soon as it progressed. Taylor sang this faultlessly and delivered it with plenty of gusto. Also it was very catchy plus there were parts you wouldn’t be able to forget.

Straight after it was then time for the encore. First up it was time for a bit of Let The Blde Do The Work. “Thankyou for your support. We’re still a band” Taylor said before they delved into this sumptuous song. Charles took the lead with Rebecca adding the beautiful harmonies. This was a smooth chilled out cut aided by entrancing lyrics. After it was then onto The Queen’s Nose. This was very chilled out and Rebecca took the reins for this one. Her vocals were so powerful which made this number incredible.

Once over the band left the stage, but that wasn’t the end. Both Charles and Rebecca went to the back of the venue to sing a breathtaking unplugged version of 2 Cousins.


Ancient Rolling Sea
In Waves
Tears Of Joy
Where The Light Gets Lost
Come On Poet
Never Look Back
Our Most Brilliant Friends
Rebecca Casonova
Everything Is New
Suffering You, Suffering Me


Let The Blade Do The Work
The Queen’s Nose


2 Cousins


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