Ladyhawke @ The Haunt 18th June 2016


The Wild Things tour ended in Brighton and this was a show I wasn’t going to miss. After having attended the London gig 2 days prior I knew what to expect. The fact it was an early finish was a nice little bonus. Also the talented Alice Jemima was the support as well.

Anyways it was a pleasure to witness Pip perform songs from Wild Things yet again. I can never tire from listening to that record. Things opened with the dreamy Wild Things and I adore this number. This had been written to perfection and the vocals were sublime. What I adore about this venue is the intimacy and just seeing Pip perform this right in front of me left me completely transfixed. The River was fast in pace and the lyrics packed a fierce punch. The verses were superb but what captivated me was the chorus  “Something in The River has a hold of me/ Could it be the water?/ Na na na na na na na/ Something in The River it has taken me/ All across the oceans/ Na na na na na na na”. Now Golden Girl was a slice of synth pop goodness. The lyrics were incredibly infectious and it was a cut which easily had me moving to the beat. Once over it was then onto the portion of the show dedicated to the debut self titled album. Another Runaway hit me like a full on force and then after you had the punchy Manipulating Woman which left me hooked. The edgy Professional Suicide followed on and this was perfectly delivered, the verses were vibrant and then you had the killer chorus. Magic was a compelling cut which had a dreamy melody and then you had Back Of The Van which was a blissful roller coaster ride. In fact whenever I hear it, I’m reminded of 1980’s Madonna. Love Don’t Live Here was extremely powerful, Pip’s vocal tones were ever so sweet leaving me mesmerised in the process. Blue Eyes was an upbeat jam and Dusk Till Dawn was ever so joyous. Once over it was then back to the new cuts. Sweet Fascination had an infectious steady paced beat and the lyrics were extremely gorgeous. This number was a piece of synth pop goodness and Brown sweetly delivered this to perfection “Sweet fascination is taking over you/ Just like you want it to/ Infatuation, it makes the lonely feel/ That the illusion’s real”. Next it was time for Let It Roll and Pip literally blitzed though this. The lyrics were highly addictive and all in all this was a sheer piece of perfection “Too many lovers in a hotel room/ They’re making plans to runaway to the moon/ Not a care in the world they feel/ This is the rhythm as the heart beats on and on”. The evening then came to a close with the latest single A Love Song which left me with a feeling of happiness deep inside.

Once over they did the whole encore things and came back to the stage for two more songs. Paris Is Burning was really infectious and it’s begging to for you to sing along to it. The furious paced My Delirium ended an incredible evening. Plenty of energy oozed from this contagious tune.


Wild Things
The River
Golden Girl
Another Runaway
Manipulating Woman
Professional Suicide
Back Of The Van
Love Don’t Live Here
Blue Eyes
Dusk Till Dawn
Sweet Fascination
Let It Roll
A Love Song


Paris Is Burning
My Delerium

OVERALL: Pip Brown is one talented singer/ songwriter and she’s hit the nail on the head. Wild Things is an outstanding album consisting of 11 gorgeous tracks. It was a right pleasure to hear 6 of them performed live. Now Brown’s vocals were extremely sweet and radiated plenty of pop vibes. Honestly just witnessing them live left me smiling all the way through. The fact she did a meet and greet after the show in London did surprise me considering the whole Christina Grimmie shooting 8 days earlier. Now at The Haunt she didn’t come out after but given that the show ended early I then waited at the backstage door and met Pip when she was leaving.

I love the albums Ladyhawke and Anxiety but I would say that Wild Things is her best to date. Bring on the 2nd UK leg of the Wild Things tour this February.


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