Ladyhawke @ Scala 16th June 2016


Philipa “Pip” Brown is a talented musician who I hold close to my heart. When the Wild Things tour was announced I immediately snapped up my tickets. I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms since the last time I saw her at Concorde 2 back in November 2012. Now Wild Things is literally an incredible album and the current single A Love Song fills me with plenty of joy. So the one date wasn’t enough for me as I also booked to attend the show at The Haunt in Brighton. Thankfully I had a friend who secured the ticket for the Scala show (the thought of missing out is unbearable).

Now the set Brown performed consisted of 16 songs, 8 of which were from the debut record Ladyhawke, 6 from Wild Things and only 1 from Anxiety. Anyways the tune which kickstarted the evening was Wild Things. I’ve listened to the third album on constant loop and all the songs are so contagious. “Hello” Pip said before getting stuck into this dreamy tune. This was blissful synth pop which left me completely entranced. Those sublime lyrics had me hooked and the chorus left me hypnotised “There’s a fire/ In the heartland/ We danced around/ Like we’re Wild Things in the night”. After it was then time for The River and it was a right spectacle. This was a fast paced jam aided by lyrics which packed a punch. The contagious lyrics even had me singing along, the verses were vibrant and the chorus was incredible catchy “Something in The River has a hold of me/ Could it be the water?/ Na na na na na na na/ Something in The River it has taken me/ All across the oceans/ Na na na na na na na”. Following on it was then time for Golden Girl and all I can say is WOW. This was a slice of gorgeous pop aided by lyrics which had me hooked from the word go. It actually left me with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. Whilst the verses were phenomenal it was the punchy chorus which left me enchanted “There’s no way up, there’s no way down/ You stole my heart but you throw it around/ You give it up then you give it away Your golden girl waits another day”. It was then onto the material from the debut album. Another Runaway was simply superb with lyrics which hit me like a ton of bricks. Manipulating Woman was sensational, this had been well crafted and those twinkling synths left me in a dream like state. I last heard this live way back in 2009!. “I’ve got some old songs to night and some new songs” Pip Brown said before launching into Professional Suicide. This edgy number had a slow start and you could notice the electro ness to the song. But both the chorus and the na na nas were really infectious. This old song was delivered to perfection. The very beginning remind me of I Just Love You More by Kate Nash. Magic was next up. This song had a beat to it and everything gelled together perfectly. Now I really liked this song because it was infectious as well having a dreamy melody. Back Of The Van was a powerful tune which was rather synthy. It reminded me of Madonna in the 1980’s. Back Of The Van was a perfect song to open with because it was a real crowd pleaser. Straight after it was then time for Love Don’t Live Here. This was one powerful song due to both electric guitars and drums making it feel heavy. Still this smooth song had superb lyrics which were delivered to perfection. It was then time for the only tune from Anxiety and this being Blue Eyes. This was one upbeat song and it was delivered strongly. The verses were superb and its lyrics were infectious especially the Na Na bits. “The set has gone so fast” Pip then said before diving into something from the debut album. This being the fast paced Dusk Till Dawn which has sublime lyrics and a wonderful chorus. Once over it was then back to the new cuts. Sweet Fascination had an infectious steady paced beat and the lyrics were extremely gorgeous. This number was a piece of synth pop goodness and Brown sweetly delivered this to perfection “Sweet fascination is taking over you/ Just like you want it to/ Infatuation, it makes the lonely feel/ That the illusion’s real”. Next it was time for Let It Roll and Pip literally blitzed though this. The lyrics were highly addictive and all in all this was a sheer piece of perfection “Too many lovers in a hotel room/ They’re making plans to runaway to the moon/ Not a care in the world they feel/ This is the rhythm as the heart beats on and on”. The evening then came to a close with the latest single A Love Song which radiated plenty of shimmering synths and it was a joy to behold.

Once Pip and her band left the stage there was plenty of people who wanted to hear more. As expected Ladyhawke graced the stage for two more songs. Paris Is Burning was really infectious and it’s begging to for you to sing along to it. Pip wrote this song after a long weekend in Paris. The furious paced My Delirium ended what was a phenomenal evening. Bundles of energy oozed from this infectious tune. The atmosphere was simply electric, people were going wild for it. I really liked its thumping chorus.


Wild Things
The River
Golden Girl
Another Runaway
Manipulating Woman
Professional Suicide
Back Of The Van
Love Don’t Live Here
Blue Eyes
Dusk Till Dawn
Sweet Fascination
Let It Roll
A Love Song


Paris Is Burning
My Delerium


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