Aurora @ ICA 9th June 2016


Back in June Aurora Aksnes played an extraordinary gig at the ICA. The only way of getting access to this event was to subscribe to the Aurora mailing list, then if you were lucky you received an email with more details. Just winning was a complete surprise, having won the VEVO session in the March I wasn’t expecting to win this.

Still this event was jam packed with fans of Aurora and the set performed consisted of 12 impeccable tunes. 11 of which featured on the recently released debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. Black Water Lilies was the opener and this was extremely spellbinding. Aksnes’s vocals were ever so angelic and they sent shivers up my spine. After the rapturous applause it was then time for Warrior. Now this song was infectious and upbeat giving it that anthem feel. The memorable lyrics left me completely hypnotised. Whilst the verses were rather sleek it was the chorus which Aurora mentioned how she was a warrior which was the part that was packed with a punch. “Hello. How are you all. It feels so nice you came. It feels quite strange being on stage again” Aurora then said before pointing out she was wearing new socks. It was then time for a bit of Runaway and this was a right epic. The verses were sublime and the infectious at the same time. My favourite part had to be the middle 8 “And I was running far away/ Would I run off the world someday?/ Nobody knows, nobody knows/ And I was dancing in the rain/ I felt alive and I can’t complain”. Aksnes delivered this cut with plenty of gusto and the all in all performance left me enchanted. Next it was time for the majestic Winter Bird. I really adored this as the lyrics were really captivating plus it was an upbeat number. Aurora Aksnes wrote this song and the lyrics were phenomenal oozing plenty of energy. “My tears are always frozen/ I can’t see the air I breathe”. After some banter of not wanting to drink alot it was then time for the haunting Under The Water. This cut had beautiful keys aided by a glittering vocal delivery. “Under the water we can’t be together/ Under the water we die”. This contagious deliciously dark tune had been superbly written and bundles of energy flowed from the performance.


Straight after It was then onto the haunting Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1). Other than Aksnes’s splendid vocals you also had O Martin harmonising. What I especially liked is the fact that this beautiful but tearful number told a story. With this performance being completely stripped back it was Aurora’s breath taking vocals on show. All in all this was a deliciously dark synth pop that left me spellbound. Lucky was literally an incredible cut. This infectious song was extremely beautiful and Aksnes’s vocal range sent chills up my spine. I simply adore this song the vocals were very sweet “And I feel love for the very first time/ Not anybody knows that I’m Lucky to be alive”. It was then time for Running With The Wolves and this number was out of this world. “I’m running with the wolves tonight”. On the whole this tune was a right spectacle. Once over Aksnes launched herself into Under Stars which featured on the Running With The Wolves EP. This synth heavy upbeat number easily had me moving on the spot. Aurora’s vocals left me well and truly captivated. After it was time for I Went Too Far. I fell in love with this song last year when I witnessed Aurora at Hoxton. What captivated me was the whole pop feel and the fact. “I Went Too Far when I was begging on my knees/ When I cut my hand for you to stand and watch me bleed/ I Went Too Far and kissed the ground beneath your feet/ Standing in my blood/ It was the taste of bittersweet”. I found this to be dark synth pop which focused on a girl who is obsessed with a guy and all she wants is for him to love her.


Things then came to a close with the dreamy Conqueror. This cut which is also features on the Fifa 16 soundtrack is super contagious, the verses are splendid but the highlight had to be the slick uplifting chorus. “I’ve been looking for a Conqueror/ But he don’t seem to come my way”. Now this tune ended what had been a magical evening.

After much cheering they then came out for an encore. “The next song means alot to me” Aksnes said before getting stuck into Through The Eyes Of A Child. I found this to be a tender ballad delivered at a slow pace. The lyrics were very beautiful and the actual performance sent shivers up my spine. “I would rather see the world Through The Eyes Of A Child”.


Black Water Lilies
Winter Bird
Under The Water
Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
Running With The Wolves
Under Stars
I Went Too Far


Through The Eyes Of A Child


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