Birdy @ Roundhouse 10th May 2016

Born in Hampshire Jasmine van den Bogaerde is a talented 20 year old who played a sold out show at Camden’s iconic Roundhouse. This was the Beautiful Lies tour and as expected this live show was a right spectacle. I’ve been a fan the moment I heard her take on Bon Iver’s Skinny Love in 2011. That then resulted in the debut LP Birdy which consisted of cover versions. 2013 saw the release of sophomore Fire Within which consisted of original material. The song which took off was Wings which charted at #8 in the UK Singles Chart and to this day it is still being featured in adverts. This year saw the release of Beautiful Lies and the moment I witnessed some of these songs showcased at Oslo in February I was left hooked.

As I knew a friend whom was attending I made sure we arrived at the same time. We may of mis judged on the time, but when you love an artist you would want a prime position at the front. Anyways this evening was a mixed bag, the performance which consisted of 20 songs was AMAZING but the way the stage layout was bitterly disappointing. This was the 2nd Birdy show I’d attended and I had expected something similar to the Oslo show. Now the majority of the Birdy songs are piano based, so why the piano needed to be placed on another stage puzzles me. Basically if you were at the barrier all you would see is the tip of Jasmine’s head. Anyhow things opened up with Growing Pains and this was a right stunner. Now I would say the style of Beautiful Lies is indie pop and this song was ever so infectious. Those lyrics were packed with a punch and Jasmine’s sumptuous vocals reminded me of Gabriella Cilmi. My highlight had to be the sublime chorus “My mind is a runaway/ And I’ll find it’s too hard to breathe/ Just say what you want to say/ Are you there?/ Tell me, are you there?/ I fear these growing pains/ That made us far too strong/ Do change if you want to change/ Are you there?/ Tell me, are you there?”. “Thankyou so much for coming” Birdy mentioned before diving into her own version of People Help The People. This Cherry Ghost cover featured on the debut Birdy LP and this was a whimsical tune which gave me the chills. Hear You Calling was Lana Del Rey esque aided by superb lyrics which left me hooked “My beautiful Summer/ How the Winter makes me wonder where you go?/ My beautiful lover/ We were perfect for each other/ I was wrong”. I could also pick up on a smokiness within Bogaerde’s vocals. Deep End was a beautiful ballad which had a teeny bit of emotion. Vocal wise Jasmine was on point, Deep End was a lovely song with captivating smooth spine tingling lyrics “I don’t know if you mean everything to me/ And I wonder can I give you what you need/ Don’t want to find I’ve lost it all/ Too scared to have no one to call/ So can we just pretend/ That we’re not falling into the deep end”. Cover number 2 came in the form of Young Blood and this being Birdy’s own take on The Naked & Famous. Faultlessly delivered, this fun filled song left me completely captivated and it was nice to witness someone put their own spin onto it. After plenty of applause it was then time for the new single and this being Wild Horses. This was an epic sounding song with punchy contagious lyrics. Birdy really has a set of pipes on her “I will survive and be the one whose stronger/ And I will not beg you to stay/ I will move on and you should know I mean it/ Wild Horses running at me”. It was then time for Words which was an exquisite cut aided by hypnotising lyrics. “If I can’t hold you now/ Keep thinking how you might not come around/ I have no words, I have no words to say”. Jasmine’s vocals were ever so smooth like butter. Lost It All was extremely entrancing. Once over it was time for some of Bogaerde’s favourite tracks from the debut album, first up was The xx cover Shelter. Now this had been stripped back and Jasmine’s vocal delivery made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Birdy’s take on Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal was extremely impeccable. Jasmine got up for Words Are Weapons and played the acoustic guitar. Now this tune was an upbeat cut aided by spellbinding contagious lyrics and Jasmine’s luscious vocal tones. Everything about this folk tune was literally top notch. Give Up sent chills down my spine and this performance hit me like a ton of bricks. Give Up was an epic of a song and Jasmine delivered it with plenty of gusto. Straight after it was onto yet another cover and this being The National’s Terrible Love which Bogaerde owned. Beautiful Lies left me spellbound as this was a smooth cut which was rather gentle. “Tell me beautiful lies/ Cover my eyes with your hands/ Just pretend we’re better/ Turn out the light/ There are no more surprises to come/ Let’s be numb together”. Take My Heart saw Jasmine leave the piano. This was a majestical tune which was packed with a punch. So much energy resonated from this sensational song. Lifted was both light and fluffy aided by gorgeous lyrics which knocked me for six. whimsical ballad Wings was really enchanting aided by a tender vocal delivery. Wings is the highest charting Birdy song to date peaking at #8 back in 2013. Everything about this was completely spotless, shivers were sent up my spine. Once over the set was then coming to a close with one last number. Keeping Your Head up was sun blushed pop with dazzling lyrics that had me hooked instantaneously. I liked the whole fast pace and the sugar coated lyrics easily had me moving. Once over Bogaerde left the stage only to return moments after for the encore. For not one but four more songs. First up was one of Jasmine’s favourites from Beautiful Lies and this being Unbroken which she dedicated to her sister. Now this number was a sleek in pace and the vocals were rather smokey. Now this was ever so enchanting and left me enthralled. Rhodes cover Let It Go was a duet with Dan Owen whom opened up the show. Winter was ever so exquisite delivered on the acoustic guitar. Birdy’s sweet vocal tones were stupendous and reminded me of Amy MacDonald. Now Winter was a wondrous cut with beautiful contagious lyrics. Things then came to a close with her take on Bon Iver’s Skinny Love which started her career in the music industry.


Growing Pains
People Help The People
Hear You Calling
Deep End
Young Blood
Wild Horses
White Winer Hymnal
Words Are Weapons
Give Up
Terrible Love
Beautiful Lies
Keeping Your Head Up


Let It Go (w/ Dan Owen)
Skinny Love


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