Vanessa Carlton @ The Lexington 3rd May 2016

I’ve been a fan of Vanessa Carlton from the very start. I was hooked the moment I saw her riding downtown on a piano in the A Thousand Miles music video. The moment Vanessa announced she was to visit the UK I snapped up a ticket straight away. In fact knowing it would be a sell out I purchased one during the pre sale. The demand as so high a 2nd date at the Scala was then added to the tour dates. The album backing this tour was the sensational Liberman. Just witnessing her perform live at the intimate The Lexington was a dream come true. It was definitely one to cross off the bucket list, based on the performance I relish the prospect of seeing Vanessa Carlton again.

Now the majority of the set were songs taken from the Liberman LP, 4 from Rabbits On The Run and then there was the Be Not Nobody song that she’s known for. In fact it was A Thousand Miles which kickstarted the set because Vanessa wanted to get it out of the way. There was also a string section accompanying Carlton which resulted in something rather special. Back to A Thousand Miles this was a cheery tune which Vanessa delivered faultlessly. The vocals were sugary sweet and this number is so damn contagious. Honestly just witnessing Vanessa perform this right in front of my eyes left me completely mesmerised. Straight after it was onto a double dose of tracks from Rabbits On The Run. Carousel was ever so beautiful aided by a Carlton’s sumptuous vocal tones. Actually they reminded me of Regina Spektor. Tall Tales Of Spring was upbeat and Vanessa delivered this impeccable tune to perfection. After it was then onto the newer material, this was the very first time I was hearing songs from the Liberman LP. I was really impressed as this album has been polished off to perfection. Take It Easy was drenched in plenty of synths and those infectious lyrics had me hooked. Willows was incredibly upbeat and those succulent lyrics were light and fluffy. Vanessa Carlton delivered this number with plenty of gusto. House Of Seven Swords was an enchanting epic flawlessly delivered and straight after it was onto the superb Operator. Faultlessly delivered, this captivating tune is one that had me moving on the spot. Blue Pool was extremely beautiful with lyrics which had me picturing a story in my minds eye. Nothing Where Something Used To Be was extremely sweet and Carlton’s sumptuous vocals left me completely enthralled. After Vanessa performed Unlock The Lock for the first time and she sailed through it at ease. This was a spine tingling cut and was my favourite of the evening. Ending the Liberman songs was the tender ballad River which Carlton dedicated to her daughter. This was one hell of a song, River had been well crafted and Carlton’s vocal tones were top notch. Things then came to a close with Hear The Bells.

The evening then came to a close with the much expected encore. Matter Of Time left me spellbound and the curtain closer The Marching Line ended what had been an incredible gig.


A Thousand Miles
Tall Tales Of Spring
Take It Easy
House Of Seven Swords
Blue Pool
Nothing Where Something Used To Be
Unlock The Lock
Hear The Bells


Matter Of Time
The Marching Line

OVERALL: This was one phenomenal gig and one I’ll never forget. It was so lovely to have the chance to witness Vanessa Carlton perform live. It was a shame that she didn’t sing Twilight or Ordinary Day but given she had a new album out it was perfectly understandable. The new tunes were sounding incredible live and my favourite had to be Unlock The Lock closely followed by Blue Pool. Vanessa truly has something special and I’m so glad I finally witnessed her perform live. As promised after the set Carlton came to the merchandise desk to meet fans and sign items.



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