Elliphant @ Oslo 16th April 2016

Swedish born Ellinor Olovsdotter is also known as Elliphant. Now this was the 3rd time I’d witnessed her perform live and as expected it was one incredible evening. The album backing this live show was the sophomore Living Life Golden. This sizzling 19 song set featured material from the new record, the One More EP and the debut A Good Idea. Doors were at 6pm which was nice.

Anyhow the sublime set kicked off with Step Down which featured on the brand new LP. This was the very first time I was hearing material from Living Life Gold and OMG Step Down was a right firecracker. Olovsdotter’s vocal tones were rather sweet and those contagious lyrics were rather edgy. My favourite part had to be the captivating chorus “Why don’t you just step down?/ Why don’t you just step down?/ From your high-horses, from where you/ Can’t see a thing, you miss/ Out on so much, mate”. Now Elinor’s style is a blend of EDM meets Rap meets Pop and this is such a wondrous combination. It was then onto Down On Life. As expected everyone sang to the chorus. Now this tune was extremely strong and it was an audience pleaser. The steady paced Down On Life was uber contagious and I could feel the energy flowing from it. Look Like You Love It had a dub step feel to it. This fierce number had plenty of people singing along and shouting back the line Look Like You Love It. I have to say this funky number had been well crafted, it was infectious plus it was delivered faultlessly. I even found my self nodding my head to this wondrous tune. Stardust was a soft and smooth funky number which left me captivated. The albums title track Living Life Golden was a hypnotic pop cut aided by Elinor’s sumptuous vocal tones which packed a punch. Where Is Home was a tender ballad which Olovsdotter delivered to perfection. Just witnessing this live left me in an utter trance. I adored One More and I found it to be rather sleek plus it was slightly edgy. Plenty of people were singing along to every single word. Music Is Life was an audience pleasing tune and it was sung at a fast pace. The verses were incredible and the middle 8 was the chorus as the melody completely changed. I could pick up on a Reggae feel and it also seemed like there was a Fatman Scoop sample. Love Me Badder was an upbeat cut aided by contagious lyrics “No one/ No one Loves Me Badder than you” plus the infectious beat had me moving on the spot. Player Run was a funky cut smothered in plenty of electronic beats. Hit And Run packed a punch and those succulent lyrics left me in a trance. The start of Spoon Me saw Elinor come into the audience. Once back onstage she delivered this smooth spellbinding cut to perfection. Following on was All Or Nothing which resulted in plenty of swaying arms from side to side. Now this song showed off her outstanding rapping skills. I loved this number the verses were sung at a fast pace whilst the arm swaying chorus was gentler. All Or Nothing went down well as plenty of people sang and Ellinor delivered this with plenty of gusto. Revolusion was rather slick and had dub step vibes towards the end. So much passion was put into this infectious number. Club Now Skunk was an infuriating funky cut with beats which had me hooked.Only Getting Younger was rather edgy. This song resonated plenty of energy. Things then came to a close with the impeccable Too Original.


Step Down
Down On Life
Look Like You Love It
Living Life Golden
Where Is Home
One More
Music Is Life
Love Me Badder
Player Run
Hit And Run
Spoon Me
All Or Nothing
Club Now Skunk
Only Getting Younger
Too Original


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