Pvris @ Concorde 2 1st April 2016



April 2015 I witnessed Pvris for the very first time. Coming all the way from Lowell, Massachusetts this three piece consist of Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald. At the end of 2014 I fell in love with the White Noise EP, their sound was like a cross between Chvrches and Paramore. Anyways this was their first ever headline tour and I decided to purchase VIP. The main reason I pick Brighton over London is the fact queuing is not as stressful plus the venues are smaller.

After a tremendous set by K Flay it was then onto Pvris. The set consisted of 12 songs, you had the whole of the White Noise record, You And I which featured on the re released version then you had Only Love. Everything went pitch black and the band took to the stage. What kicked things off was the delightful Smoke and this being a thumping synth pop jam along with enchanting lyrics. I would actually say Pvris are a combination of pop meets rock.Lynn’s vocals reminded me of Hayley Williams. Still this was perfectly delivered whilst radiating bundles of energy. “Lets see your hands up” Gunnulfsen said before tackling Mirrors. Now the vocals were pure perfection and this was one infectious tune with lyrics that you’re obliged to sing along to“Darling don’t be so shy/ I’ll see you at midnight and when I close my eyes/ I said it three times, I said it three times/ You make my world spin, placebo feelings/ And in the morning I’ll wait to see you again”.On a whole this number was well crafted with luscious verses and an upbeat chorus. St Patrick was up next. The vocals were sublime and the lyrics were completely catchy. Its verses were enchanting and the chorus was literally superb “I said ooh, ooohh/ You give me something to talk about/ Something to talk about/ I said ooh, ooohh/ You give me something to think about/ That’s not the shit in my head”.Once over it was then time for White Noise and this also shared the same name as the album. “Brighton how we doing out there” Gunn said before delving into this wondrous song. Lynn put every ounce of energy into putting in a startling performance of this song. My highlight of this had to be the spellbinding chorus. “Thank you so much for coming” Lynn mentioned before getting stuck into Fire. Packed with a punch this trance like cut went down well a storm with the audience. Plenty of people sang along to this contagious cut. “Welcome to the very first night of very first ever UK headliner. We wanna thank you guys so much for coming out this is like insane. We did not imagine any of this ever happening” Lyndsey said before they went into oldie Only Love. This had been taken from the 2013 EP Paris and it was the first time hearing it. Now Only Love was a beautiful song and down tempo at the same time. The xx did come to mind. Lynn’s vocals were pure perfection and sweet at the same time. Ghosts was the next tune on the set list and the band played it differently compared to the EP version. Everything about it was spot on, Ghosts was a chilled out pop cut aided with Gunnulfsen glistening vocal delivery. Straight after it was then time for Holy and I have to say this was literally mind blowing. The melody left me in a daze and those wondrous vocal tones infused together perfectly. Eyelids was the next number of the set and this being a slow jam. Now Eyelids was well and truly beautiful. Its lyrics were heartfelt and what I adored was the fact it was referring to a long distance relationship and the struggles you face. Things came to a close with Let Them In and this left me completely captivated.

Now the first cut of the much expected encore was You And I. Now this song gets me excited for Pvris’s future. It appears on the re release of White Noise with another newie and that being Empty. Back to the performance, You And I was a soothing synth pop jam which resonated more power when it progressed. The curtain closer came in the form of My House. Joint wrote by Gunn My House had stupendous lyrics. Everything about this was fantastic, the verses and chorus were a bit angsty “Never thought that I would feel like this/ Such a mess when I’m in your presence/ I’ve had enough, I think you’ve been making me sick/ Gotta get you out of my system/ It’s my house/ And I think it’s time to get out/ It’s my soul/ It isn’t yours anymore/ It’s my house/ And I think it’s time to get out/ Yeah, I think it’s time to get out”.


St Patrick
White Noise
Only Love
Let Them In


You And I
My House

OVERALL: This was an impeccable show, I enjoyed every single song performed and I also should say the EP White Noise is so damn addictive. Lyndsey’s vocals were extraordinary plus she is an incredible guitar player at the same time. I most definitely cannot wait for the next Pvris live show.

Actually I kind of regret not being at the Barfly when they played there last year.


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