Jason Donovan @ The Brighton Centre 23rd March 2016



Back in March I had the chance to witness the Ten Good Reasons tour and this saw Aussie Jason Donovan perform that album in its entirety for the very first time. Two sets were performed the first being Greatest Hits and the 2nd set was Ten Good Reasons in its entirety. That album takes me back to my childhood. I remember being in the car with my parents with the cassette playing on a loop. Jason was to play the Indigo2 but the reason I picked the Brighton date was down to the fact the seat was too good to turn down. Also if I was to stand in London it would mean queuing.

Witnessing Jason perform was the perfect piece of nostalgia. The first portion of the set consisted of 9 sumptuous songs. Now this tasty tunes were taken from the albums Between The Lines and All Around The World. Now the first portion was the Greatest Hits part and things kicked off with All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine and this was the first time I heard this oldie. It actually appeared as the B Side to Especially For You and it was another duet with Kylie Minogue. Now Kylie wasn’t present so her vocals were provided by one of Jason’s backing vocalists. Actually I really liked this fast paced infectious cut. Why it only featured as a B Side I do not know. RSVP followed straight after and this featured on the Greatest Hits released back in 1991. Now this song left me hypnotised and those delightful lyrics were packed with a punch. When You Come Back To Me was taken from the Between The Lines record and the whole performance was spot on. It was pure ear candy as both the verses and chorus left me in a daze. I found Mission Of Love incredibly smooth and I’m Doin’ Fine was a right epic. Happy Together followed on and this being a take on The Turtles just like RSVP this featured on the same Greatest Hits. Now this was uplifting pop aided by Donovan’s sublime soothing vocals. Rhythm Of The Rain was an acoustic take on The Cascades and this went down a treat. Any Dream Will Do which featured on the Joseph soundtrack turned out to be one massive sing along. Again this was completely acoustic and left me spellbound. Like It Was Yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks and this was a compelling pop cut which ended the extraordinary first portion of the set.


After a 20 minute interval it was then onto the part I was most looking forward to. Just hearing Ten Good Reasons performed in its entirety for the first time is a moment I’ll never forget. As I mentioned I’ve got fond memories of this LP and every song featured is utter bliss. Too Many Broken Hearts opened up the second set and this infectious number oozed plenty of pop vibes. This was Jason’s 2nd #1 single and it was released way back in 1989. This gorgeous cut went down a treat with the audienceand this was no surprise whatsoever because this is ever so captivating as it begs you to sing along to it. Anyways I found this to be rather uplifting and it reminded me of my early youth. Nothing Can Divide Us was next up and this was in fact Donovan’s debut single. Still this was a whimsical tune with lyrics which sunk there claws into me. Track 3 was Every Day (I Love You More) and this number has to be my favourite from the Ten Good Reasons record. Just witnessing it live left me in a daze. The verses were beautiful whereas the chorus had a punch to it. All in all this was a feel good tune which was faultlessly delivered. Even I found myself singing along. After plenty of cheers and applause it was time for You Can Depend On Me. I found it to be rather light and those sleek lyrics left me completely enthralled. Jason’s vocals were utter perfection and it was like  listening to the LP at home. Time Heals was rather dreamy the bubble gum pop lyrics left me entranced. Sealed With A Kiss was a take on The Four Voices and it was Jason’s last UK #1. This down tempo cut was flawlessly delivered and it went down a storm with the rest of the audience. Question Of Pride had sleek verses and a captivating punchy chorus. If I Don’t Have You left me spellbound, Change Your Mind was highly contagious and Too Late To Say Goodbye was sheer genius. Things then came to a close with the well known Especially For You. Words cannot sum how dreamy this tune actually was. Whilst Kylie was not this Especially For You is a charming and swooning ballad with lyrics that are highly addictive. Whenever I hear this play I immediately think of Minogue’s version with Kermit. For the last song and the encore people made their way to the front barrier. Now that choice of encore was again Too Many Broken Hearts. Despite having opened up the second set this fun filled song was the perfect choice to end with. Plenty of people sang along to those infectious lyrics. Nearing the end he came to the barrier and everyone went crazy.


All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine
When You Come Back To Me
Mission Of Love
I’m Doin’ Fine
Happy Together
Rhythm Of The Rain
Any Dream Will Do
Like It Was Yesterday
Too Many Broken Hearts
Nothing Can Divide Us
Every Day (I Love You More)
You Can Depend On Me
Time Heals
Sealed With A Kiss
Question Of Pride
If I Don’t Have You
Change Your Mind
Too Late To Say Goodbye
Especially For You


Too Many Broken Hearts

OVERALL: I can cross Jason Donovan off of the list of artists to see in my lifetime. Now this performance was the perfect slice of nostalgia where he performed the album I was addicted to when I was in my early years. I definitely need to get back into both All Around The World and Between The Lines as I never gave them that much of a chance in the 90s.

I most definitely would see Jason Donovan again because I enjoyed every single second of this evening. He definitely still has those incredible vocals.


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