Ward Thomas @ HMV, 363 Oxford Street 5th September 2016


To mark the release of sophomore record Cartwheels country duo Ward Thomas appeared at two separate HMV stores. These two instore performances were in Guildford and London. With 10000 points already on my PureHMV I decided to snap up priority. Now with HMV priority you get a copy of the CD to get signed plus there is an area roped off at the barrier especially for these holders.

The voices behind Ward Thomas are lovely twinsies Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas. I’ve seen them perform live a number of times and the country tunes that they sing are so infectious. Now I loved the debut From Where We Stand but with this sophomore they have taken things to the next level. Now the stupendous set consisted of three impeccable tunes taken from the album Cartwheels. “Thank you so much for coming out” Lizzy mentioned to the intimate audience before they delved into Carry You Home. I must say this is an extraordinary cut which oozed plenty of soothing country vibes. Both Lizzy and Catherine’s vocals infuse to one another perfectly which resulted in something rather sweet. The lyrics were beautiful and tender lyrics were impeccable. Carry You Home was a magical jam about friendship and being the one that your friend calls out to if things go wrong “When it all comes caving in/ And you can’t be brave again/ Whenever you need a friend, need a friend call me”. I simply adore this tune and whenever it’s played leaves me spellbound. “So our album was out on Friday and the title track is Cartwheels. If you haven’t bought it already you can buy it downstairs” Catherine then said to the audience. “We wrote this song about 2 years ago. It was the first song we wrote for the album” Lizzy told the audience before they got stuck into the title track. Cartwheels was a mellowing number which had the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. The vocals were breathtaking and the enchanting lyrics had me hooked from the word go. Just like Carry You Home this was a tender touching cut which had a chorus which tugged on my heartstrings “I’ve been doing cartwheels anything to save us/ Anything to make you notice me/ I’ve been running circles, always getting nowhere, putting on a show/ But you won’t see/ I’ve been doing cartwheels, I’ve been doing cartwheels”. All in all this was delivered to perfection and left me in a daze at the same time. “This is our new single it’s called Guilty Flowers. It’s actually not that new anymore but it’s still called Guilty Flowers” Catherine then mentioned before Lizzy thanked everyone for attending. Anyhow Guilty Flowers was something else, it was an addictive tune with vibrant verses and a uptempo chorus. “I should’a known, I could’a told you you were lying/ Fool me once, fool me twice, oh, stupid me/ I didn’t want to doubt, didn’t want to find out/ But now I know/ Coz you came home with/ Guilty flowers/ Guilty flowers”. This song painted the picture of a guy who had an affair, broke his partners heart, left her and now the new partner thinks the same will happen to her. The moment when this guy brings her flowers confirms her fears that she may just be another notch on the bed post.


Carry You Home
Guilty Flowers

OVERALL: This was an enjoyable instore which comprimised of 3 tasty tunes. Despite being both short and sweet it only makes me anticipate the tour this October. Just witnessing both Catherine and Lizzy perform right in front of me was completely spellbinding.

Ward Thomas have the whole of the UK in their hands and the new album Cartwheels is an utter masterpiece. From looking at the mid weeks they could be set for a #1 album which is incredible.

Anyways after those three tempting treats both Catherine and Lizzy made their way to the front to sign and meet fans. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them on a number of different occasions and they are both so lovely.

Even though it has been 2 days since the HMV show I miss them. But the tour starts next month plus they’ve just announced a Brooklyn Bowl show in December.



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