Kate Nash @ Old Street Records 15th August 2016



Old Street Records played host to Kate Nash’s very own party marking the release of Good Summer. Despite her name not appearing on the line up the words special guest did make it slightly obvious. Once at the venue I was surprised to see that it was a bar and not a record shop. After having claimed the Princess Miaow Miaow Whiskers cocktail I then proceeded to make my way downstairs for the main acts. After having witnessed performances by Nova Twins, Brigitte Aphrodite and some spoken word by Liv Wynter it was then time for the main act.

What surprised me was the fact Nash performed for an hour showcasing 11 fantastic songs both new and old. Now I was especially excited because when I heard Good Summer it hinted at the fact Nash may go back to her original roots. “I’m Kate Nash. I’m from Harrow. Thank you so much for coming this evening” Kate said to the packed out audience before diving into Sister. Taken from Girl Talk, Sister was the perfect blend of punk meets popAfter the gentle mellowing opening the whole feel of this tune changed “There was a cool cool girl, she was about your age”. Once Nash hit the chorus that was the moment the energy was cranked up a notch. She went full on riot girl for this number and Kate delivered this with plenty of gusto. I found both the fast tempo and the energetic delivery to be rather intense. Death Proof was performed immediately after. I could actually pick up on surf pop vibes. This delightful song had spoken word verses and an infectious chorus which oozed bundles of energy. Nash literally stormed through this captivating cut. Do Wah Doo followed on and this was the only song taken from the sophomore album My Best Friend Is You. This had a 60’s vibe to it along with lyrics which were insanely contagious. So much energy was put into this performance and they all blitzed through this wondrous tune. It was then onto a double dosage of brand new numbers and first up being Life In Pink which received its UK debut. This was the first time for me hearing this and I was left utterly compelled. In fact Life In Pink was performed in America last year. Not armed with an electric guitar I found this cut to be extremely hypnotic. “I think about death all the time/ Do you think that’s morbid/ I’m not like the other girls/ Don’t get me me started/ But I’m trying”. I literally adored this number, the verses were incredibly smooth and the punkish chorus was packed with a punch. This truly has to appear on the upcoming album. “The next song is my new single. I haven’t said that for f*cking ages” Nash then said before getting stuck into Good Summer. This was special because it was the first time it was performed live. Now Good Summer was a whimsical fast paced synth pop number. The chorus was rather blissful oozing feel good vibes. Just witnessing Good Summer live left me completely engrossed. Basically I was left with a smile on my face all throughout. Considering it was the first time they performed the single live, I must say they completely nailed it. Good Summer was pure perfection.

“Thanks for making the first time so good” Kate then mentioned to the energetic audience. “Let’s have a sing along” she then said before getting stuck into We Get On. Taken from the Made Of Bricks era this number was an enchanting ballad. The vocals were on point and this contagious track had everyone singing along. Kate Nash even stumbled “And I bumped into you much more heavily/ Than I’d originally planned/ It was well embarrassing and/ I think you thought that I was a bit of a twat”. Anyways this never grows old, the lyrics were beautiful and the middle 8 was filled with plenty of emotion “And when I saw you/ Kissing that girl/ My heart it shattered /And my eyes, they watered/ And when I tried to speak I stuttered”. Once over it was then onto something which will never grow old. Foundations was another massive sing along as it was packed with splendid lyrics leaving me completely captivated. I’ll always have a place in my heart for this outstanding song. Leaving me completely entranced the sublime contagious lyrics were extremely quirky. Birds ended the Made Of Bricks era and this was a nice little treat as I last witnessed this live at Bush Hall way back in 2011. Anyways this was a sweet little number aided by tasty lyrics which everyone singing along to. Kate even stumbled on the lyrics but picked herself up and sailed through the rest of this song.

Once over Kate removed her top and the band then started to play a few riffs of Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman. After much persuasion from the audience Nash partially sang this tune. Following the cover up was yet another cover and this being Bitch. Kate’s take on this Meredith Brooks tune oozed bundles of energy. I loved the relaxed melody and the lyrics were powerfully delivered. My favourite part of this had to be its chorus which Nash belted out. Underestimate The Girl was next . Now this was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Kate put everything she had into this brilliant track. This then resulted in a stage invasion. Underestimate The Girl may have been a powerful romp but it had parts which were slowed down which felt rather chilled out. The evening then came to a close with yet another new cut. Having taught the audience the chorus it was then onto My Little Alien. I must say MLA left me entranced and the light chorus had me swaying from side to side “My Little Alien/ You picked me up/ You put a probe inside my heart”. Oozing plenty of chilled out vibes, My Little Alien was one of those songs that had been perfectly crafted. Having heard this number and both Life In Pink and the single Good Summer only heightens my anticipation for the next LP.


Death Proof
Do Wah Doo
Life In Pink
Good Summer
We Get On
Man I Feel Like A Woman
Underestimate The Girl
My Little Alien

OVERALL: Kate Nash is someone I have grown up with. 9 years have gone by so fast and it’s extremely nice that she’s back in the UK. The last time Nash played was at the end of 2013 and three years later there is a brand new Kate Nash single. Then you also have a short but sweet tour this October.

The set performed was literally amazing, it’s always a pleasure to hear tunes from Made Of Bricks live as that record is one that I hold close to my heart. The new songs were outstanding as well. Actually I’m intrigued to hear more new material and I fully guess that in October I’ll have that chance.


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