Little Mix @ Brighton Centre 14th March 2016


I’ve been a fan of Little Mix the moment they won the X Factor in 2011. Since then I’ve seen them perform at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Eventim Apollo, O2 Arena and now the Brighton Centre. This tour was to support the 3rd LP Get Weird which features the likes of Weird People, Black Magic and Secret Love Song. Anyhow this four piece consist of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. The Brighton date was the 2nd stop on this tour and I’m pleased I attended. It was a surprise that I managed to get such a decent ticket on the floor. This was the first time I’d visited Brighton Centre, it’s a nice venue but if you go to anything that’s standing then it would be stressful as there were multiple doors.

Compromising of 4 different acts, this tour detailed the journey the girls made to Club Weird. As you would expect most of the tunes were taken from the new record Get Weird, then there were 4 from debut record DNA then 3 were taken from the sophomore. Firstly I must say this was such an incredible production. After the Cast The Spell introduction the atmosphere had reached fever pitch. Things opened up with the captivating Grown. Now this was a mixture of slick R&B meets pop. This was a delicious combination as it resulted in this incredible tune. Delivered to perfection each of the girls had there own portion and their vocals were ever so sublime. Anyhow the captivating Grown was a sleek jam which had me moving in my seat. Plenty of choreography was involved throughout the whole showcase and the fact they still manage to sing live is quite something. Also I must mention there were elements of Drop It Like It’s Hot and Bang Bang. Hair was a punchy song with tasty lyrics which left me completely hooked. This fresh and funky number told the story about an ex lover and the fact they want to get him out of their hair. Change You Life was a hypnotic ballad with emotional lyrics which drew me in. Faultlessly delivered this tune is infact rather uplifting as I could pick up on the empowering message from the whimsical lyrics. Also the superb harmonising gave me tingles. Whilst sitting on over sized chairs it was time for A.D.I.D.A.S and this being rather slow and sultry. Leaving me completely mesmerised it was the verses which left me utterly compelled. Leigh-Anne’s rap was impressive as well. The first act then came to a close with the spectacular Wings. Now this was a contagious upbeat jam and it is no surprise whatsoever when this reached #1. Everything about Wings was simply spotless, the performance was ace whilst the lyrical delivery resulted in everyone singing along.

After a costume change it was then onto the second part. This act consisted of 7 songs and 1 being an incredible mash up of other peoples songs. It was then onto Lightning and the whole setting in the woods gave it that eerie feel. Flawlessly delivered the delectable Lightning even had dub step esque moments. Following on you had the whimsical D.N.A with its music box opening. Now the harmonising and vocals were on point making this tasty tune extremely punchy. Actually it had a anthem feel to it and my favourite part had Leigh Anne’s middle 8. Secret Love Song was swimming with emotion it was actually a dreamy slow paced ballad. One word for this would be enchanting and this luscious number left the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. OMG was funky and fresh resonating plenty of slick R&B vibes. The wondrous lyrics left me spellbound and the tight harmonies were incredibly special. The medley consisted of Jump On It / Crazy In Love / Where Are Ü Now / Fester Skank / Ring The Alarm, I actually found this combination of tunes rather impressive as they had the feel good factor. I found Salute to be a fierce RnB number and the vocals were extremely powerful “Ladies all across the world/ Listen up, we’re looking for recruits/ If you’re with me, let me see your hands/ Stand up and salute Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots/ Representing all the women, salute, salute!”. The second part ended with Salute’s ballad. Little Me is the Change Your Life on the Salute album as it conveys a powerful message how you can be anything you want to be. Little Me was very pop and uplifting at the same time.

Act 3 opened up with Move. The jazz style opening gave me goosebumps. Jade truly has dreamy vocals. Anyhow this was a refreshing R&B tinged number and the slick lyrics captivated me. How Ya Doin? was a feisty urban jam which I found to be incredibly upbeat. Even Missy Elliott made an appearance but on the massive screen. Also this tune contained elements of Hotline Bling. I Won’t was a mesmerising pop cut which remind me of Jess Glynne. Actually Jess was involved in the writing of this blissful cut. Love Me Like You was a doo wop pop tune which left me completely entranced. The lyrics sunk their claws into me and the melody was rather dreamlike. It was a crime Love Me Like You only charted at #11. The journey then came to an end as Little Mix had reached Club Weird and the song which they performed was Weird People. This hit me like a ton of bricks as it offered a powerful message.

Once over it was then onto the final act. It then began with The Beginning which had been displayed on the massive monitor. The was a short ballad which showcased off the girls tight harmonies.The girls then made an appearance for The End and just like The Beginning this showcased off the tight harmonies. Having been put together the bond that these girls share is locked tight. Basically this performance sent shivers down my spine. Once over the end was near and they went out with a bang by delivering the epic Black Magic. Consisting of intriguing lyrics which left me hooked, Black Magic was a tune that literally uplifted me I found this to be really light and lyrics just scream out sing along.


Change Your Life


Secret Love Song
Jump On It / Crazy In Love / Where Are Ü Now / Fester Skank / Ring The Alarm
Little Me


How Ya Doin’?/ Hotline Bling
I Won’t
Love Me Like You
Weird People


The Beginning
The End
Black Magic

OVERALL: This was one outstanding evening and it was a extraordinary production. I call gigs like that a show and this night definitely was one of them. Little Mix put everything into the performance and it resulted in something leaving me wanting more. Having had Get Weird on rotation since 2015 it was nice to have the chance to see these songs performed live. I actually have no qualms about the fact only 7 old songs from the first 2 albums were performed.

Yes Little Mix may have a young fan base but they appeal to people in there 20’s as well. The girls truly have something unique and I cannot wait for album 4.


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