Grimes @ O2 Academy Brixton 10th March 2016


Claire Boucher is known by her moniker Grimes and March saw the Ac!d Reign tour come to the UK. The last time Boucher was in the UK was way back at the end of 2012. The show at O2 Academy Brixton was my first dose of Grimes and probably not the last. What sold Claire’s music to me was the newest album Art Angels, swimming in synth pop this record compromised of tunes which left me hooked.

The set consisted of just 12 songs. The albums that were represented were both Visions and Art Angels. If I was to pick a favourite album out of Geidi Primes,  Halfaxa, Visions and Art Angels I would always choose Art Angels. My reason being is that the latest record is more poppy. The stage went dark and the intro of Laughing And Not Being Normal played and this then went straight into Genesis. The atmosphere was tense and this was a tasty tune which left me completely mesmerised. This was the first single Boucher released back in 2012 and it’s a right cracker. What followed after were 5 songs in a row taken from the Art Angels record. First up it was REALiTi and this was a trance like synth pop cut. Aided by thumping electronic beats REALiTi was a punchy song which Claire delivered with plenty of gusto. Now this song had me in that trance and I found the lyrics to be rather compelling. Infused to the ending it was then time for Flesh Without Blood and this was an amazing cut with a twinkling melody and luscious lyrics which had me hooked from the word go. This fast paced number is one of my favourite tracks from Art Angels and the live performance was simply sensational. The verses were simply sublime and even I found myself singing along. After the extended outro it was then onto Scream which made me lost for words. So much power went into this and Grimes literally sang this in Russian.Venus Fly was delivered to perfection and it was rather rap esque. Claire’s vocals were pristine and the atmosphere from the crowd was rather tense.Butterfly then followed on and this being well and truly delectable. Packed with thumping beats this was a cut that had me moving on the spot. The vocals were pin point perfection and on the whole this was one that left me spellbound.

It was then back onto the Visions tunes and what Grimes performed was Be A Body but this was a brand new take which was simply extraordinary. Go was incredibly sweet and had the slight dub step moments. Once over it was then onto two Visions tunes and this being Symphonia IX and Oblivion both of these tunes were flawlessly delivered and they left me falling for them hook line and sinker. World Princess Part II and this was special because this was Claire’s favourite songs from Art Angels and they had only performed it once and that was in Nottingham 2 nights ago. Knocking me for six this was a charming cut with lyrics which had my full attention. With no encore Grimes ended the magical evening with Kill v. Maim. Consisting of plenty of electronic beats this number had delicious verses and a enthralling chorus which left me speechless


Flesh Without Blood
Venus Fly
Be A Body
Symphonia IX
World Princess Part II
Kill v. Maim

OVERALL: This was the first time I had witnessed Grimes live and I must say this set left me greatly impressed. I guess it falls down to the new album Art Angels because I truly love that record. It was a pleasure just hearing the majority of that album live because it consists of so many captivating synth pop jams. Kill v. Maim was a good song to end on, whilst the set was utterly faultless it was ashame that songs such as California and Belly Of The Beat did not make the cut. Also the dancers were a nice addition, the one with blacked out shades reminded me of the film The Matrix.

Just spending time witnessing Grimes live has made me want to re listen to Visions again. Well the next time Claire tours the UK I’ll so be there.


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