Stuart Newman – Love’s Off The Hook PREVIEW

On 20th July Stuart Newman releases his new single Love’s Of The Hook. Having appeared in a feature on this blog back in 2011, Newman has gone on to release the Bored Of Idiot Chatter EP and singles World Made Of Water, The Whiskey, The Champion’s Spy Happy Ransom Day and One Big F all in the space of 4 years.

But I’m here to preview the brand new single and this being up tempo Love’s Of The Hook. This is utter Indie bliss plus I picked up on an Americana vibe as well. Everything about this number is perfect and it showcases Brighton based Stuart Newman’s songwriting skills. I’ve literally had this song on repeat and I fell for this hook, line and sinker. This cut left me completely captivated and Stuart’s vocals were completely faultless.

Although it’s not released until next month, Stuart has made this available to stream on his Soundcloud. This song is so amazing I had to embed the stream into this post.


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