Slow Club @ Banquet Records 25th July 2014

I have been a fan of Slow Club’s music for near enough 6 years so when it was announced that they would be playing Banquet Records I had always planned to attend. It was actually the 3rd time I had seen them in 2 weeks as they were also on tour plus they played at Rough Trade East. People sometime say why do you see the same band/ artist over and over again. My answer being is that if you enjoy the music that they put out then it can become an addiction.

The set that they performed showcased 7 tunes from the brand new album Complete Surrender. Tears Of Joy kicked off this set. Both Taylor and Watson sang this smooth song which sounded sublime. The pace was steady and the lyrics were superb. Following on was a Rebecca Taylor solo which features on the new LP. This being Not Mine To Love which oozes soul. Taylor’s vocals soar completely and she has a cracking pair of lungs. In fact I found this to be rather spine tingling and enchanting as well. What I liked was the smoothness. It was then onto the title track from the album and this being Complete Surrender. This was pop through and through. It was no surprise that this was the 1st single taken from that LP. I could even pick up on a blues feel and everything about this was stunning. The lyrics were fantastic and it was delivered with plenty of passion. What I especially liked was the fact it was a lounge version which made this number mesmerising and very chilled out. Paraguay And Panama put Charles Watson in the spotlight as it was just himself and his guitar. This number was delivered at a steady pace and the lyrics were really mellowing. The Pieces was literally incredible. It was a punchy song which hits you like a ton of bricks aided by an insatiable melody. Everything from vocal delivery to actual lyrics were sublime. As much as I love every single tune on Complete Surrender I have to say the best three have been chosen to be singles. After it was onto another Charles Watson tune and this being Wanderer Wandering which I found to be quite upbeat. Things ended with current single Suffering You, Suffering Me. This was completely phenomenal. It started off with a laid back pace which then picked up soon as it progressed. Taylor sang this faultlessly and delivered it with plenty of gusto. Also it was very catchy plus there were parts you wouldn’t be able to forget.


Tears Of Joy
Not Mine To Love
Complete Surrender
Paraguay And Panama
The Pieces
Wanderer Wandering
Suffering You, Suffering Me


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