Slow Club @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 15th July 2014

I’ve been a fan of Slow Club for 6 years and I have witnessed their sound mature greatly. The Brighton based Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar was the choice of venue for this stop on the Complete Surrender tour. The music takes place in a basement which gives it an intimate feel (I would say over 100 people were in attendance).

Taking to the stage just past 9.30pm was the one and only Slow Club. Things kicked off with two oldies from the Paradise era and first up it was If We’re Still Alive. Now this song packed a punch and this infectious tune was extremely up-tempo. You could feel plenty of energy oozing from it. Rebecca Taylor sang the majority of this with Charles Watson adding in the harmonies. “How’s everybody doing?” Watson then said before Rebecca went straight into Beginners. Now this by far is my favourite tune from Paradise. Just witnessing it live left me completely entranced. This was a Rebecca Taylor solo with Charles adding in the Oh Oh’s plus some harmonies which blended to Taylor’s perfectly. Beginners was delivered flawlessly and this infectious uptempo number easily you moving on the spot. “Hello. This is wicked thanks for coming. Who knew Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar would be so full of lovely attractive people on a Tuesday. We’re Slow Club, our album came out yesterday. Who bought it?? Who illegally downloaded it??” Rebecca then said before the cheers. She then jokingly went onto say “This is why we’ve all got very bad socks on” after there was cheers when she mentioned who illegally downloaded the LP. It was then onto the title track from the album and this being Complete Surrender. This was pop through and through. It was no surprise that this was the 1st single taken from that LP. I could even pick up on a blues feel and everything about this was stunning. The lyrics were fantastic and it was delivered with plenty of passion. Straight after the introductions it was then onto Paradise tune Never Look Back. This was a nice chilled out song and there was a slow pace which picked up nearer the end. The parts Rebecca sang were belted out. Tears Of Joy was next. Both Taylor and Watson sang this smooth song which sounded sublime. The pace was steady and the lyrics were superb. Following on was another Rebecca Taylor solo which features on the new LP. This being Not Mine To Love which oozes soul. Taylor’s vocals soar completely and she has a cracking pair of lungs. In fact I found this to be rather spine tingling and enchanting as well. What I liked was the smoothness of it. I found this to be rather tender and it came as a surprise there was talking. “Guys this is no time for laughter. I mean this is what actually happened to me in 2010. I can’t believe that you’d be so disrespectful” Taylor then jokingly said to the audience before restarting from the very beginning. When she restarted there was an eerie silence. Following on it was onto Charles’s Everything Is New with Rebecca harmonising. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had some brilliant lyrics. It was ashame people didn’t show Watson respect because Everything Is New was a soft, gentle and tender number. It was then onto The Queens Nose. This was very chilled out and Rebecca took the lead for this one. Her vocals were so powerful which made this number incredible. This song was almost skipped as there was an awful feedback noise.

“We’re going to play a really old song now” Charles Watson then said before they both launched into Our Most Brilliant Friends which features on the 1st LP Yeah So. Now this was a real treat as Slow Club rarely perform material from the debut record. Now Our Most Brilliant Friends is an infectious fast flowing song which Charles Watson mainly sings with Rebecca harmonising. You have to go back to May 2012 when I last heard this live. Paraguay And Panama again put Charles Watson in the spotlight as it was just himself and his electric guitar. This number was delivered at a steady pace and the lyrics were really mellowing. “This is a song called The Pieces which is going to be our next single” Watson then mentioned. Actually it was surprising that the third single was announced as the second single has only just been released. Now this was the first time I had witnessed The Pieces live and it was literally incredible. It was a punchy song which hits you like a ton of bricks aided by an insatiable melody. Everything from vocal delivery to actual lyrics were sublime. As much as I love every single tune on Complete Surrender I have to say the best three have been chosen to be singles. “We’ve got 2 songs left. Show business songs left. There’s probably a cool thing that will happen where we come back on and do another one. SPOILER ALERT” Rebecca Taylor then said to the audience before delving into Suffering You, Suffering Me. This was completely phenomenal live. It started off with a laid back pace which then picked up soon as it progressed. Taylor sang this faultlessly and delivered it with plenty of gusto. Also it was very catchy plus there were parts you wouldn’t be able to forget. Once it was over it was then time for the curtain closer. “Brighton’s been a laddy show” Taylor said before Watson embarked on the final song of the night and this being Wanderer, Wandering. Again this was a tender number and also very delicate. Dependable People And The Things That I Am Sure Of which was the first tune of the encore was actually beautiful and it sounded hypnotising at the same time. The lyrics were stunning and its melody was gentle. The lyrical content was depressing but I was completely entranced. Just like Not Mine To Love Rebecca’s vocals made my hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Two Cousins ended proceedings. This was uber contagious, very upbeat plus you’re captivated from the very start. You could have a good boogie to this tune.


If We’re Still Alive
Complete Surrender
Never Look Back
Tears Of Joy
Not Mine To Love
Everything Is New
The Queen’s Nose
Our Most Brilliant Friends
Paraguay And Panama
The Pieces
Suffering You, Suffering Me
Wanderer, Wandering


Dependable People And Things That I’m Sure Of
Two Cousins

OVERALL: This was one epic evening which featured the whole new LP in its entirety (they actually missed out Number 1). The mixture of new and old material was amazing. It would actually be really nice to hear more material from Yeah So but I guess you can’t have it all.


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