Slow Club @ Rough Trade East 14th July 2014

Slow Club have been a favourite of mine for 6 years. Time does fly and both Charles and Rebecca have grown a lot. Slow Club started off as a duo now Slow Club are now a 4 piece band. Now this instore was special and this being the fact they were giving birth to the long awaited 3rd LP Complete Surrender. Over the past three years I have heard bits and bobs performed live which makes this album a complete cracker. It is hard choosing a favourite LP because they are all so different. In fact you notice that they have matured a lot since the release of Yeah So.

“Hello. It’s the best day of our lives by the way. You’ll probably get married but for me this is it. We’re Slow Club and we’re going to play 6 songs” Rebecca Taylor said before they launched into Complete Surrender. Both Charles and Rebecca were joined by Avvon Chambers on drums (Avvon has been part of the Slow Club for a good couple of years) and then you had Fyfe Dangerfield whom is providing bass for the current tour. Now back to the song Complete Surrender is the lead single from the new LP and it is a corker. Both Watson and Taylor sung this wondrous song and their vocals blended together perfectly. It can easily get you moving along to it plus it was a touch bluesy. “Is everyone OK? We’ll play another song I suppose” Rebecca Taylor then said before embarking on something by herself. This being Not Mine To Love and this by far is my favourite number off of Complete Surrender. Now all the tunes are amazing but this is the one that stands out. Just hearing this live entranced me and Rebecca’s vocals were simply flawless and soulful at the same time. Paraguay And Panama was a soft and gentle song which was faultlessly delivered. Now this tune put Charles Watson in the spotlight as it was just himself and his electric guitar. The number was delivered at a steady pace and the lyrics were mellowing. “So whose bought it then? Whose going to buy it today? It’s been amazing all the nice things people have said” Rebecca said before they went into another Charles song and this being Everything Is New. Taylor was on the drums for this number and provided the harmonising. This was both soft and tender plus it was a quiet number at the same time. Suffering You, Suffering Me started off with a laid back pace which then picked up soon as it progressed. Rebecca Taylor powered through this at ease and it was delivered to perfection. Also it was very catchy and there are parts you wont be able to forget. I simply love this song and it was a good choice when it came to releasing a 2nd single. “This is our last one. Thanks to everybody for coming out” Watson then mentioned before ending with Wanderer, Wandering. Yet again this was mainly sung by Watson who was in on keyboard whist Rebecca Taylor was still on drums. This was delivered to perfection. Wanderer Wandering was upbeat and super catchy. Once over there was some pleas for them to play one last song. The audience were up for it but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Maybe it was down to the fact that they were also playing 100 Club that evening.


Complete Surrender
Not Mine To Love
Paraguay And Panama
Everything Is New
Suffering You, Suffering Me
Wanderer, Wandering


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