Katie Sky @ Somerset House 18th July 2014

Taking place at Somerset House was an acoustic session I never dreamed of missing. Now this even took place in the courtyard where they held the Summer Series. Initially I thought where would it take place as they would have been setting up for Sam Smith that evening. Well I reached this wonderful venue around 12.50pm and along with deck chairs there was also a make shift stage where the music was going to take place. The artist I had come to see was the lovely Katie Sky who has just had an amazing time in the States. I have to go back to 2012 when I last saw Sky perform and that was supporting Kate McGill at her last ever solo show at Surya. So this was one set I was looking forward to witnessing. So dead on 1pm Katie Sky took to the stage aided by a guitarist. The one problem was the sweltering heat. Honestly I was roasting and I don’t even know how Sky managed to perform as the stage was not shaded in the slightest.

The short set kicked off with Only You. I have to admit this is one sweet tune plus it is rather infectious as well. I loved this number as I found it completely entrancing. Now I like the studio version but just hearing it played as an acoustic was something else. Only You was smooth and at the same time I found it to be rather uplifting. Next up was Melody’s Changing which was a brand new Katie Sky cut. She mentioned during a Ustream that this would be a future single and it very different from the likes of Only You and Sweet Sweet Melody. Even though it was an acoustic take I found this to be really upbeat. This had been perfectly crafted and the vocal delivery left me hypnotised. Following on was something that was unique and this being Sky’s very own take on Pharrell’s #1 single Happy. It was interesting to just witness the Katie Sky spin on this well known number. For starters it was very chilled out and it was faultlessly delivered at the same time. Whenever I hear the title Monsters by Katie Sky I immediately think of The Monster by Eminem which features Rihanna. The only similarities between both are the fact they were both songs where another artist features. Monsters is a song by Timeflies which Katie Sky featured on and this has done wonders to her career (it was one of the reasons why she went to America). Now this was Katie’s very own take on this number. Like Only You this was uplifting and very tender at the same time. Monsters was mellow and it is up there in my top 5 Katie Sky songs. The closing song was very predictable and this being Sweet Sweet Melody which kickstarted my admiration for Sky. Now what can I say about this other than the fact this is one hell of a tune. Sweet Sweet Melody was a sweet tune and Katie Sky’s vocals were pristine. It’s lyrics were contagious and they geld to the melody perfectly. All in all this was one lovely number to end such a wonderful set with.


Only You
Melody’s Changing
Sweet Sweet Melody

OVERALL: The future looks very bright for Katie Sky and I fully expect her fanbase not only to grow over here but to grow in the States as well. Just seeing her again whetted my appetite to hear more material in the future. There may of been only two newies but those new songs were absolute crackers.

The take on Happy was extraordinary Sky has the ability to turn a song on its side and make it her own. Plus it was nice to hear Only You and Sweet Sweet Melody yet again


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