Franz Ferdinand @ Somerset House 16th July 2014

The Summer Series is a 10 day festival taking place in the Courtyard of Somerset House. I have seen the likes of Florence & The Machine, Ellie Goulding, Katy B and Paloma Faith play at this festival. I took a year off from attending last year and I was set to do the same this year. The line up was strong but nothing stood out for me. Nearing the actual date my sister managed to score some tickets for Franz Ferdinand. Now this was the first time I had witnessed them live (I actually had a missed opportunity as they headlined Field Day in 2012 but it was literally tipping down with rain whilst they were playing). I turned up at 4.30pm and there was already 15 people queueing. Due to the fact I hadn’t seen them perform before I didn’t have anything to judge the queueing on. The doors opened a little after 7.30pm then I powerwalked to the barrier. Despite being 15th I got a really good position and this being centre right. When Franz took to the stage at 9.20pm Alex was standing near where I was situated.

As for the set that was performed I was left completely surprised. I thought it may have been the same as T In The Park but in fact what everyone witnessed was a storming 21 song set which included material from all 4 albums. It did get a bit rowdy but that was to be expected. Once over I was left wondering why didn’t I see them play at McClusky’s in Kingston when the album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action was released. My mind was literally blown and the new material was ace as well. The opening 5 songs were exactly the same as T In The Park. First up was No You Girls which was delivered faultlessly. Now Franz Ferdinand are pure indie. Even though Indie is not my genre I like certain songs have captivated me. No You Girls was a superb opener it got the crowd geared up for what was to be a wild ride. Following on was The Dark Of The Matinee and this taken from the début album. I found this Indie rock song to be an infectious romp which tempts you to jump up and down. New tune Right Action was a power house and was faultlessly delivered whilst Do You Want To? Got the ball rolling as there was plenty of singing along/ jumping up and down on the spot. Not being a huge Franz Ferdinand fan The Fallen was instantly recognisable. Kapranos’s vocals were complete perfection and the guitar playing was simply sublime.

The first two additions to the set list were newie Evil Eye and Tell Her Tonight taken from the début self titled EP. Now Evil Eye was absolutely phenomenal plus you can have a good dance to it. Tell Her Tonight was a nice treat as it showcased Nick McCarthy’s vocals as he delivered the verses whist Alex sang the chorus. “I love that sound of you walking away” everyone chanted away whilst Kapranos sang Walk Away. Now this went down well with the entire sold out crowd. Stand On The Horizon which is the bands latest single was a dreamy infectious Indie Rock track which was stunning live. Can’t Stop Feeling was doubled up with Auf Achse whilst Bullet was rather exciting as this was a full flowing romp which oozed bundles of energy. The final 5 songs were all oldies. Well there was a new one sandwiched in between. First up was Michael but it was Take Me Out which got the best reaction. It was this tune that kickstarted their career. Well just hearing this song was quite something. It was one you want to jump up and down like a crazy person. Take Me Out was contagious and bundles of energy was given off from the performance. The crowd atmosphere was simply electric and this number had the sense of epicness. Sandwiched in between you had Love Illumination. Not having heard the album prior to this set this new song completely hooked me. Love Illumination was an uber catchy fast paced track which went down with the whole crowd. Ulysess sounded brilliant live whilst curtain closer Outsiders ended with a 2 minute drum breakdown.

Once over the band left the stage only to return moments later for a 4 song encore. First up was Fresh Strawberries which was another taken from the new LP which was released last year. It’s easy to say this was a right pleaser and the atmosphere was intense. I found this to be a grower. First it started off soft/ mellow then as soon as it progressed it’s tempo/ vocal delivery hits you like a full on force. Another oldie followed on and this being Jacqueline which was both infectious and went down well with the crowd. The opening lines were rather smooth then as soon as the guitars/ drums came in the energy was kicked up a notch. Goodbye Lovers & Friends was pure Indie Rock and the lyrics made it seem as if this was going to be the tune that they would end on “Goodbye Lovers & Friend’s, It’s so sad to leave you” only it wasn’t over. What Franz Ferdinand ended on was the epic This Fire. Now this was literally was incredible the lyrics oozed energy and it was delivered with plenty of gusto.


No You Girls
The Dark Of The Matinee
Right Words
Do You Want To?
The Fallen
Evil Eye
Tell Her Tonight
Walk Away
Stand On The Horizon
Can’t Stop Feeling
Auf Achse
Take Me Out
Love Illumination


Fresh Strawberries
Goodbye Lovers & Friends
This Fire


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