Karin Park @ Kopparberg Urban Forest 10th July 2014

The Kopparberg Urban Forest was the setting of this month long festival. After having opted not to attend the Lucy Rose/ Hannah Lou Clark show on the Sunday I made it my aim to attend this one. In fact there are quite a few shows I would like to attend and Mø is one of them. The main reason of my attendance was to see Karin Park whom I previously witnessed back in 2012 when she was the opener for the Little Noise Session Amy Macdonald headlined.

“Welcome to the outdoors. The show is about to begin” Park then said before her and her brother David opened with Restless. The short set consisted of cuts from Highwire Poetry, Ashes To Gold plus a couple of new cuts. Karin has actually been in the music business for 11 years as début LP Superworldunknown was released in 2003. Back to the song in question Restless is taken from the current LP Highwire Poetry and it was a complete cracker. This was synth pop at its best and very upbeat at the same time. The vocals were pristine and they left me completely hypnotised. My favourite part had to be the chorus. “My name is Karin Park. Nice to meet you” Park then said before asking if everyone wanted to hear another song. Now this was Ashes taken from the 3rd LP Ashes To Gold. Karin Park was on the keytar for this one. Now this was completely different in style compared to the opener. Ashes was a disco infused electro pop track which worked wonders. The vocals were rather dreamy and entrancing at the same time. Even I was tempted to jump up and down to this superb number. Straight after was the first newie of the set and this being the current single Shine. I have to say this was simply amazing. You can definitely move to this one and everything about it was exquisite. I am guessing this new song/ single is a taster of what is to come and the style is exactly the same as Restless, this being synth pop. Even though I enjoyed this smooth song thoroughly there was nothing that hooked me. I have to say the lyrics were outstanding. Can’t Stop Now which was again taken from Ashes To Gold was a powerful electro pop song with lyrics that hit you like a full on force. Now I enjoyed the whole set but this had to be the stand out number for me. Can’t Stop Now sounded Michael Jackson eque. “Me and my brother David are from Sweden” Park then mentioned to the audience before mentioning that they were putting their own spin on the Maya Jane Coles track Everything. Now this was a song which featured Karin as a guest vocalist. Now I have not heard the original but just witnessing it live makes me want to listen to the original. Now Everything was disco tinged and was aided by a chorus which gets you moving. “We’re going to play one last song. This was wonderful” Park then said before ending the short but sweet set with another newie and this being Look What You’ve Done. I have to say this was a complete cracker. A new album can’t come soon enough. Look What You’ve Done was pure perfection aided by punchy lyrics which make you want to jump up and down.


Can’t Stop Now
Look What You’ve Done

Headlining this evening you had NYPC (or New Young Pony Club) and this 3 piece consist of Tahita Bulmer, Andy Spence and Sarah Jones. I first heard of this group back in 2007 when they did a remix of Leave It Alone by Operator Please. Since then I fell in love with albums Fantastic Playroom and The Optimist. NYPC formed in 2004 and the set performed consisted of 10 tunes spanning over each of the 3 albums that they have released. In fact I really enjoyed the new material which was taken from the 3rd album NYPC which was released last year.

Each song performed was delivered to full potential and there was not a single bad tune there. Actually it was nice to witness them perform. Out of the 10 songs only 4 had been released as singles. Now Ice Cream still is fantastic even though it is almost 20 years old.


Sure At The Sun
Lost A Girl
Things Like You
Now I’m You’re Gun
Ice Cream
Tight Fit
Oh Cherie
Hard Knocks
Everything Is
The Get Go

OVERALL: This was one spectacular event showcasing an artist I fully love. The set by Karin Park was literally amazing and I cannot wait to see her perform live again in the future and hear further new material.

Now the one gripe I have with things like this is people talking throughout sets. It is especially worse when the event is free. Whilst you do get fans whom are there to see the artist you do also get people who just chat all the way through it. I found it a great shame that Karin Park succumbed to this. Well any support act is in danger with this happening.


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