The Pierces @ Koko 11th June 2014

The Pierces made their long awaited return showcasing material from forthcoming album Creation. Originally it was scheduled for St Giles In The Field in March but got rescheduled to June 2014 but at an upgraded venue at this being Koko. With it being an awful time since they last played I arrived at 4pm to find myself being the only one there. It actually helped that my friend arrived moments later. Doors opened at 7pm the first act was dire and not to my liking then at 9.05pm you then had Alabama sisters Cat and Allison Pierce. Despite tickets being still available it looked as if the place was packed out.

At only 17 songs this epic set consisted of 6 tracks from You & I, 10 from Creation (which was surprising given it is a 13 track album) then you had a spine tingling take on the Simon & Garfunkel tune Kathy’s Song. The stage went dark and then the sisters took to the stage and this time they were backed by an all new band. Despite Elements being beautifully delivered I found it to be a slow burner. Cat and Alli’s vocals were pristine but there wasn’t anything that completely hooked me. Love You More followed on and it featured on the self titled EP which was released in 2010. The majority was sung by Catherine with Allison providing the harmonies. Catherine just belted out this song and it sounded incredible. I liked the opening chords of the guitar just as the song began. “Hey London. We’re back its been way too long” Catherine then said before launching into the title track Creation. I have to say this was literally incredible. If I could pick out singles to be taken from Creation it has to be this one. Believe In Me and Kings may of already been released but I consider Creation to be better than both. Catherine was the main vocals with Allison harmonising. Everything about this was stunning it was infectious and had a chorus which was packed with a punch. Next it was onto another newie and this being Monsters. Now this gets me greatly excited for the new album. Monsters was literally extraordinary and upbeat. It Will Not Be Forgotten was played straight after. This song told the story of lost love. This was a beautiful gentle folk song which was perfectly sung plus the lyrics were fantastic. Also the harmonising between the sisters was amazing and spot on. Following on was yet another new one being Believe In Me and just like Monsters this was extremely upbeat

“I really missed you guys” Catherine Pierce then declared to the crowd before launching into the mellowing and enchanting We Are Stars. This song was beautiful, very light and smooth as well. I loved the lyrics especially the chorus. Immediately after it was onto one of Catherine Pierce’s favourite songs which was written by her sister. This being I Put Your Records On. This mellowing slow paced tune was both gentle and lovely. The way they harmonised together was spot on. Also the lyrics painted the perfect picture. After it was onto 5 brand new tunes one after the other. “We’ve been working really hard on them Our record’s coming out September 1st” Catherine Pierce then mentioned before Honest Man. Now I really enjoyed this and it sounded slightly rockier compared to other tunes of the evening. Come Alive was played at a furious pace with an excellent vocal delivery by Catherine Pierce complimenting the melody. Unlike Come Alive, I Can Feel was played at a slow but steady pace both sisters delivered this faultlessly. “This next song is about going inside yourself and finding your power” Catherine said before Kings. Now I enjoyed the entire set but this had to be one of my favourite. Yes it may of actually been released as a single but hearing it live was completely different. Now this infectious number was very folk pop and I definitely see it being an anthem. The final newie came in the form of The Devil Is A Lonely Night and I have to say this was an absolute cracker plus it completely hypnotised me. The light and uplifting You’ll Be Mine ended what had been an incredible evening.

“Well we had a feeling this might happen so we prepared something” Catherine said when they returned for the encore. The first tune was a take on Kathy’s Song by Simon & Garfunkel which was simply entrancing and spine tingling. Katy’s song was a complete acapella and it would of worked wonders if they did play St Giles. The final new song to be showcased was a true love song called Flesh & Bone. This was a soft, gentle but sombre ballad which left me utterly captivated. “You have been fucking glorious” Allison said before they both rounded things off with Glorious. Both Catherine and Allison sang this powerful song which was delivered superbly.


Love You More
It Will Not Be Forgotten
Believe In Me
We Are Stars
I Put Your Records On
Honest Man
Come Alive
I Can Feel
The Devil Is A Lonely Night
You’ll Be Mine


Kathy’s Song
Flesh & Bone

OVERALL: All in all I enjoyed this set that The Pierces performed. They had a new band which also included Maxwell Cooke (who also used to be the guitarist for Ellie Goulding). The new tracks were phenomenal and they make me look forward to the albums release on 1st September. My highlights from the new ones had to be Creation, Kings, The Devil Is A Lonely Night and Flesh & Bone. It came as a surprise that they showcased 10 newies considering the album is not out until September. Other than Kings and Believe In Me this would of been many peoples first time hearing these tunes (unless you attended the Brighton show at the Concorde 2 the night before).

As for the set it was nice that it was a mixture of both new and old but it was a surprise that fan favourites Secret, Sticks And Stones and Boring were all missed out. With what was showcased it felt to me that this album will be a tad more rockier on a whole. Despite this you immediately fall in love with tunes from Creation straight away.

As for old songs my favourite had to be We Are Stars. I found this cut from You & I to be gentle, soothing and magical.

The Pierces were spot on and each number was faultlessly delivered. Kathy’s Song which was the first tune of the encore made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Now it was a real shame that the venue got upgraded from St Giles to Koko because just playing at a church would of been simply incredible (In fact it would of been nice if security had been informed that this was rescheduled as I was held up inside for a few seconds).

I can fully see Catherine and Allison touring Creation towards the end of the year. For me personally I would like it if they played 2 nights at Union Chapel because I reckon that would be something rather sublime. But if I am honest I can see another date at Shepherds Bush Empire.

My one niggle would be that it needs to be promoted more. It doesn’t really apply to me because I have my finger on the pulse when it comes to things like this. I am referring to a friend of mine who attended the Concorde 2 show and he only found out about it through the venues website (also that date hadn’t sold out).


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