Lorde @ O2 Academy Brixton 6th June 2014

After witnessing Lorde at Shepherds Bush the day before just knowing that I would experience the whole thing again greatly excited me. On a whole the gig was extraordinary and Ella sang with plenty of gusto. Night 2 saw her perform at the prestigious Brixton Academy. It was in fact the first show which was announced and it was no surprise it was a complete sell out. Lucky for me my friend managed to score 2 tickets for this epic show. Like the day before I arrived at the Academy at 11am only to find 4 people queueing. The first 2 people to arrive came at 9am and came all the way from Brazil!! Over the course of the day I got to know these 2 fans whom were my guests in the O2 Priority Queue (being in the normal queue and having people pass you when you have been there that early isn’t really fair).

When it reached 9pm Lorde took to a spacious Brixton Academy stage and opened up with Glory And Gore. Basically the whole sold out Brixton Academy was totally geared up for this and the moment Ella took to the stage wearing a suit there were plenty of screams. I must say this was a contagious tune which had been perfectly written. Glory And Gore was packed with a punch and O’ Connor put in an energetic performance. Ella may of said that she looks like Gollum when she dances but I see it as being kind of cute as she was getting lost in the music. Biting Down was next up and this taken from The Love Club EP. I have to say this was one hell of a song. Whilst it felt different compared to anything that appears on Pure Heroine it was spectacularly delivered. Also the stage design was really something, you had a chandelier then as soon as the curtain behind Ella rose it revealed both synth player and drummer as well as three massive photo frames. “London it is such a great pleasure and I’m honoured to be here tonight. This is our 2nd night in London. It went pretty well last night, no big deal. You’ve got a lot to live up to” O’ Connor said before Tennis Court. Now this was a chirpy upbeat and infectious tune which resulted with plenty of people singing along to every word. Lorde has the ability to conquer the world and from the lyrics I think she realised how big she would get “Pretty soon I’ll be getting on my first plane/ I’ll see the veins of my city/ Like they do in space”.


White Teeth Teens followed on and this was both dream like and rather mellow. At first Ella delivered it on her own then the beats came in. This track was both upbeat and energetic. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Straight after was Buzzcut Season which went down a treat and there was plenty of clapping on. Buzzcut Season was an upbeat electropop tune aided by vocals which were both sweet and enchanting. “This song is not mine. But I love it” Lorde said before delivering Swinging Party to absolute perfection. Ella did this cover by The Replacements justice. This was one extraordinary spin on this and I could see traces of Lana Del Rey. Still Sane was entrancing and it was a crowd pleaser. O’ Connor mentioned how “All work and no play never made me lose it”. It was then onto something which was pop through and through and this being 400 Lux. Now this was very upbeat aided by lyrics which were super catchy and had been written to perfection. Like I mentioned in the Shepherds Bush review this reminded me of Paper Planes by M.I.A. Still 400 Lux was a punchy song which had lyrics which hit you in the face. “How you doing? This is a really old song for me anyway” Ella said before diving into Bravado. Now this was an extremely infectious tune with lyrics that make you want to move “It’s a switch flipped/ It’s a pill tipped back, it’s a moon eclipsed, whoa/ And I can tell you that when the lights come on I’ll be ready for this”. Once over it was then onto something brand new and this being the recent collaboration with New York artist Son Lux and the song being Easy. Now this tune was rather menacing and was completely different compared to what appeared on Pure Heroine.

“Brixton, this is really cool. It’s really cool that a few months ago I played Madame Jojo’s to like 200 people. I don’t think anyone cared all the publicists were there because their bosses told them to go. Last night I played Shepherds Bush and that was a big deal for me. Because all of my idols play Shepherds Bush. When I found out I was getting to play Brixton Academy as well, I did a tiny little jump in the air” a humble O’ Connor said before playing Ribs. This indie tune was basically telling us about the fear of getting old “This dream isn’t feeling sweet/ We’re reeling through the midnight streets/ And I’ve never felt more alone/ It feels so scary getting old”. Ribs had been perfectly written which resulted in something infectious and it reminded me of Sky Ferreira’s Everything Is Embarrassing in parts. Ribs was played at a steady pace and the beats complemented the pristine vocals. Following on was Royals which is Lorde’s biggest hit to date. At first it started as an acapella then the beats came in creating something rather catchy and will get you singing along. Everything about this was superb. Royals was a number that gets you dancing as it was extremely upbeat. “Brixton, thank you so much” Ella said before launching into the penultimate number of the evening and this being the wonderful Team which like Royals started off as a whimsical acapella. Then as it progressed the beats came in creating something completely extraordinary. Team was an electropop tune which saw the audience showered with confetti. It was ashame that the confetti didn’t shower the people right at the front. All in all this was uber catchy and it had hooks which hook you.

“I have one more song for you tonight. Thank you so much for having us. Please let me come back” O’ Connor said whilst wearing a gold cape. The curtain then closed with A World Alone. This was delivered with plenty of gusto and ended what had been one epic evening.


Glory And Gore
Biting Down
Tennis Court
White Teeth Teens
Buzzcut Season
Swinging Party
Still Sane
400 Lux
A World Alone

OVERALL: This was yet another stunning performance by Lorde and she most definitely will return to the UK in the future. Each song showcased was delivered with plenty of gusto. I like the way she dances to her own music as it shows she is getting lost in it. It kind of makes me sad that this is over.

After having attended both nights I would have to say that the Shepherds Bush show had the slight edge mainly down to the intimacy. But on the whole both shows were incredible and all of Lorde’s fans in the sold out Brixton Academy loved every single second. Now I enjoyed it so much, the night was over within a flash


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