Colleen Green @ Birthdays 8th June 2014

Colleen Green is an artist whom is completely new to me. Even though she has 4 releases to her name (EP’s Green One +3, Cujo, Milo Goes To Compton and album Sock It To Me) it was only the other day when I first witnessed her live. Back when I saw EMA at The Garage I was left captivated by the set which Green played. So much so that when I got home I immediately researched her to find out that she always wears black shades on stage plus the fact she was also playing 3 solo dates at the end of the EMA tour. Can you call a 3 day jaunt around London a tour? If so this was the 2nd ever Colleen Green tour. Well the individual shows were at The Windmill, Birthdays and Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. All three of those sets were completely different The Windmill was a request set, Birthdays bass set and Hoxton being a guitar set. What I plumped for was the Birthdays show. As much as I would of love to have gone to The Windmill 5 gigs in a row would literally be overkill. Now I got to the Hackney based venue around 7.50pm. Due to the poor organisation and lack of knowledge of stage times I even contemplated just leaving (I mean Hackney isn’t the easiest place to get back from and with it being Sunday trains home were ending early). In the end I’m glad I didn’t turn back because what I witnessed was an intimate set by an artist who I reckon I’m fully going to support when she is back in the UK. Colleen eventually took to the stage around 10.15pm and what was unusual about the set was the fact none of the songs showcased were from the new album Sock It To Me.

“Hey everybody my name’s Colleen Green” Green said to the intimate audience before getting stuck into a Blink 182 cover and this being the short Sometimes which appeared on the Blink album Cheshire Cat. The style of the music Green played was grunge pop which was a perfect combination. As for the steady paced cover was perfectly delivered and Colleen was an amazing bass player. Once over it was infused with Jesse Has A New Girl which featured on the 2011 EP Cujo. Now I really liked this tune as it was both infectious and the lyrics were rather dream like. I Will Follow Him and the tune which followed after Always On My Mind were both taken from the EP Milo Goes To Compton. I found I Will Follow Him to be rather grungy whilst Always On My Mind was slightly upbeat and quite catchy at the same time. “This is going to be my last song” Green jokingly said to the audience. Now this wasn’t the closing number it was merely the halfway point. Now this being a song taken from Cujo and this being Mike. From looking at Colleen with the bass guitar and shades you immediately think grunge. But as soon as she opens her mouth that is where the pop side comes from. Her vocals were extraordinary, soft and really hypnotic. From the very first lyric you could get the just of this wondrous tune “From the first day we met/ I became obsessed”.

It was then onto a cover and this was of Australian band Divinyls and the song in question being I Touch Myself. Green’s take on it was pure perfection and what had to be my favourite part was its chorus. Even though I don’t remember Divinyls, when Green progressed to its chorus it became recognisable to me. Straight after it was back to something from the Green One +3 EP. “I just have a few more” Colleen Green mentioned before Dance The Night Away. This tune was literally incredible, it was dreamy plus I could pick up on a punk side to it as well. Infused to its ending was I Wanna Be Degraded which was like a full on force with lyrics which completely hooks you. Now this fantastic song was like a snowball gathering pace. “Thanks again for coming” Colleen Green then mentioned to the audience before ending with Worship You. This song saw Colleen sing how we have to worship her. This was a complete cracker and was noise pop which worked wonders. Even though nothing was showcased from the new album Sock It To Me, I wasn’t left disappointed because the material showcased were corkers. It is hard to chose a favourite from the set but Worship You is up there. Colleen Green is one hell of a singer songwriter and each tune is a credit to her. The one disappointment was the fact none of the older releases were being sold on the merchandise table (maybe they don’t exist anymore if they had a certain quantity printed). Only things didn’t end there. Green played one more tune and this being a Blink 182 cover of M & M’s. Where as it would have been nice to of ended with another original nothing could fault her very own take on this fantastic tune. Now I love Blink 182, I adore this song and Colleen Green did it complete justice.


Jesse Has A New Girl
I Will Follow Him
Always On My Mind
I Touch Myself
Dance The Night Away
I Wanna Be Degraded
Worship You
M & M’s

OVERALL: On a whole this set was phenomenal even though none of the material featured on the album Sock It To Me I still left Birthdays impressed with what I heard. Every tune was a classic, even though I adored every original sung my favourite had to be the upbeat Always On My Mind. Also the Blink and Divinyls covers she did were extraordinary.

I can safely saw the moment Colleen Green announces her return I will most definitely be there.

Now it is time for my little rant about this evening. It is nothing to do with Colleen it is to do with people talking during the songs which are being played. Yes this was rather intimate but if you are going to chat go towards the back. I would of thought this happened because it was a freebie but with the fact it happened at The Windmill and Hoxton puzzles me.

Just show the artist some respect. You’re not only ruining it for her but you are also ruining it for the fans who are there just to watch her perform live.


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