Kyla La Grange @ Oslo 27th May 2014

I arrived at Oslo at 9.10pm after travelling all the way from Angel to Hackney. So I then got stamped and decided to go the back way via the toilets (Now this way leads you to the front of the stage upstairs) Once inside I realised that I had only missed a couple of songs and this being Fly and Get It. Actually when I entered Kyla was singing Get It which was very light. After it was onto I Don’t Hate You. This number was extremely infectious/ upbeat and this had been brilliantly written. “So what do you do when you are alone and no one’s there to see you stray, And who do you tell where you buried the bones where no one’s going to make you pay”. I would say that out of the new numbers this was my favourite. “This is an old song” Kyla said before getting stuck into a double dose of tunes from Ashes. First up it was To Be Torn. This was a beautiful haunting ballad which showcased La Grange’s impressive vocal range. This gave me goosebumps. The high pitched vocals sounded as she was channeling Kate Bush. Actually I found To Be Torn to be rather mellow. “How you guys doing?” Kyla then said before Lambs. I picked up on an Irish feel when La Grange started to sing this luscious and extremely sweet tune. After mentioning her parents were in the building it was then onto another newie and this being Maia. Now this was a game changer as this was different to any other material which featured on the debut album Ashes. In fact the new record is more synth pop and this number worked wonders. Maia was upbeat, smooth and the synths completely put me in a trance. Having already heard the first 2 singles from Cut Your Teeth, Maia deserves to get released as a single at some point. “The next one we’re going to play is the first song I ever played off my new album. Sorry if you hate it” Kyla then jokingly said to the sold out audience. The actual video to this may be creepy but hearing this live was quite something. Cut Your Teeth was a right corker and it a grower as it is a drastic change of direction which pays off. I was left captivated during this performance and it had been superbly written. Cut Your Teeth showed shades of pop and it completely hypnotised me.

“We still really enjoy playing all the first album songs live. So we’re going to play some older ones” La Grange said and what followed was 4 tunes from Ashes. First up was Woke Up Dead. Now this was a heavy tune which was delivered to perfection. Oldie I Could Be was played at a steady pace and was also upbeat. Whilst Been Better had fantastic lyrics and a punchy chorus which oozed bundles of energy. There was a folk vibe and it literally blew me away. Been Better captivated me from beginning to end. “This is a song called Heavy Stone which is a very sad song. Breaking up with someone, feeling really bad about it. But ultimately it’s for the best, they understand” Kyla then said before playing Ashes song Heavy Stone. Now this was soft and soothing. The harmonising was outstanding and like To Be Torn it showcased La Grange’s startling vocal range. Kyla’s vocal range was at the forefront for I’ll Call For You. This literally put me in a trance and sent shivers up my spine. Straight after it was then onto the current single The Knife and I could pick up on a calypso feel. This started off at a steady pace then the drums kicked in to give this song that extra oomph. The Knife was one outstanding number with lyrics that were delivered very smoothly. Also I must say La Grange’s vocal range was simply out of this world. Kyla then capped off an enchanting evening with Cannibals. Now I rather liked this, La Grange was on the guitar and the vocals were slightly haunting.

“This is like the first song I ever wrote that I liked” Kyla mentioned before ending with Vampire Smile. What made this extra special was the fact it was fully acoustic. Whilst it’s energetic just hearing it fully acoustic made it rather gentle and hypnotic. Lyrically this was a dark song when you carefully listen to it “But I’m A Vampire Smile You’ll Meet A Sticky End, And Here I’m Trying Not To Bite Your Neck, But It’s Beautiful And I’m Going To Get, So Drunk On You And Kill Your Friends”.


Get It
I Don’t Hate You
To Be Torn
Cut Your Teeth
Woke Up Dead
I Could Be
Been Better
Heavy Stone
I’ll Call For You
The Knife


Vampire Smile

OVERALL: I simply love Kyla La Grange the music is amazing and she is also extremely lovely. In fact this evening gets me excited about the Village Underground show this coming October. The new album Cut Your Teeth is shaping up to be something truly incredible. This sophomore LP is more pop than folk and it works wonders. Tunes such as singles Cut Your Teeth, The Knife and Maia are corkers. It was nice that La Grange sang older material plus it was a real treat just to hear Vampire Smile as an acoustic.


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