Sasha Keable @ Birthdays 26th May 2014

Hailing from South East London is the extraordinary singer songwriter Sasha Keable. This evening was in conjunction with the release of the 2nd EP Lemongrass and Limeleaves which had only been released as a free download the day before. The choice of venue where Keable held this single release party was Birthdays which was near Dalston Kingsland. You know what this show completely sold out and at only £5 it was an utter bargain. I first saw Keable supporting Katy B on the Little Red tour which left me blown over which resulted in me putting her on the list of artists to see live again. I reached the venue around 4.30pm. Looking at it the decision I made was the wrong one as people started to turn up from 6pm. But on the positive side I had an opportunity to meet Sasha when she arrived. If you want to meet an artist it is always best to catch them before rather than after the gig.

It was around 8pm when the doors opened and it was another 75ish minutes when Keable took to the stage. From just glancing at the set list I thought it was going to be short and sweet. It was but the banter turned what was a 30 minute set into one which lasted 45 minutes. “How we doing Birthdays” Keable said when she graced the stage. Sasha was the vision of beauty and was wearing a white dress along with black plimsolls. It was Voices which opened up this short set and this being a Disclosure track which featured Keable on vocals. The delivery was pure perfection and this infectious number was both soulful and chilled out. “Birthdays show thank you all for buying a ticket. My name’s Sasha Keable. We’re going to have a good night. It’s sweltering in here” Sasha then said before diving straight into Asking For More which was about anxiety and getting to grips with it. This was an entrancing laid back downtempo tune. The vocals were soulful and the lyrics were super infectious. Having someone playing the Saxaphone also gave it a jazz feel.

“This next song is very very special to me. It’s dedicated to a very special man who graced my life” Keable then said before introducing the next number being Memories. Now that special person is Sasha’s Step Dad. Still Memories which features on the new EP Lemongrass and Limeleaves is one hell of a song. The vocals were soulful and breathtaking. Other than that is was utterly contagious. The lyrics actually paint the story and this being about losing that special person from your life “Even though you left me/ I still have my memories”. Following on was another cut from Lemongrass and Limeleaves and this being Sweetest Talk. Now this was steady paced song and it sounded completely different compared to the other tunes which had been showcased. Whereas Sasha’s vocals were smooth the addition of beats made it feel like this was a song meant for the clubs. “I never want this gig to end. This next tune I did a video for it” Keable then said to the audience before Careless Over You which was taken from the first EP Black Book. This was a sleek slow jam. The vocal delivery was rather smooth and chilled out. I found this to be rather upbeat and funky. It was both uber catchy and it easily gets you moving. The penultimate number of the evening was a classic tune with a modern twist. This being a cover of Sweet Love which was originally sung by Anita Baker. Released in 1986 this well known track has been covered by quite a few artists the most well known being Beyonce. Still Sasha’s take was extraordinary. The first half was soulful and sweet then it was the second half which impressed me. This classic track was then morphed into a fast paced garage remix which was Keable’s very own stamp of originality on this well known tune. “We’re onto the last song. I’m so sorry. I don’t want this to end” Sasha then said before thanking everyone for attending. Things then came to a close with Living Without You which was extremely uplifting and light.


Asking For More
Sweetest Talk
Careless Over You
Sweet Love
Living Without You

OVERALL: There is no doubt about it Sasha Keable is definitely a star in the making. What was showcased was pure perfection. It was nice to hear the new tunes live, material from Black Book and her very own spellbinding take on Sweet Love. Regarding Black Book it is surprising that it was offered as a free download as it could easily been sold on a limited run and made available on iTunes. As for the material from Lemongrass and Limeleaves each song is pure class and just having the chance to hear them live was amazing (my favourite had to be Memories hands down)

Having played two showcases (1 for each EP) I foresee the next release party being for the album. As for a prediction what venue it would be I would go for either Bush Hall or the Jazz Cafe in Camden both of which would be ideal locations for an album launch


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