Little Mix @ O2 Arena 25th May 2014

Little Mix are a British four-piece girl group formed in 2011, consisting of members Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. They won the 8th series of The X Factor and became the first ever group to win this competition. Even though they were manufactured (Perrie and Jesy were members of Faux Paus and Leigh-Anne and Jade were members of Orion both groups failed to make it to judges houses) I am astounded that the bond they share is rock tight. Yes they have been a band for 3 years but having seen them at the Tickled Pink charity event in 2012, the DNA tour last year and now the Salute tour I can tell that they are the bestest of friends and they will definitely have a long and prosperous career in this music industry. The O2 Arena was special for them as this was the place where they first auditioned for The X Factor as solo artists. Little Mix were amazing on the DNA tour last year and I was really looking forward to the Salute tour. The majority being songs from the new album Salute, along with a few covers and the singles from DNA. Doors opened at 6.30, then there were 3 support acts starting from 7.30pm. These being Harvey who covered the likes of 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction. Then there was a fresh new Urban group called NVS who sang original songs plus covers of Justin Bieber and JLS. Finally there was MO a 3 piece girl group who have the potential to be big. Each of these acts took to the stage one after the other.

The Little Mix set started around 8.45pm and the set design had a New York feel to it. Things started off with a trio of numbers from the new album Salute. They made their entrance by getting lowered down to the stage via ropes. The girls were wearing overcoats and Gladiator style sandals (it was a bit like the fake movie poster that was draped covering the set prior to them coming on). First of all you had Salute which kicked off the evening and the style was a dramatic departure compared to the début pop record DNA. I found this to be a fierce RnB number and the vocals were extremely powerful “Ladies all across the world/ Listen up, we’re looking for recruits/ If you’re with me, let me see your hands/ Stand up and salute Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots/ Representing all the women, salute, salute!”.

After a quick costume change it was Nothing Feels Like You which was very Urban and very slick as well. Its chorus sounded carnival like. RnB number About The Boy was spectacular, upbeat and infectious (especially the funky chorus). In fact I found this to be really hypnotising. “It’s all about believing in yourself” Perrie Edwards said before the next number Change Your Life which was the 2nd DNA track to appear in the 20 song set. Change Your Life was a pop power ballad and it went down a storm with the audience. This had been perfectly written and it also conveys an empowering message. Following on was a Katy Perry cover. If you attended the DNA tour you would know that they performed E.T on this tour they performed the latest single and this being Dark Horse. I have to admit their take was extraordinary and Dark Horse was slightly uplifting. Once over they left the stage only to return moments later on top of a Jeep which remained there till the end of the set. A Different Beat was next and this being the closing tune on the new album. They kept on mentioning how they were “Marching to A Different Beat”. Now this number can be seen as an anthem and I wont be surprised if it is released as a single. How Ya Doin’? Was an Urban jam with lyrics which were packed with plenty of attitude. Even Missy Elliott made an appearance but on one of the screens. Mr Loverboy was very hip hop which was superbly delivered whilst Boy was spine tingling as it showcased their tight harmonies.

Things were slowed down for Towers and this being an emotional ballad which was about a relationship which was breaking down. Its lyrics were extremely tender and smooth. Competition was another funky upbeat song which say the girls sing about how they like a bit of competition from time to time “I say it once/ You say it twice/ You know I like a little competition from time to time”. It was then onto something I hadn’t expected (well I did because I knew the set list) and this being the Cameo cover Word Up which was released for Sport Relief this year. This doesn’t feature on any album so just hearing it live was quite something. Their take on Word Up was pop meets rock aided by lyrics which were extremely catchy. DNA was electropop with traces of dubstep. I really liked the horror feel to it. On a whole this was one hell of a song and the performance was magnificent. Each Mixer had their very own parts and there was a thumping chorus. Once over it was onto Stand Down and I really enjoyed this one how it didn’t make the standard version of Salute I do not know.

Covers of Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s Can’t Hold Us. Their own take on both songs was phenomenal and they definitely got the party started. Penultimate track of the evening was Little Me and this is the Change Your Life on the Salute album as it conveys a powerful message how you can be anything you want to be. Little Me was pop and uplifting at the same time. Ending the evening was the RnB tinged Move which ended one spectacular evening. After the girls made their bows after when Move was over people started to leave which was a great shame because an encore was coming. As expected one did materialise and I have to say this had to be the highlight of the set. The girls took to the balcony and sang Good Enough. It was clear that this meant a lot to them because you could see the tears rolling. This was a ballad with super emotional and powerful lyrics. Wings capped off what had been one extraordinary evening. Now the number itself was uber contagious.


Nothing Feels Like You
About The Boy
Change Your Life
Dark Horse
A Different Beat
How Ya Doin’?
Mr Loverboy
Word Up
Stand Down
Talk Dirty
Can’t Hold Us
Little Me


Good Enough

OVERALL: All in all I really enjoyed this show. Little Mix have always been a favourite of mine since their first live performance on The X Factor. They were actually worthy winners and it is no surprise that Cannonball didn’t feature on DNA nor any live tours. This girl group have grown up alot since they released DNA. Both that album and Salute are different with the first LP being pop and the follow up being more RnB. I liked the fact the set was mainly focused on the new LP with the singles from DNA added in for good measure. All the new tracks were phenomenal live especially Boy which showcased their tight vocal harmonies and Good Enough which was literally an emotional rollercoaster. Also I mustn’t forget the covers which were delivered flawlessly.

Having seen the girls on both DNA and Salute tours I can safely say that when the time comes and the 3rd LP tour is announced. I will be there.


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  1. Alan says:

    I loved their show, they really are the best thing to ever come out of the X Factor UK. They keep growing as well, I wonder what they’ll give us next!

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