Kiesza @ Electrowerkz 22nd May 2014

Kiesza is an artist who will be massive. Hideaway shot straight to #1 and the official video has already achieved as of now 17 million views on YouTube. When the Electrowerkz show was announced I immediately booked because I was greatly impressed with what was showcased back in February when Kiesza was support for Katy B. So I turned up to the venue around 4.30pm to find that a friend of mine managed to get a ticket as well. The doors opened at 7pm and everyone was guided to the bar. This was slightly annoying because arriving early you want to be front row. Support was provide by Shift K3y and if I am honest it was not my thing in the slightest. For some reason I cannot stand DJ sets especially when you are there to just see the headline act. The only set I enjoyed was Jen Long when she was the DJ when Haim played Brixton Academy back in March.

From what was showcased I can stress that Kiesza is no one hit wonder. What I adored was the fact Kiesza is extremely unique. Dancing and singing live is something you very rarely see. I would go as far to say that the style is dance pop with traces of house music. What was performed was 5 stunning songs. Gracing the stage at 9.20pm was Kiesa Rae Ellestad with her two dancers. It was then onto No Enemiesz which was simply amazing. Just from this tune made me realise that she was no one hit wonder despite only having Hideaway in the public domain. Now this was utterly contagious and it easily gets you moving “We could all fall in love together/ We ain’t No Enemiesz”. The choreography was simply spectacular and the actual performance was delivered with plenty of gusto.

“London how we doing?” Kiesza then asked the audience before another new cut and this being Giant In My Heart. I really liked this tune and it sounded very like Katy B. The lyrics were addictive “What am I supposed to do?/ In my heart there is only you/ Baby I can’t lose you”. Kiesza’s vocals were second to none and the choreography was really impressive. Even the dancers sported the vinyls on their hands hands. Also there was a spoken word part which reminded me of Never Ever by All Saints. During a dance breakdown a keyboard came out for the next two songs of the evening. Neither were originals both were covers. “Thank you so much for coming. This is my very first headline show” a humble Kiesza said before tackling the well known song from Haddaway and this being What Is Love? This version is also up on YouTube. Now her very own take was spectacular and other than flawless vocals it showcased her spectacular skills when playing the keyboard. I found this to be gentle, beautiful and tender. It definitely went down well with the audience. “This is actually the first song I ever sung live” Kiesza said before revealing that she was super in love with Jeff Buckley. The song was Hallelujah it was written by Leonard Cohen and merely covered by Jeff Buckley. Again this was sung whilst on the keyboard and the vocals were spine tingling and haunting. Kiesza literally belted this out to perfection. She then got up to perform the rest of this but it was more funky and fast in pace. Her very own take on this was extremely unique and Kiesza definitely did Hallelujah justice.

“When I say ooooo you say ahhhhhh” Kiesza then said after having thanked the band. What was ending one spectacular set was Hideaway. The song which has hit 17 million hits on YouTube and also it charted at #1. I have to say I love everything about this. It incorporated elements of electropop and dance music which resulted in one cracking uptempo number. Now this was utterly contagious with lyrics you want to dance along to. Yet again there was stunning choreography which was very 90’s. So much energy flowed from this faultless audience pleasing performance. Things came to a close with Hideaway (Gorgon City Remix). It was more like a live dance routine which was well choreographed and only lasted for around a minute. Once over Kiesza and the rest of the members left the stage leaving the audience wanting more. It may have been short and sweet but it was enough to blow me away.

By the time everything had been wrapped up it was 10pm which was earlier than what I had expected. With it being Kiesza’s first ever headline show myself and a couple of friends decided to wait outside the dressing room in hope of meeting her. Only 4 people were waiting outside which was a surprise because Kiesza will conquer the UK. 20 minutes later she came out and she was ever so lovely.


No Enemiesz
Giant In My Heart
What Is Love?
Hideaway (Gorgon City Remix)

OVERALL: Kiesza is one outstanding singer songwriter (she also spent time in the Navy) who has the world at her feet. There may be only the one original song out there in the public domain but from having heard No Enemiesz and Giant In My Heart I can tell she is no one hit wonder.

Kiesza was very humble as this was her first headline show. It was a complete sell out as well. From what was showcased makes me look forward to the future. She may not have that many original tunes under her belt but the ones she does have show that she is one hell of a song writer. This even proved that Kiesza will be no one hit wonder.

Have we heard the follow up single during this set? Considering only 2 more originals were performed I can safely say that we haven’t heard the next single by Kiesza. According to Wikipedia No Enemiesz has already been released as a B side and as for Giant In My Heart even though it is utterly addictive it’s highly unlikely the next release will be sung at a first headline show (Actually Giant In My Heart was performed at McClusky’s in Kingston in February)


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