Hannah Georgas @ Shacklewell Arms 15th May 2014

Hannah Georgas came to my attention when The Great Escape announced their initial line up. I was debating whether to buy a ticket so I listened to every single artist to find who I liked and disliked. This then resulted in me coming across Hannah Georgas whom is one talented Canadian. Hannah is one hell of a singer songwriter and is currently on her 3rd release which is the self titled album. I was even tempted to see Georgas support City And Colour at the Brighton Dome but decided against it as I would need to buy a train ticket to get down there plus Hannah was only supporting so I assumed it would just be 6 songs. Eventually I purchased a ticket to The Great Escape and Hannah was on my to see list. When a Shacklewell Arms show was announced I went ahead and purchased so I could cross her off the to see list. The Thursday came and I turned up at the Shacklewell Arms at 7.30pm. What I like about this venue is you can go in straight away and there is no queue whatsoever.


What was showcased was a mix set encompassing each of the 3 releases The Beat Stuff (2009), This Is Good (2010) and the more recent Hannah Georgas. Hannah performed the new album in its entirety and this LP is a complete cracker. I was even listening to it when I was making my journey to London and I could pick up on similarities between her and Regina Spektor. What opened up the evening was Elephant and supporting Hannah were 2 guitarists and a drummer. I found this to be rather hypnotic and there was a pulsating melody. This tune is also the opener to the new album. The perfectly written Elephant was spectacularly delivered. After it was then straight into Enemies. This was a synthy number with infectious lyrics which were delivered at a steady pace. “Are you gonna make an enemy of me?” Hannah says during the chorus. Based on what had been performed I would like to be more of a friend. Enemies was lullaby like and the vocal was rather entrancing. Its lyrics were so amazing you can easily picture a scenario to it. “Thank you for coming out tonight, I really appreciate it” Georgas said before Robotic. Now this was a full flowing fast paced number with lyrics such as “I wanna be reprogrammed/ I wanna be robotic”. Now I found this to be a stunning tune and it was faultlessly sung. “This is our last show in the UK” Hannah said after having introduced the rest of the band. It was then onto one of my many favourite Hannah Georgas songs and this being Somebody. Hannah was back on electric guitar for this one. The lyrics to this tune were brilliant and it showed what a talented songwriter Georgas actually is. Somebody was disco tinged and there were bitter lyrics “I hope someday/ Someone’s going to break your heart”. Following on was a trio of songs from sophomore release This Is Good (this was the debut album after the first release The Beat Stuff was merely an EP). Lovers Breakdown was upbeat and whimsical at the same time. Immediately after it was onto Thick Skin was breathtakingly intense. Hannah’s vocal delivery was out of this world. “It’s about someone who talks way to fucking much and doesn’t know the meaning of a good conversation” Georgas then said explaining what Chit Chat was about. This sleek number was flawlessly delivered and I found it to be captivating at the same time. “If you feel like dancing around for this next song I dare you” Hannah said before the infectious. Everything about Shortie was sheer class from the vocal delivery to the actual lyrics. “I’m gonna dance, dance, dance/ Until the cops come” and you want to do exactly that. Shortie was a feel good tune you just want to dance along to. Immediately after it was then onto Millions and this recently appeared during the closing credits during one of the episodes of Girls (Girls is a television series). This was feel good pop and it was rather punchy with fast paced lyrics which hit you like a full on force. “I wanna make a million bucks/ Wanna make my million”. Millions was ever so contagious and Hannah took to the electric guitar for this number. Hannah Georgas then mentioned about a dream of meeting her ex boyfriend at The National concert and resolving all of their issues. “I feel like I’m sounding super harsh” Georgas said before diving into something from EP The Beat Stuff and this being The National. Now this was rather smooth and the lyrics were sweet as well. Following on straight after was material from the new record. What You Do To Me was fantastic but failed to captivate me as there was no insatiable hook. Fantasize was pure quality and was both bright and breezy. Ode To Mom was mesmerising. Waiting Game which ended a spectacular evening was all killer and a filler.

Once over they all left the stage. Some people started leaving as it took about 3ish minutes for them to come back to the stage. “If you know this song please sing along” and this being her very own take on Rihanna’s Stay. Hannah Georgas did this complete justice as her take as a smooth slow jam. Straight after it was All I Need which featured on the EP The Beat Stuff and this was both beautiful and tender.


Lovers Breakdown
Thick Skin
Chit Chat
The National
What You Do To Me
Ode To Mom
Waiting Game


All I Need

OVERALL: Even though Hannah is on her 3rd release she is still relatively known in the UK. If it wasn’t for trailing through all the individual artists at The Great Escape I would have never came across her. Still Hannah Georgas is one brilliant singer songwriter and the current self titled album is a right cracker. The album Hannah Georgas is one you can just stick on repeat and never tire of it.

Regarding the set it was nice that she performed the new album in its entirety and it was nice that older material from This Is Good and The Beat Stuff made its way onto the set. Nothing can fault this evening and I look forward to when Hannah makes a return trip next year with a brand new album.


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