Foxes @ Koko 21st May 2014

After having seen Louisa play in Brighton the day before I was really looking forward to the Koko date. This time people did start to turn up early. The next lot arrived around 1.30pm which was a significant change compared to the day before.

Having attended both Brighton and London it is hard to pick out a favourite day because they both have plus points. Brighton had the sense of intimacy whilst in London Louisa had two backing singers who sang on most of the songs that appeared on the set list. Come 9.15pm the band took to the stage which was then followed by cheers as Louisa Rose Allen took to the stage wearing a crop top, white mini skirt and a white coat. Also she came on sporting a bra on her head which looked like Mickey Mouse ears. Following the same suit as the album it was Talking To Ghosts which kick started the evening. Now Allen is the vision of beauty and she is a superb singer. Song writer at the same time. Talking To Ghosts was a smooth tune which became more powerful as it progressed. I would go as far to say that there was a sense of epicness during this number. Straight after was White Coats which featured on Made In Chelsea. This was a pop gem which completely hypnotised me.

“Hello” Allen said engaging with the sold out Koko crowd before launching into Night Owls Early Birds straight after. This was very upbeat and aided by a punchy chorus which oozed plenty of energy. What I adore about Foxes is the fact Louisa does not stand stationary she works the crowd. This is one that can get you moving as it was electric. Night Owls Early Birds would serve as a single. “So I was on a train a long time ago when I wrote this next song. It’s about moving forward in love” Louisa said before launching into Youth which again appeared on TV and this time it was in the Debenhams adverts. Youth was a tender ballad which was ever so beautiful. Allen’s vocal delivery was soft and smooth. At the same time it was very uplifting. Echo was pure synth pop with a dub step tinged middle 8. This contagious number went down a treat. “Thank you to all of you people out there tonight who brought my album. I can’t believe it” Foxes said before diving into the albums title track and this being Glorious. I found this to be a whimsical beautiful and tender ballad with parts which made you want to rock out to it. I must admit even I had a slight tear in my eye as it approached the end. Glorious has to be the next single because (excuse the pun) is a Glorious track.

“If you think you know it sing along” Foxes said before re inventing the Pharrell Williams tune Happy which was then mashed up with Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Louisa covered Happy on the Live Lounge back in March and her own interpretation was simply breathtaking. At first it was sung at a steady pace then as it progressed the tempo was cranked up. This showed that Louisa can take any song and completely own it. The Teardrop part of this cover was merely just a snippet. Shaking Heads featured Allen’s mum on vocals. Now this was completely different compared to the likes of Glorious and Talking To Ghosts. I found this to be rather sleek and entrancing at the same time. Straight after it was onto the captivating Holding Onto Heaven which was extremely uplifting. The chorus was electric and it just makes you want to jump up and down. The delivery of this was superb and it was a feel good number with infectious lyrics. Plus there was yet again another dub step tinged middle 8. “I’m going to dedicate this next one to all of you that have been there from the very beginning” Allen then said before Beauty Queen. Just like White Coats, Night Owls, Youth and Echo, Beauty Queen was another oldie which didn’t make the cut for the standard album release. It in fact appeared on the deluxe version. This was a tender ballad which echoes a message about how beauty is only skin deep. What I liked about this was the fact it showcased Louisa’s stunning vocals. At the same time it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. “Do you guys know a band called Rudimental?” Allen said before tackling a cover which she wrote. This being Right Here which was sung by Rudimental which she featured on. I could pick up on a calypso feel to this powerful pop number. Grammy winning Zedd/ Foxes combo Clarity followed on. This was an emotional rollercoaster and in my eyes it will always be the highlight. It started off soft and smooth then the drum came in making it really upbeat. The lyrics were uplifting, infectious and I even had a warm feeling deep inside. “This is the last song tonight guys” Louisa said before urging everyone to sing along to Let Go For Tonight. I must say this was a rapturous number which again gets you jumping up and down. Towards the end Allen threw inflatables into the crowd which capped off one phenomenal evening.


Talking To Ghosts
White Coats
Night Owls Early Birds
Happy/ Teardrop
Shaking Heads
Holding Onto Heaven
Beauty Queen
Right Here
Let Go For Tonight

OVERALL: My thoughts on this are really positive. Foxes is someone who will just grow and grow. I can see the next Foxes gig being at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

As for the performance Louisa was outstanding as per usual. It was ashame that there was no Night Glo or Count The Saints but just hearing Right Here and her take on Happy made up for it.


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