Foxes @ Concorde 2 20th May 2014

Headlining Concorde 2 in Brighton was Louisa Rose Allen (AKA Foxes). This tour was a 5 day jaunt round the UK starting off in Portsmouth then ending in Edinburgh (plus you had the additional rescheduled dates from the February tour). I see this as the Glorious tour as the album finally dropped this week and it charted at #5 which was quite something. Originally it was meant to be released in time for the March tour earlier this year. So after being spellbound from seeing her perform a short set for VEVO last year I purchased tickets for both the Brighton and London. Concorde 2 is a nice venue but it isn’t my favourite due to the location on the sea front. I arrived outside the venue at 12pm expecting there to be a few more people there but the next lot arrived about 5.30pm. Still myself and 6 other fans got to meet Louisa before she went off to get her dinner which was nice.

At 9.20pm Foxes took to the stage and delivered a 13 song set to perfection. With the album being out I was slightly disappointed that no Count The Saints or Night Glo didn’t make an appearance. Still what was included was simply phenomenal and I enjoyed every single second. This was electro pop at its best and what opened up this stunning set was Talking To Ghosts which is also the opener to the new album Glorious. This was one hell of a performance. Louisa’s vocals were pristine and the performance oozed plenty of energy. Also the beats gave this number that extra oomph.

“Brighton, Hello. I’m Foxes” Allen then said to the sold out Concorde 2. It was then onto two oldies. First was White Coats which featured on Made In Chelsea. The song itself was rather smooth, the lyrics are superb and its chorus was very entrancing. Straight after it was into Night Owls Early Birds and this was one hell of a song. This number was punchy with powerful infectious lyrics. “You look very beautiful tonight Brighton. This next song. I wrote this song about leaving home for the first time” Louisa said before Youth which features on the Debenhams adverts. As for this tune I found it to be entrancing, beautiful and a tad emotional. “Now I’m just chasing time/ With a thousand dreams I’m holding heavy/ And as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed/ Don’t tell me our youth is running out/ It’s only just begun”. What followed was Echo which had an in your face chorus. “I just want to say a really big thank you to all of you here in Brighton who brought my album this week. We managed to get it in the top 5 and that was something I dreamed about my whole life” Allen said before launching into the title track of the album and this being Glorious. I have to say this was an epic tune, it was smooth plus it was uplifting as well. Aside from the lyrics I adored the soothing melody. If there is a contender for the next single it has to be this one hands down.

“Sing along when you know the words to this one” Louisa mentioned before tackling something utterly unique and this being Happy which was a #1 for Pharrell Williams. Now what made this stunning was the fact it was a complete reworking. At first it was slow in pace then when it progressed the faster it got. Mashed up to Happy was a snipped of Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Shaking Heads followed on and this was one incredible number but it is also a grower. The more times you hear it the better it actually gets. Immediately after it was onto the most recent single and this being Holding Onto Heaven and it was a complete cracker. This was very upbeat and the performance was electric. Other than being infectious, it also had the feel good factor which makes you want to jump up and down on the spot. “I love you guys at the front. It’s like I’ve hired you. I want to dedicate this next one to the people that have been there from the beginning. Right from the beginning cos it’s taken me a long time to have a room that’s full” Foxes then said before Beauty Queen. In all honesty this was a bit of a surprise considering it doesn’t even feature on the standard version of Glorious. Still this was one hell of a song which showcased Louisa’s spectacular vocals. Beauty Queen was a slow tempo ballad which made it very spine tingling. “I wrote this one with a group called Rudimental” Allen said before ending with Right Here. This had a calypso feel then as it progressed the stronger it actually got. Now I really enjoyed this despite not being a massive Rudimental fan. This was one incredible tune and it showed that Louisa is one talented songwriter (actually she wrote on each track for the new album Glorious). One over the band left the stage only to return moments later.

“Hello. I haven’t really gone I was just teasing” Louisa Rose Allen said jokingly. What kick started the encore was Clarity which was the Zedd song she featured on plus it won a Grammy as well. This was a whimsical tune which was both beautiful/ tender and hypnotising. I couldn’t help but have a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. As soon as it progressed the more upbeat it became. Now I enjoyed every single tune that was performed this evening but Clarity was my highlight hands down. “This is really the last song of the night guys” Allen said before signing off with Let Go For Tonight which again easily got the audience moving.


Talking To Ghosts
White Coats
Night Owls Early Birds
Happy/ Teardrop
Shaking Heads
Holding Onto Heaven
Beauty Queen
Right Here


Let Go For Tonight

OVERALL: I immensely enjoyed this performance. Not only Foxes were amazing but I was digging Prides as well. Now Foxes is someone whose fan base will just grow and grow. It was actually surprising how late people turned up compared to the Brighton date in March (yes it was on Sunday but fans also turned up early for the London date the day after).

Each tune that was sung was a complete classic. Clarity and Glorious were tear jerkers whilst Holding Onto Heaven and Let Go For Tonight were numbers which made you want to jump up and down. Also I must say the take on Happy was extraordinary.

The album Glorious is a complete masterpiece and in my eyes the next single has to be Glorious.


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