Miley Cyrus @ O2 Arena 6th May 2014

Miley Cyrus is back with a brand new album and a brand new image. The tween Miley is long gone and now we have an adult Miley. Even the tour programme had to have a Parental Advisory sticker on it. Now I reached the O2 Arena at 4.45 as I had a seat there was no need to turn up early. Thankfully the tube strike planned for the week had been called off now if it took place then getting home would be quite tricky. Doors opened at 6.30 ish then everyone had to wait inside because the doors to the arena weren’t open.

Miley Cyrus made her entrance by riding down a helter skelter which was made to look like a tongue. “I’m back. These motherfuckers I swear tried to kill your favourite bitch. I’m not going down without a motherfucking fight” Cyrus then said as soon as she was on the stage. The set which was performed consisted of 19 songs and then on top of that you had not one but two encores. By the time the first encore ended I could see people whom were standing making their way to the exit thinking it was over. The evening opened up with SMS (Bangerz) which was electro pop. It was slightly sexual as well. There was even a dwarf wearing a red latex catsuit and this was a nod to Britney Spears who featured on this tune. Plenty of attitude flowed from this song. Straight after was 4×4 which had a country feel to it and I found this fast paced number to be really infectious. After a costume change it was then onto Love Money Party. Cyrus was sporting another one piece of her very own dollar bills. Now the sexual theme was again present during this. There was even a Parental Advisory image on the massive screen. Well Love Money Party saw Cyrus grinding on top of a 4×4.

“You know we were supposed to start this tour off in Amsterdam but you guys know I was sick. I was in a hospital which was fucking shitty. But I am happy, one thing that did happen was my opening night is here at the mother fucking O2” Miley then said before revealing that she was happy to be in London. “I like being with you guys coz I don’t feel like I need to watch my mouth” she then said before diving straight into My Darlin’. This number is completely different compared to the previous songs which had been showcased as this was a sleek R&B ballad which was ever so beautiful. There was even a few bars of Stand By Me by Ben E King. Up next was the hypnotic Maybe You’re Right. I really thought the lyrics were fantastic. A giant emu shared the stage with Cyrus for FU and following on from this was Do My Thang which was slightly rootsy. After getting everyone on the left and right hand side wet from spraying them with water it was then onto #GETITRIGHT. The was infectious, upbeat and the whistles made it feel jolly. This was the most sexual performance of the night as it took place on a bed and three bare chested men joined Miley and so did a couple of the female dancers. Plus there was a lot of touching during this. After another costume change it was onto the first oldie of the night and this being Can’t Be Tamed taken from Cyrus’s 2nd album. Joining Miley was a massive dog which was resembling her late dog Floyd. This was completely flawless and it was packed with a punch. The lyrics make me think that this is the real Miley and Disney didn’t want her to grow up as she was a role model to many “They try to change me/But they realize they can’t”. Straight after it was onto Adore You which was a soppy slow ballad. Miley had mentioned that she wanted people to kiss who there were there with to get on screen. There was even same sex action. The final song before the B stage part of the evening was Drive. Everyone got their cellphones or anything which shone a light and waved it from side to side. Anyhow back to Drive this was one epic track which was delivered with plenty of gusto.

It was then to the back of the arena for what was to be an acoustic part of the evening. First up you had the entrancing Rooting For My Baby. After the original it was then onto three covers and these being Arctic Monkeys Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? Followed by You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan then Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey then ending the acoustic session was Jolene which was originally by Dolly Parton. Now regarding the covers Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? Was simply amazing I really liked Miley’s take on it and she literally belted it out. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go was simply faultless. I haven’t heard the original but when Cyrus was singing it I was literally hooked. Summertime Sadness resulted in plenty of singing along and it was utterly unique. “Everybody knows Jolene” Cyrus said after everyone erupted with cheers when she announced she was going to play a bit of Dolly Parton. I have to say Jolene was pure country and it is a legendary song as literally everyone knows it. The final three songs of the evening took place on the main stage. First up you had 23 which was a song which Miley featured on. Compared to all the songs that had previously been sung this had more of a hip hop feel to it. On Your Own was super catchy whist Someone Else closed what had been a spectacular evening. Miley Cyrus was even straddled to a hot dog which was hoisted around the O2 Arena. The wiener then made its way to the exit door.

Miley Cyrus saved the best songs for last. The first song of the encore was We Can’t Stop which was infectious pop aided by luscious hooks. “It’s our party, we can do what we want to” and this was one massive party and Miley certainly put on the show she wanted to. I could easily imagine this being the closing number of the night and I was surprised that it was Wrecking Ball which ended proceedings. We Can’t Stop was a feel good number whilst Wrecking Ball was a power ballad which was simply spectacular. Once it was over people started making their way to the exits thinking that was the end. I only stayed where I was because I spoiled myself and saw the set list for the American leg of the Bangerz tour. So a second encore was forthcoming and this being Party In The U.S.A. “I couldn’t leave y’all screaming like that” Cyrus then said sporting an Union Jack leotard. On stage you had the Statue Of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell and Abraham Lincoln. “It’s definitely not a London party” Cyrus sang altering the word Nashville and inserting London instead. Still Party In The U.S.A was a fun song one and the way it ended was simply epic. There was confetti showering the standing audience plus there was pyrotechnics as well.


SMS (Bangerz)
Love Party Money
My Darlin’
Maybe You’re Right
Do My Thang
Can’t Be Tamed
Adore You
Rooting For My Baby
Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Summertime Sadness
On My Own
Someone Else


We Can’t Stop
Wrecking Ball


Party In The U.S.A

OVERALL: The support was provided by Sky Ferreira. Now I am a fan of Sky but the set she played wasn’t great. Don’t get me wrong Ferreira put everything into her performance and the tunes that she sung were really infectious. What problem she encountered was the sound which spoilt the set. It just kept on dipping which is a great shame.

As for Miley well I have been reading fans left in disgust and parents were left appalled over the language Cyrus used. Now I can see where they are coming from as Miley Cyrus has a young fanbase due to her days when she was Hannah Montana. But parents who took their children to this concert were fully aware of what to expect. Miley isn’t that Disney Princess anymore she has grown up. Some songs were rather sexual such as Love Party Money when she was grinding on top of a 4×4 car or #GETITRIGHT when she was in a bed. My love for Bangerz just grows and grows.

Would I see Cyrus again? The answer to that is yes I probably would.


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