Marmozets @ 100 Club 3rd April 2014

Marmozets are a 5 piece rock band who formed in Bingley, West Yorkshire way back in 2011. This group consist of Becca Macintyre (vocals), Sam Macintyre (guitar/vocals), Jack Bottomley (guitar), Will Bottomley (bass/vocals) and Josh Macintyre (drums). Marmozets have already released 2 EP’s these being Passive Agressive in 2011 and Vexed in 2012 but it was only last year when they signed to Roadrunner Records. They came to my attention at the beginning of this year and as soon as they announced a 4 date headline tour I snapped up a ticket immediately. I especially loved songs such like Move Shake Dance, Good Days and the current single Why Do You Hate Me? The style was pop/ punk as the tunes which I have heard are extremely powerful and infectious as well (you could compare them to Paramore or The Dirty Youth).

So I reached the 100 Club around 5pm. Only 2 people were there waiting inside the venue. Things actually ran like clockwork as the timings were really accurate. First you had Bovine at 7.50pm then The Colour Line were at 8.35pm. Now the set by The Colour Line was really energetic.

Taking to the stage around 9.40pm were Marmozets. The majority of what was showcased were brand new songs which will feature on the upcoming album which is released this year and also you had a few oldies added in for good measure. I have to say this 9 song set was off the hook and it also descended into chaos as there were crowd surfers and crushing from the people moshing. Even I ended up on the stage and had people fall on top of me which wasn’t nice. Aside from that things kicked of with Particle. The stage was plunged into darkness then an intro played which got the packed audience geared up for what was to come. Every ounce of energy was put into this performance. Becca’s vocals were spot on plus you had the addition of screamos. My favourite part of this tune had to be the smooth chorus. Why Do You Hate Me? Was played at an infuriating pace and was an audience pleaser . Plus it was utterly contagious. Now this was pop rock and it was extremely heavy as well. The lyrics were amazing and you just feel obliged to sing along. Is It Horrible was simply breathtaking it is hard to believe that a female can achieve a vocal like that. Becca simply belted out this screamos and all. Is It Horrible was pure rock and there were plenty of head banging moments. Born Young And Free followed on and this was originally offered as a free download and what a cracker it was live. Basically I was hearing all these songs live for the first time. So much energy flowed from this and Becca and the rest of the Marmozets delivered one hell of a performance of this song. It was then onto a trio of brand new songs. First up was Back To You which had a sense of being a rock ballad. The vocals were a lot softer making it really hypnotising. Cover Up was extremely promising and makes me look forward to the upcoming album. Plenty of passion/ energy was put into Hit The Wave. This new cut is one you can easily rock out to and it had also been perfectly written. Move Shake Hide was one that literally got people moving about and moshing. There was also a crowd surfer as well. The performance by the band and the crowds atmosphere was simply electric. What they ended with was Vibe Tech which was simply a cracker. The moshing continued and nearing the end the drum kit was transported to the middle of the floor just leaving Becca on the stage.


Why Do You Hate Me?
Is It Horrible
Born Young And Free
Back To You
Cover Up
Hit The Wave
Move Shake Hide
Vibe Tech

OVERALL: Marmozets are a fun upcoming band. Yes they may have been round since 2011 but now they are signed to a record label they have massive potential to make waves in the music industry. They have already played Reading in 2012, they are playing again this year and they have supported the likes of Funeral For A Friend and Your Demise as well as other bands.

I see Marmozets being the UK equivalent to Paramore but a lot edgier. Each new song that was showcased was a cracker and I especially liked the likes of Particle and Back To You. Also Why Do You Hate Me? Is a complete cracker. This band literally have the world at their feet. Supporting well known bands is making them gain more new fans. The 100 Club show was originally listed as an 18+ but it then changed to a 16+ which then resulted in a sell out.

I definitely would see Marmozets again in the future because I can see something extremely special there. This band have the potential of headlining bigger venues in the next year. I can see the next London venue that they play being either Dingwalls or Scala. The next time I will see them perform will be on The Great Escape and then Reading Festival in August. Also I am anticipating the release of the album in September.


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