Klaxons @ Oslo 2nd April 2014

Klaxons are a 3 piece Indie Rock band consisting of Jamie Reynolds, James Righton and Simon Taylor-Davies. I last witnessed them play at The Forum way back in 2010 the album that they were promoting then was sophomore LP Surfing The Void. Four years later Klaxons announce the 3rd record Love Frequency and 4 tour dates. Oslo is one of them. I have only been to this Hackney venue once before and I rather liked the intimacy of it. So I purchased a ticket despite me not being a massive fan. Now they have some great tunes but I wouldn’t follow them everywhere. Prior to the actual gig I had been rediscovering the debut Myths Of The Near Future. Just hearing Golden Skans and It’s Not Over Yet took me back. Whilst those 2 were the most popular in terms of single positions I started getting into songs such as Two Receivers, Four Horsemen Of 2012 and Atlantis To Interzone. I arrived outside Oslo around 4pm. The majority of people started to arrive around 6.30pm. If I am honest the whole queue was a bit messy but security sorted it out by ushering everyone with tickets whom were inside, outside. There were infact a range of nationalities in attendance. There was a girl from France who was the 3rd to arrive, there was a guy from Italy who arrived after me (but unfortunately he didn’t get in because he wanted to buy a ticket) and I even saw some Chinese girls.

Now Klaxons took to the stage around about 9.20pm. The set which they were to play was a mixture of material from all 3 LP’s. In order of how many songs it went Love Frequency, Myths Of The Near Future then Surfing The Void. The choice of the opener was not a new one but instead it was a tune from the début LP. Alantis To Interzone was was good tune to open up with as it got the crowd pumped. This was sung at a fast pace and plenty of energy oozed from it. Children Of The Sun is the other half of the new AA single There Is No Other Time. I must say this was extremely rocky plus the vocal delivery was pure perfection. There Is No Other Time which followed on had just charted in the singles charts. I must say this was very different to the other half of the single as this was more slick and poppy. You can easily have a good boogie to this one plus it was slightly infectious.

A trio of oldies were played next first was Gravity’s Rainbow which was incredible live. Then it was Valley Of Calm Trees which even though it was delivered to perfection failed to do it for me. As Above, So Below was a right cracker whilst Golden Skans which came after will always be a classic. Now this was a dreamy Indie track which has plenty of potential to be an anthem. It went down well with the audience and the lyrics were super catchy. You can easily rave to this number. Next it was a double dose of newies first up you had Invisible Forces which was dedicated to everyone in the audience. I rather enjoyed this as it left me completely captivated. It makes me look forward to the brand new album. The title track from the upcoming record was next and this being Love Frequency. This tune was rather interesting because it was completely different to anything on Myths Of The Near Future. It actually was a lot smoother and left me completely entranced. Magick which came next was perfectly sung whilst Echoes is quite possibly my favourite tune from Surfing The Void and it sounded phenomenal live. Rhythm Of Life was a soaring dance tune where they sing “I saw creation come alive”. They all then left the stage only to return moments later for a 2 song encore. First up was another cut from Love Frequency and this being New Reality which was rather synth heavy. What ended an incredible set was It’s Not Over Yet which resulted in plenty of moshing.


Alantis To Interzone
Children Of The Sun
There Is No Other Time
Gravity’s Rainbow
Valley Of The Calm Trees
As Above, So Below
Golden Skans
Invisible Forces
Love Frequency
Rhythm Of Life


New Reality
It’s Not Over Yet

OVERALL: Whilst I’m not an Indie kid at heart Klaxons put on one hell of a show and it had a sense of something special due to the fact it was so intimate. Songs such as Golden Skans and It’s Not Over Yet take me back. The reason I had been listening to Myths Of The Near Future was the fact I am off to Reading meaning I am listening to bands to find out whom I want to see play.

For me the début record will always be the best and the new LP Love Frequency coming a close second. Out the new ones I especially liked New Reality and There Is No Other Time also Rhythm Of Life was a tune as well. The set was infact Greatest Hits packed as the older material had been released as singles. Twin Flames had been cut from the set despite being played in Birmingham but this didn’t phase me because Surfing The Void doesn’t light my fire. Valley Of The Calm Trees was the only non single that was played. It would have been nice if they played one from the first record such as Two Receivers.


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