Katy B @ Concorde 2 25th March 2014

The Little Red tour kicked off at Concorde 2 in Brighton. This was the 4th time I had witnessed Katy and it was to be the 2nd time this year as I attended the McClusky’s show in February. The main pull for me was the album Little Red which by no surprise went straight to the top of the charts. Just seeing her perform at Somerset House just wetted my appetite as she sang Hot Like Fire and game changer Crying For No Reason. Whereas début record On A Mission had a dubstep vibe to it the follow up Little Red I found to be more poppy. So I got to Concorde 2 around 3ish. I had a friend who was attending so the fact he was already there by the time I arrived was nice. Now Concorde 2 is a fantastic venue and holds near enough 500 people but my main problem is the fact it is located far up Madeira Drive. Trying to catch the 11.11 train after when Lissie had finished the prior Tuesday was a feat I never knew was possible (I basically ran as I left the venue at 10.50 and was amazingly at the station 15 minutes later).

Hailing from South East London is one incredible singer/ songwriter and this being Sasha Keable. I became a fan once I knew she would be supporting Katy on the Little Red tour, I was sad that I had to miss the Servant Jazz Quarters show due to a clash with the Sophie Ellis Bextor gig at Bush Hall. I guess you can’t have it all and when you have been to as many gigs as I have there are bound to be clashes. I was literally addicted to the Black Book EP which consisted of 8 phenomenal tracks which made me anticipate this support slot even more. Thinking about it I am surprised Keable gave it away for free. “Hello, hello Brighton. My name’s Sasha Keable” she went onto say once gracing the stage. What opened this short but sweet set was Voices which was a Disclosure tune that Sasha featured on. Also she lent her songwriting skills as well. Keable’s vocals were ever so stunning and her take on this had a chilled out soulful vibe which was sheer perfection. Straight after it was something from the last EP Black Book. The song in question being Asking For More. I found this downtempo number to be rather laid back. It had been perfectly written and based on this Sasha Keable is a talent to behold. “This next song is dedicated to a very special man in my life” Keable said before mentioning the man in question was her step dad. This being Memories and this was simply spectacular. Sasha gave it her all and this was soul through and through. I was literally blown away by how amazing this new track was. It is one that can easily get stuck in your head and the lyrics were utterly infectious “Even though you left me/ I still have my memories”.

The final new tune of the set was Sweetest Talk and this taken from the forthcoming EP which is released the 2nd week of April. Now this was steady paced song and it sounded completely different compared to the other tunes which had been showcased. Whereas Sasha’s vocals were smooth the addition of beats made it feel like this was a song meant for the clubs. The final 2 tunes of the set were taken from the Black Book EP. Both of which are standout tracks on that record. First up you had Tempting As You Are which was by far my favourite songs that Keable showcased. The vocals were smooth and they left me completely captivated. This was one epic number which was powerfully delivered. Things then came to a close with the funky Careless Over You which easily gets you moving.


Asking For More
Sweetest Talk
Tempting As You Are
Careless Over You

It was 9pm when the flame haired Katy B burst out onto the small stage. What opened up an extraordinary set was Hot Like Fire. Now this is a fantastic song but a strange choice for an opening number. Hot Like Fire was utterly contagious and had luscious lyrics which easily get you moving. Straight after it was onto the first single to be lifted from Little Red and this being 5am. You can easily picture this being played in a club. This tune was played at a frantic pace and the vocal delivery left me in a trance. I really adored its lyrics as well, 5am was detailing a good night out. “How we doing Concorde 2. This is the 1st night of the Little Red tour. I haven’t done a Katy B tour for 2 whole years” O’ Brien said before launching into Broken Record which was mashed up with Let Me Be Your Fantasy. This felt like a rave and this tune had infectious lyrics which easily got you moving. This served as the 3rd song to be taken from On A Mission. Also the Katy’s very own take on Let Me Be Your Fantasy was something which was quite amazing. Straight after it was onto a something from the deluxe version of Little Red and this being Blue Eyes. Now this was a dance track through and through. Blue Eyes easily gets you moving. Next it was onto an hypnotic cut from the sophomore LP Little Red. Sapphire Blue was a ballad with plenty of synths. It was played at a slow pace but it is easily up there as one of my favourites from Little Red. The lyrics were stunning and the vocal delivery oozed bundles of energy.

It was then onto the upcoming Katy B single and this being Still. Words fail me when it comes to describing how incredible this actually was. Still was a power ballad and the exquisite vocal range made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. “Make some noise if you’re with you’re friend tonight” Katy then said before diving into another club friendly tune and this being Next Thing. There was a house vibe to this tune and it is one that can get you dancing. The lyrics were extraordinary and the chorus implies moving from one club to another “We’re onto the next thing/ Leave them wanting more”. It was then onto Easy Please Me which was dedicated to the single people. This went down well with the audience and it was a song that can easily get you jumping up and down. Just hearing it showed how different the new material is in comparison. The frantic ending had a ska feel to it. “It’s all about falling in love” Brien said explaining what Tumbling Down was about. She also mentioned this is one of her favourites from Little Red. I must say it is up there in my favourites as well. Delivered acoustically this beautiful ballad gave me the shivers. This was sheer perfection which made this rather mellowing. Infused to the ending of Tumbling Down was the game changer which got me hooked on Katy’s new material and this being Crying For No Reason. This song was an emotional ballad which can tug at your heart strings. The performance was literally incredible Brien put everything into delivering this faultless tune to perfection.

It was then onto something I was hearing live for the first time. This being Everything which featured the line “I will be the one” which featured prominently throughout. Yes it was spectacularly delivered but it didn’t bowl me over. Once over Katy went straight into Cure And The Cause which is one of her favourite songs to cover. Now I haven’t heard the original but Brien’s version was incredible. Following on was yet another new one and this being All My Lovin’. Now this was one that can get you moving or it can get you pointing your finger up in the air. This was delivered with plenty of gusto and again it was another dance floor tune which was simply spectacular. Aaliyah featured on the Danger EP as well as the new record and Jessie Ware also features on the studio version of this track. Aaliyah was extremely short and it was a floor filler as well which easily got you moving. The vocals were perfection and the lyrics were contagious especially the chorus “Aaliyah please, this is green envy/ Why must you taunt me girl”. What followed on was What Love Is Made Of which was infused to the ending of Aaliyah. “Let me see you clap people” Brien said before launching into this song. Unfortunately it does not feature on the new LP Little Red. But it was the first taster of brand new Katy B material. Now What Love Is Made Of was extremely catchy and had an uplifting chorus “I can stay like this for days/ Looking at your beautiful face”. This was a superb dance tune. “Would you like one more Brighton?” Katy then asked the audience before diving into the song which set her on her mission. This being Katy On A Mission which was dub step through and through. This number went down well with the audience and the atmosphere was electric. As expected there was plenty of audience participation. Once over the band left the stage but it wasn’t long until they returned and went straight into another tune from On A Mission and this being Perfect Stranger. Now this was a straight up love song which was a high octane romp which was flawlessly delivered. This was then backed with Emotions which features on the new record. At first it started gentle and tender then it became stronger as he song progressed. The closing number of the night was Lights On “I keep on moving with the the lights on”. Plenty of energy flowed from this performance and just like Katy On A Mission this was an audience pleaser. Nearing the end people took out phones or anything with a shining light and waved it in the air.


Hot Like Fire
Broken Record/ Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Blue Eyes
Sapphire Blue
Next Thing
Easy Please Me
Tumbling Down
Crying For No Reason
Cure And The Cause
All My Lovin’
Aaliyah/ What Love Is Made Of
On A Mission


Perfect Stranger/ Emotions
Lights On

OVERALL: This was one epic evening. Katy was on form by delivering an outstanding set which featured tunes mainly from the new LP Little Red and some old ones were added in for good measure. I cannot stress enough how different the new material is compared to the old. Basically it is outstanding and I enjoyed myself immensely. Having Hot Like Fire as the opener was a strange choice as it doesn’t feature on the standard version of Little Red. How it didn’t make the cut I do not know as I adored that song and it was so contagious. Crying For No Reason and Still were extraordinary ballads whilst All My Lovin’ had me pointing my finger up to the air.

Finally the support was incredible. It is not often when you get a brand new act that excites you fully. Sasha Keable is one talented and extraordinary artist. I can see her making waves in the music industry and I will be one of the first ones to by her LP or get tickets for the next headline show. What was performed was outstanding, originally 2 more songs were listed but those were unfortunately cut meaning the set closer was Careless Over You. EP Black Book is a corker and witnessing Memories and Sweetest Talk makes me anticipate the new EP.


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