Gossling @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 27th March 2014

This was the first time I had witnessed an emerging band back to back. This being Gossling whom hail all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Originally I had a ticket just for The Waiting Room show but a week before the Hoxton gig I decided to purchase one. The way I saw it is the fact you do not know when a new band you like will return to the UK which results in you making the most out of the dates that have been announced. Two bands I can think of that haven’t returned are Irish duo Heathers (who will return at some point) and I will never forget Aussies Operator Please who I saw in 2008 which turned out to be the last time. Although billed as a Gossling headline show they were actually supporting. Some band called Secret Company were headlining. It would have been nice to stay for their set but how can you enjoy something which you haven’t even heard.

At 9.15pm the set kicked off with the opening tune from the new album Harvest Of Gold and this being Big Love. This like the rest of the set was dream folk pop. Whilst it is dreamy when you focus on just the lyrics Helen was singing it is not a happy song. The first line Croome sang was “Big Loves are the ones that let you down”. In fact most of the songs showcased deal with the same recurring theme of breaking up. Still this was flawlessly sung and there was indeed some thumping parts “Caught in our wonder we stay one while we figure out the state of our hearts/ Big or little will this last?/ Held by our foolish wants along with our feverish hearts/ A drift for a while then we reign in and find whether we’ve got big love, we’ve got big love”. 

“We’re called Gossling and we’re here from Melbourne Australia” Helen then said to the audience which also consisted of Aussies. It was then onto Harvest Of Gold which is the title of the album which will be released later this year. Now this number was very upbeat and it has contagious lyrics which just leave you in a trance. Straight after it was into Never Expire which was packed with plenty of attitude. It actually has a darker vibe to it compared to the other tunes that had been showcased throughout the set. Never Expire was not a happy song as it tells you about a couple that are breaking up “Talking of faults, shifting blame from yourself/ Caught in a mess of words when you try lying as help”. After explaining what the following song was about it was then time for Songs Of Summer. “This is a sad story” Croome said before they started to play. In this story, both people involved know that they have drifted from each other and the initial sparks are no longer present. They mutually acknowledge that they need to separate before it gets bitter. This was hypnotising and the vocals were spot on. The duet worked wonders. Heart Killer was immediately played after. This was taken from 2012’s International Living EP. There was a soulful vibe to this luscious tune. Heart Killer was a majestic song aided by fantastic lyrics. The vocal delivery was simply breathtaking. The penultimate tune was Challenge. Before launching into it Helen said her spiel about her challenge was her introduction to the social media side of things. Now this is by far my favourite Gossling track. It was so captivating and the infectious lyrics gel perfectly to the mellowing melody. Croome was on the guitar for this and her vocals were extremely sweet. My favourite part had to be the chorus “I challenge you to show, you’re safe behind that masquerade/ I challenge you to show, do you see all that you have made?/ I challenge you to show, you’re safe behind that masquerade/ I challenge you to show, do you see all that you have made?”. Where as Big Love opened up the set it was Wild Love that ended an epic evening. Now this was taken from the International Living EP and again Helen was on the acoustic guitar. Other than being super catchy this tune oozed strong folk vibes.


Big Love
Harvest Of Gold
Never Expire
Songs Of Summer
Heart Killer
Wild Love

OVERALL: This was the final time I would see Gossling live until they are back here promoting the new album. Picking up on what Helen said at The Waiting Room, the UK may be hard to impress but they impressed me the very first time I saw them play at The Lexington.

Back to my thoughts about the set. It may of been shorter but that could be down to the fact that they were the 2nd band on. Originally Rose was listed on the set list but they chose to skip it. Maybe it was down to the technical difficulties. Still one less song didn’t matter in the slightest because what was showcased left me completely hypnotised. It makes me look forward to the release of Harvest Of Gold. Now that album is a complete cracker and the 5 tunes which were showcased from that album are the tip of the iceberg. I may have an import copy all the way from Australia but I have a little feeling the UK will get an updated version with a new song or two which wasn’t on the original (maybe I am just hoping. Still the new record will be released sometime in June).

To cap off a lovely evening I finally got the chance to meet Helen and she is so lovely. I look forward to when Gossling make a return trip back to the UK and hopefully the weather will be decent.


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