Sky Ferreira @ Oslo 10th March 2014

Sky Ferreira is one incredible female singer. I have been a fan of hers for quite a while and I had the opportunity of finally seeing her live last year at Scala. This date was to coincide with the début album Night Time, My Time. Ferreira is also the support act for Miley Cyrus on the Bangerz tour in the USA but an unfortunate accident resulted in a gash on the leg having to be stitched up and subsequently some dates were shelved. So the sole Sky Ferreira gig was at Oslo which is a venue I have heard of but never attended. Located next to Hackney Central Oslo was more like Hoxton Bar & Grill. You had the bar area where you could buy drinks and food then there was the gig venue which was upstairs. Queuing wise all I had to go on was the Scala date. So I misjudge it by arriving around 2pm when I could of got there 2 hours later and been the first there. It was bitterly cold outside and when the doors did open it was a relief to be in the warmth.

Things then kicked off around 9.20pm. What was to be showcased was 10 tunes from the brand new album from the début record. “Hi” Ferreira said sporting black shades. What opened up the set was Boys. I must say that this was simply fantastic and contagious as well “You put may faith back in Boys”. There was a grunge feel to this and at times it reminded me of Courtney Barnett. Ain’t Your Right had a frantic powerful pace. The vocal delivery was superb and the lyrics were contagious and memorable. “Now it’s 24 Hours” Sky then told the audience. Prior to Ain’t Your Right Ferreira had mentioned how she had been up 24 Hours straight. This was in fact a stand out track for me as it was superbly delivered. The vocals were strong and the lyrics drew you in. My favourite part had to be its chorus. Straight after it was onto Omanko. This was the first time I had heard this and what a song it actually was. It was different compared to what had previously sang. Sky sang how she was gearing up for Japanese Christmas (FYI “Omanko,” is Japanese slang for vagina). It was then onto I Blame Myself which gained a lot of cheers when Ferreira announced what song she was playing. This being a dreamy synthpop track aided by infectious lyrics which fans sang along to. It has the potential to be an anthem and in my eyes it is a possible single. Lost In My Bedroom was a next and whole audience loved every single moment of this infectious tune which completely captivates you with the killer hooks. It was also packed with a punch and delivered to perfection. Heavy Metal Heart was super catchy and was very pop at the same time. I Will was a mixture of pop and rock which was a fantastic combination. It also oozed plenty of attitude. The evening was capped off by You’re Not The One again pop/ rock vibes flowed from this. I enjoyed the beat and it was both infectious and fast in pace. The verses and chorus were sheer brilliance resulting in everyone singing along. Everything Is Embarrassing was the choice of encore and this went down well with the audience. People were singing along to the light fuzzy lyrics. I found this to be rather entrancing and it wrapped up what had been on incredible evening.


Ain’t Your Right
24 Hours
I Blame Myself
Lost In My Bedroom
Heavy Metal Heart
I Will
You’re Not The One


Everything Is Embarrassing

OVERALL: Sky Ferreira is one talented artist and I enjoyed every second of this set. It was ashame that Nobody Asked Me or Night Time, My Time weren’t played even though they were both listed on the set list. Still what was showcased was incredible. My favourites have to be Ain’t Your Right and Everything Is Embarrassing.


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